Adam Lambert Responds to Him Disqualified From Open House Party

January 05, 2010 04:27:35 GMT

Following his disqualification from the voting of Open House Party radio show, Adam Lambert asks fans to be mindful when requesting for his songs on radios.

Adam Lambert
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Shortly after learning that he was disqualified from Open House Party because there was mass voting by fans, Adam Lambert took it to his Twitter to share his insight regarding that matter. "Open House Party is a great supporter of my songs, but when there is an organized group of fans calling stations nonstop, it understandably upsets them," he wrote.

"Stations can track over-use of requests and fraudulent requests and I would hate to lose their support," he continued. Prior to the message, he posted a tweet, "I love that you want to support my music and call in requests, but please be mindful of how often you do so..."

Adam furthermore thanked fans for their overwhelming support, "I really appreciate your passion and dedication to getting my music on the radio, but don't drive the stations crazy!." He then added, "FYI. That doesn't mean to stop requesting!! Just try not to do it 30 times in one day.... Just Cool it on the redial/resend kick."

Open House Party is a radio show hosted on Saturday and Sunday nights by John Garabedian and Kannon respectively. It features a segment where a new song will be played each week and voting to determine either the track is "Make It" or "Break It" will be held afterwards.

According to RCA Records, the primary culprit of Adam Lambert removed from this week's voting is that there were multiple requests to Open House Party's Twitter account, where requests actually are not accepted. Though so, it was confirmed Adam will be eligible again next week.


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posted by delois on Aug 21, 2010
request fantasia-worst parts is over
posted by Peggy on Jan 12, 2010
I agree Terri....also I am so tired of hearing Taylor Swift and I know a lot of her fans are little kids, and I know they call in....Someone has to call she is so overrated...and Kris is boring in his one has fans requesting but Adam...give me a break...
posted by dianna on Jan 06, 2010
Yea, Peggy I agree some may claim to be friends but don't like it cause they are not as popular....Adam is the great singer.......
posted by peggy on Jan 06, 2010
Terri you have a good point there, cause there is jealousy when it comes to Adam and it could not be our fans....Got any ideas....?
posted by mick on Jan 06, 2010
It's the record label and it all goes back to the cover up on American Idol. The label owns Kris too and is trying to give him undue airtime to hide the discrepancy. Lambert is much more popular than Kris, and always has been.
posted by Button on Jan 05, 2010
It seems kinda fishy when OHP tweeted that they love Adam fans and that we could tweet them our votes. hmmm...really RCA? And I suppose all the other artists dont have fans who call in several times? Really? Then why do we hear the same songs on the radio? Whatev, I guess radio isnt for our listening afterall!
posted by xani on Jan 05, 2010
Could you release some of the songs that you sang on idol? That would give us more songs. Are all singers dropped from the Open House Party?
posted by xani on Jan 05, 2010
Are fans of other singers making multiple requests? I would say you needed a warning before that goes into effect for all songs that are requested. ..............You need to broaden your fan base, ....I would buy even the songs you did on idol. I loved them all! I have worn out my copies of FYE. ;)
posted by Jay on Jan 05, 2010
They shouldn't punish Adam for is passionate fans requests, I mean, come on, your passionate about your artists and this is a bad thing? we want to hear him, Arkansas got their winner is by spamming, why the different rules
posted by Cindy on Jan 05, 2010
I feel as if Adam is being black-balled. Why, why, why, all the barriers for someone sooooo talented? Do not get it, can anyone enlighten me? Maybe someone on "the inside", who knows how these things work?!
posted by jv on Jan 05, 2010
when i read this article and i read what adam tweeted made me kind of upset but them i stopped and thinked what he said. i dont follow him on twitter, but i was one of the many fans who wrote to abc re his cancellations and now he is getting kicked off of the voting poll !! what the hell is going on??? here in Los Angeles he doesnt get any air time at all. this is getting to weird. i mean how many times do we hear the same freaking music from timbaland, rhianna, taylor swift and so on but we dont hear adams at all. oh well all we can do is follow by the rules.
posted by christmas on Jan 05, 2010
adam,i wish they would give you a break. you are a wonderful artist. i love you and your music. please keep up the hard work adam. i love u. sing your heart out. xoxoxo
posted by Dorena on Jan 05, 2010
People also get frustrated cause they won't answer the phone at OHP. Didn't know you couldn't tweet requests - most stations you can.
posted by laurel on Jan 05, 2010
Houston,we have a problem!!!!!! I think this has to do with blackballing and politics!!! I would like to see the #'s behind the request of first place single in comparison to Adams so called mountain of requests. RCA should do something about all this if they want their boy to go anywhere or bellyflop and they lose their pocketbooks!
posted by ML on Jan 05, 2010
There is definitely a part of this that is irritating, HOWEVER, perhaps it's wise to acquiesce a bit and just play by the rules, if ultimately that helps Lambert get radio play. Most of you commentors have good points, great points, but there is a business element to all of this for the radio stations - AdamOfficial has some good talk regarding this - will educate us better about it. But having been the voice of reason and said that, someone also posted some tweets where OHP was egging this on, very interesting, but let us the Lambert fans exercise some self control if OHP staffers didn't!
posted by maryann on Jan 05, 2010
this is a 1st !! we can't play your music " because you have to many cRaZy fan's !!!!
posted by sandy on Jan 05, 2010
if the can't stand the heat !! they need to get off the air!!!
posted by silva on Jan 05, 2010
@George, how do you request Adam's music to radio station?? please let me know.
posted by Kate on Jan 05, 2010
Seems ridiculous to me. Radio stations rode the wave of popularity of The Beatles and NEVER complained at all--that the fans swarmed them with Beatlle request. This sounds like they are a bunch of controlling cranks not to get-in on the fun of Adam's fans. Never heard Radio USA act like this before unless they are NOT Adam fans and resent having the fans bombard them to play his music. Looking for reasons to shut him out. Where are the fun trail blazers in Radio today? Must be conservatives with no imagination!
posted by RoRo on Jan 05, 2010
Maybe if we buy the hell out of his next single release and get it to chart instead?
posted by Judi_K on Jan 05, 2010
Everyone calm down, don't overreact, and just keep supporting AL. He's controversial, so will sometimes have a more uphill path, but he can't fail if we stick with him no matter what 'they' dish out.
posted by suziequeue on Jan 05, 2010
something isn't right...i think it is just a radio station seeking publicity for a show that wasn't getting good ratings or something like that. What contest was there and where are these rules that were violated? Ridiculous!!I have only seen positive remarks on their HP twitter...I think this is another case of Adam Lambert's fame and huge fan base being used to promote this case a station who needs listeners...who would even know who they were if not for Adam would think they would welcome new listeners. I only went to site when they had Adam on as a guest and the dj seemed to love the adam something is not right and RCA needs to do a better job of promoting Adam and his amazing fans don't feel they must do RCA's job.
posted by lola on Jan 05, 2010
surely other artist fans do the same (mass voting) why only pick on adam lambert? just asking.
posted by Jenn on Jan 05, 2010
1 week won't make or break anything. Would be nice to know the rules on all this stuff though.
posted by linda on Jan 05, 2010
this is crap!!!!they didn't want TO PLAY HIS MUSIC.....why punish adam for it????since they turned adam off maybe we should turned them off....BS
posted by George on Jan 05, 2010
Keep requesting Adam's music to radio stations. I do twice a day. Open House Party is being ridiculous. They just don't want to give Adam Lambert a prominent position on their radio station even though many, many, many people requested his music.
posted by Jerry on Jan 05, 2010
It is one week folks!! Adam will be okay. Just request reasonbly going forward. It is fine and no need to over react. I would agree other artist have found ways to run the machine without getting caught but that is life. Part of it is tons of kids spending their parents money (allowance) on download after download of their favorite song. Adam doesn't have as many tween fans, but just keep loving him and buying his music and he will be fine. His fan base will grow as people see him live and hear his music.
posted by terie on Jan 05, 2010
Maybe all of these tweets weren't from ADAM'S fans at all. Just someone who wanted to get him dropped from OHP! Hmmmmmm???
posted by Maggie on Jan 04, 2010
Who knew? I call in my requests that way I know I was accepted and that If I keep listening they will play my song.
posted by Marcus on Jan 04, 2010
If they don't accept requests via Twitter, they should probably change the part of their website's FAQ that tells people to tweet, email, and call with their requests.

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