Official Title for Christina Aguilera's New Album Revealed

January 05, 2010 03:36:36 GMT

Christina Aguilera names her next studio album 'Bionic' with a song called 'Glam' possibly coming out as its first single.

Christina Aguilera
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Christina Aguilera's fourth studio album, which is planned to arrive in the market this March, is called "Bionic". Unveiling the title of the forthcoming effort is Christina herself in an interview with Marie Claire.

In addition, Christina also gives the magazine first listen to her three new songs, including its title track and "Glam" which is most likely to be the lead single. "You're hearing things rough," so she warns before the music is played.

"Glam" is described by the publication as a poppy, Hip-Hop-inflected throwback to Madonna's "Vague", while "Bionic" is called the addictive electronic track. More on Christina Aguilera's interview in Marie Claire can be found in its February issue which has her gracing the cover.

Previously, Christina told Los Angeles Times at Tao nightclub to promote her joint venture with jewellery designer Stephen Webster that the new album will be "futuristic in terms of looking into the future and giving it a new twist and a new sensibility."

When asked how she "gives a new twist to a future that hasn't happened yet," she answers, "I am working with a lot of electro artists to make that come alive. That is what really inspires me at the moment. And what is great is that I interpret it in my musical way and he interprets in his jewelry way."


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posted by nicholas on Jan 07, 2010
we have waited to long,i hope this album gets a lot of good success
posted by xtinafreak on Jan 06, 2010
BEST ALBUM of 2010 ..
posted by Eno on Jan 06, 2010
So whats with darkness to light? thats what we all knew and then all of a sudden its called Bionic?
posted by Adam on Jan 06, 2010
it will get grammies next year. i want to much to hear the first single. we've waited too long.
posted by XTINA on Jan 05, 2010
posted by Ali on Jan 05, 2010
I LOVE U XTINA U have it all .. Big Voice ...Talent ...Style ... Money ... Beauty ... Geat Family
posted by rub on Jan 04, 2010

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