Jon Gosselin's Apartment Robbed, Police Questioning His Ex-Lover Hailey Glassman

December 28, 2009 04:58:00 GMT

Hailey Glassman's attorney says his client has nothing to do with the robbery and vandalism happening in Jon Gosselin's apartment, stating she was framed.

Jon Gosselin
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Returning from Pennsylvania after spending Christmas with his eight children, Jon Gosselin went home to the Big Apple only to find that his apartment has been robbed and vandalized. He quickly reached out to his lawyer Mark Jay Heller and filed a complaint to police who then interviewed his ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman concerning that matter.

Hailey, who actually wasn't mentioned as a suspect in the legal document, was questioned by the cops after they found out the burglar has left a note with Hailey's name on it. The note reportedly was struck by a knife inside Jon's wooden dresser and whoever wrote it called him a "cheater."

When she was questioned by the police on Saturday evening, December 26, Hayley was accompanied by her attorney Stephanie Ovadia and her associate Anand Ahuja. The cops then came back the next day, this time to meet with her parents. "After speaking with Hailey, the police wanted to talk to her parents," Anand told Radar Online.

To Gossip Cop, Anand denied Hailey's involvement in the break-in. "It looks like she's being framed," he said. "My client didn't take anything away that she was legally not entitled to take from there." In the meantime, the New York Police Department refused to make comment on that matter, reasoning that investigation is still on-going.

The burglary itself has left Jon Gosselin, who has just got his divorce from Kate Gosselin finalized earlier this month, "horrified, disheartened and saddened." Mark told the press that Jon's "furniture, clothing and personal belongings were slashed with a butcher knife by a very troubled and sick perpetrator." Moreover, his television, CD player, coffee maker, a Nintendo Wii game and dishes, pots and pans were also stolen.

"The greatest damage from this vicious, mean spirited and heartless crime was perpetrated not on Jon's property and possessions, but on Jon Gosselin himself, who experienced a traumatic, emotional, roller coast ride having just shared a joyful family gathering with his children during their Christmas," Mark added.


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posted by boohoo on Feb 10, 2010
Hey Jon.. We have all made mistakes it doesn't diserve what happened to you. It was Christmas many people out there judging. Is Kate an angel? Hardly. Leave them alone if u care about the kids.
posted by Alani on Jan 01, 2010
With his track record he is probably begging Kate to take him back. It would not surprise me to find out he is lying about the damage to his property. He is a very vindictive man and does not know how to let go. She was way too cute for him anyway.
posted by Bling on Dec 30, 2009
To bad Jon I hope they find out who did it. It sounds like somebody is pretty angry with you. Good Luck.!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by urmom on Dec 30, 2009
Whatever, emzee. John was a married man with kids and responsibility. He pussied out of that responsibility for his own selfish needs such as having numerous affairs. He gave up on his family for sexual desires thus he is getting what he deserves. Keep it up, John. Not only have you made a fool out of yourself, you're also making great entertainment for masses. That's what you've wanted...
posted by dingo ate my baby on Dec 28, 2009
posted by thetruth on Dec 28, 2009
Hailey did it. She was there, she was the only with with access to the apartment. It doesn't take a genius to figure it all out. Hailey was pissed that Jon kicked her out of the apartment. WTH is she living there in the 1st place? They broken up months ago. Hailey will be seeing some jail time pretty soon. This is a typical Hailey Glassman. You people act like she's an angel from above. LOL. She's nothing but trash.
posted by Jeanne on Dec 28, 2009
I think Hailey probably took a few items she believed to rightfully be hers, ( and she probably has reciepts for same), and Jon decided to shred up his stuff to make it look worse, and gain media attention. The truth will out soon. A ming vase? LOL ming vases are way over 100 years what he has is probably a copy, with "made in China" stamped on the bottom.
posted by armslover on Dec 28, 2009
Good job, perpetrator(s). It's high time people start robbing from the rich to give to the poor. Starting with Jon Gosselin.
posted by emzee on Dec 27, 2009
Ridiculous accusation against Jon. He does have the bad luck to attract women who are starved for attention. First Kate, with her orientation issues, then spoiled little rich girl Hailey. He committed the "sin" of being too independent minded for TLC and is being trashed in the media because it's all about the dollars to them.
posted by lia on Dec 27, 2009
Since he's unable now to receive the press coverage he loves, it's not beyond reason to believe he may have had something to do with this himself. I doubt his ex would leave her name on a note stuck to a piece of furniture with a knife - sounds to me like a ploy for sympathy. I believe he probably did it himself.

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