Eminem to Release 'Relapse: Refill' on December 22

November 19, 2009 04:47:17 GMT

Eminem reportedly will drop the re-release of his chart topper 'Relapse' in December and refill it with seven new tracks.

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Filling the gap between "Relapse" and "Relapse 2", Eminem will treat his fans with "Relapse: Refill". The re-release of the first "Relapse" installment is going to be put out for purchase across U.S. on December 22.

According to Rap-Up, the "Refill" will arrive as a double-disc album and feature seven new songs in addition to the original tracks of "Relapse". Titles of the reported fresh materials remain under wraps though.

"Relapse" made its way out in U.S. on May 19. In its first week on sale, it reigned Billboard Hot 200 and sold more than 608,000 copies, becoming the biggest sales week of the year for any album so far. Also, the achievement has made the rapper crowned the biggest selling Hip-Hop act in the SoundScan era (1991-present) considering that he has sold around 34 million units with his six albums.

"Relapse 2", meanwhile, is expected to come out sometime next year. Rappers 50 Cent and K'Naan as well as producer Just Blaze are involved in the making of the effort.

Aside from entering studio for his own albums, Eminem has also contributed to "DJ Hero Renegade" double-disc album which has been in stores since October.

Update: "Relapse: Refill" is reportedly aimed to replace "Relapse 2" which was previously announced to come out next year.


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posted by shady on Dec 23, 2009
if u fan u like what u get. so stop crying. lil girls act like eminem not human.
posted by killlerpanda on Dec 14, 2009
who cares when they come out just fuckin listen too da shit if u dont like his music shut da fuck up
posted by WANKER BUN on Nov 27, 2009
dodo shien
posted by Screech on Nov 25, 2009
I think it is cool.He is one of the greatest of all time so we'll wait patiently for Relapse 2.Meanwhile we can cop The Refill come December 22!
posted by mjm on Nov 21, 2009
hes doing it for a reason there is no need to rush one of the best rappers of all time i mean this could be the difference of a couple more great songs
posted by mjm on Nov 21, 2009
hes doing it for a reason there is no need to rush one of the best rappers of all time i mean this could be the difference of a couple more great songs
posted by eminem on Nov 21, 2009
posted by Pupu on Nov 20, 2009
WTF? Eminem just release Refill cuz he need more time for do the R2. And this 7 songs are NEW . you get it? Just enjoy the fucking Relapse Refill and wait for the fucking R2.... EMINEM FOREVER ;)
posted by -.- on Nov 19, 2009
REFILL is just a album to wait 'til R2 is coming, he promised R2 this year.. but the time wasn't enough, so R2 coming 2010 :)
posted by james on Nov 19, 2009
Shut up drifter you IDIOT! R2 is still coming out, you are fucking annoying with your complaining. Enjoy the new tracks and R2 will be coming first half of 2010, hopefully first quarter even.
posted by Drifter on Nov 19, 2009
Man, what the fuck? I'm so pissed. I was lookin' forward to this album like crazy and now it's just gonna be an extra 7 tracks? Fuckin' gay.
posted by Makaveli on Nov 19, 2009
I thought they were pushing too hard to get both albums in the same year. But I expect the 7 bonus tracks will be my darling, carefull what you wish for, taking my ball and some other left overs.
posted by Playa on Nov 18, 2009
Yeah! Party!!
posted by PITRI on Nov 18, 2009
There wont be no R2..Refill Is R2 hez doin wat he should have dun in the first place..release a double disc of all the material he did..but instead he released Relapse and had left over material..7 songs..which would be relapse 2 but he needed more songs For R2 so he started recordin more songs and i gues he realized it Didint like Fit wit R2 so i guess the shit hes recordin wit Just blaze is gona be a totally new cd..Shits gona be dope!!

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