'Jon and Kate Plus 8' to End on November 23

October 28, 2009 07:21:12 GMT

The series finale has been determined for the reality show which sadly ends in a divorce of the Gosselins.

'Jon and Kate Plus 8' to End on November 23
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There are literally four episodes left on TLC's card before the network should wrap up "Jon & Kate Plus 8". The reality show which has been running since 2007 will reach the end of the road on November 23 due to lack of footage.

Following their divorce, Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin have lived separately with Jon getting little screen time. While Kate intended to continue with the reality show, Jon refused to let his kids be filmed for fear that it would be detrimental to them. He halted the production and prohibited the crew from entering his property.

As a result, TLC was forced to make a new deal with Kate, signing her for a solo show called "Kate Plus Eight". However, since Jon is still determined to protect his kids from the camera, the new project could not move on.

The sign that TLC has run out of its highest-rated show was obvious when it decided to do a special episode where Kate answered fans questions on Monday, October 26. Next week's episode will still revolve around a one-on-one moment with Kate while the November 9 episode will be compiling old footage and repackage them into "Best Moments". New footage will only be available on November 16. There is still no clue yet on what the series finale will deal with.


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posted by sunny on Nov 21, 2009
too bad jon didn't think a little before he got so demanding. He was upset because he wasn't on the show. But, the kids seem to like being on it, they're getting to do things that they would'n't be able to do otherwise. Oh well, Jon got his way. Now what Jon? Do you think your kids will thank you for what you not only did by rejecting them and their mother and started going out with all those young cuties? because you didn't want to waste your precious time taking care of your family, doing all the things, as you said- a wife and mother does. Ha !! the modern man helps in any way he can. You're reverting back to the good ol days, when men sat on their back porches, and let the wormen do all the work. Well, those kids will really love you later,when they know you're the one that pulled the plug on their life,and a way to earn money to ..... live. It's up to you now, you didn't want them to work and earn money, now YOU can do it all. Let's see what kind of job you're going to land to support them, and if I were Kate, I'd make sure you'd support me too. You were the one that wanted out. You should be ashamed of yourself if you don't take care of the kids AND Kate.
posted by Beege on Nov 21, 2009
I feel as if I have been told I cant see my grandchildren anymore. My twin brother and I are 79 and there isn't much on TV we can endure. Neither of us have children and we loved the show. If you don;t like it don't watch but why destroy it for the rest of us. Jon had an opportunity to do for an Asian-American family what Bill Cosby did for the African-American family and he blew it. My mother used to quote a poem that ended with these lines: "Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: It might have been." I wanted the show to last, I wanted to continue seeing this family as the warm, cute ones they are. I don't see how people can be so harsh in their judgement of this family. Until recently children were expected to work to contribute to the family. I bet the Gosselin children would be happy to continue being a part of the show to earn the priviledge of taking trips, etc. Try a little kindness folks. My mother also used to say that Jealousy, not money, was the root of all evil. When you talk about eating your breakfast at home, etc. that makes you seem small and jealous. Surely anyone can be allowed to eat breakfast out once in awhile. Again, if you don't like it there's a little button on your remote control you can punch and it will take you to another station or shut the TV off. Be nice and use it, but let us oldsters enjoy one of the few programs we can tolerate.
posted by stacy on Nov 05, 2009
dear Happy i think you are very wrong i think kate is a very good mother to her kids and who are you to say anything we only see what they show us, every show i ever seen kate had 9 kids not 8.
posted by stacyr on Nov 05, 2009
who cares if they are doing it for the money i would too look at all the things the children have that they wouldnt of had if thy hadnt done the show i dont hate them for doing it for money we all work for money and taking care of that many kids seems like work to me who cares how they get paid.....
posted by stacyr on Nov 05, 2009
i think kate is a wonderful wife and mother its not her fault jon's so stupid.i love ur show and i use to like jon but now i feel sick when i see his face, i never thought he would do something like this, i think he was just tiered of being a dad but he should of thought about that before the kids, grow up jon..............o and i think that the show ruined ur relationship......
posted by choochie, nz on Nov 05, 2009
mmm not sure after reading all that if I'm a fan of the show now. I enjoyed watching the family grow, and saw the way Kate treated Jon as if he was another child, but only those two know what happend off screen. Maybe its time they were left to their own and the kids grew up without camera crews around.
posted by grandama birdie on Nov 05, 2009
it is breaking this old 66 yr old greatgrandma's heart ,that this show is ending . i so looked forward to monday nights to watch it. my daughter ,grandchildren and greatgrandchildren live so far from me. this show somehow filled some of the gap of not seeing and being with my children. very sad, now there will no longer be anything on tv worth watching anymore . tlc was the best network on tv . not much more to watch on tlc anymore exceipt the duggers,18 kids and counting. sad granny in south fla ,tlc please get kate and her kids back .don't like him, but love her.
posted by LiveLaughLove on Nov 03, 2009
Wow I've watched every episode and have become so attached to the kids-I'm so upset it's ending! I can't believe Jon pulled the plug, doesn't he realize all the millions of fans he's letting down?!? THE SHOW SHOULD COME BACK!
posted by witchyb118 on Oct 30, 2009
It is time for the show to end and let the kids experience real life before it is too late. It is time for Kate to stay at home and take care of her children herself. People do raise that many children without help everyday.
posted by LOL on Oct 30, 2009
I think it is sad to see the show go. I think that Jon is just saying all this crap because he wants the money and he's upset that he is kicked off the show. Let the show go on.
posted by Heather on Oct 28, 2009
jon is just upset that he isnt getting any of the money from the show. he needs to let kate do her own thing with the kids.
posted by Debby from New Jerse on Oct 28, 2009
Thank goodness!!!! tired of seeing them on every magazine cover -- let them both get real jobs and raise their children. So many families have five or six children and the parents actaully WORK!!!!! Kate states she is such a good mom but yet with eight children she has time to drive an hour away to get her favorite breakfast and carmel coffee!! Please I have two children and I eat my breakfast while I drive to work.
posted by Linda from MN on Oct 28, 2009
Please...let the show END! All Kate wants to do is keep the show going for all of the free perks. Let those kids grow up away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. If Kate wants to keep in the public eye that's her business but leave the kids out of it!
posted by Terry on Oct 28, 2009
Keep the show going with Kate and the kids.Jon was boring anyways..yuck..
posted by Heather on Oct 28, 2009
I don't think they should give up the show because they have a lot of time and money put into this. I think she should just do a show with just her and the kids. I don't think he should put his nose in it. because I feel like he is a bed father since he cheated on Kate.
posted by Joanne on Oct 28, 2009
TLC is still trying to scam the public with these question and answer sessions. Kate only tells what will make her popular. She cried on T.V. about not having enough money to pay bills, yet she flies to Flordia for a vacation with some of the children. She cannot be trusted to tell the truth.
posted by dman on Oct 28, 2009
are u kidding me in the time the show ran the kids are fine i live down the road from them and this was an excuse both of them ran that its about the kids and there protection BULL . this is all about jon and kate they have sponged offso many people in this area and make people think they have to pay so much to raise there family . they dont pay for squat TLC did and from the start these 2 have had there paws out for a hand out and when TLC came along they both shunned the commmunity so much that many in the community want them to go away and the county have walked away from them and their ungrateful attitudes.
posted by roxy on Oct 28, 2009
i think that the show is good. they started it to share their story with the world, not to make money! kate even said on monday that she never thought it would turn into what it has. they are both good parents and everyone needs to stop judging them. everybody makes mistakes in their life and we are not scrutinized for everything we do. all of you need to grow up and stop bad mouthing them when you don't even know them or the situation. i am pretty sure if any of you were in the position they were when the 6 came you would do the same thing they did to raise money for college. no one can afford to put 8 kids through college even if you are both working full time jobs. besides there are a lot of other shows on tlc that are similar to this one and no one ever says anything about them. the only reason jon and kate are in the public eye all the time now is cause of the stupid paparazzi, who are never close to telling the truth anyway.
posted by HANNAH on Oct 28, 2009
posted by karen tester on Oct 28, 2009
They said this was for the kids. So now they have the big bucks for college, so before they screw up the kids even more, time to move on.
posted by happy on Oct 28, 2009
Glad to see the show is ending.I loved the show in the beginning. Then I noticed that Kate was very abusive to Jon was the stay at home parent and I thought that he was doing a good job. Bathing the children, playing with them cooking ect. Kate demanded on one of the shows that he quite his job. Crazy Jon listened. While Kate travelled and had fun. I always backed Jon thinking that he did not deserve what Kate was doing. I was in his corner when at the end of the fifth season both Kate and Jon said that Jon was not sure if he wanted to continue or have the show continued. Now I knew why Kate did not want to be married. She wanted her show and fun. Then I started to change my mind I found out that Jon stayed in a marriage to make money. Yes he may not be as bad as Kate but he is a close second. He should have left her when she told him in Oct. that the marriage was over but she wanted the show to continue. He was the full-time parent. He could have taked the children and be happy. Instead he decided that he wanted money. NOw who is looking after the children. It is not Kate. She is on every show in New york - every day. Jon where is he? If he really cared, he would sue for sole custody. However neither of these parents want the children. If they did then one of them would step up to the plate. The only senseable thing that Jon did was stop show. It is now time for these two to take care of the children. TLC was pimpimg these children out. However they are not to totally to blame. TLC tried to play hard ball with Jon by suing him. Good for Jon for sticking to his guns. Well Kate she is not at home because she no longer have the children to make money from.She gets rid of whatever she does not benefit from the dogs, her family and Jon - now the children.
posted by Maddi on Oct 28, 2009
Before the show and when the 6 were born and they had no money, Kate turned down cribs and clothing from her fathers church members because they didn't match. You'd think at that point she would have been grateful for the help. She's all about the money and fame. She talked about church and leaving things to God....maybe it's about time she anti up or shut up. If she cared about the kids she wouldn't be so focused on herself..What a bitch!!!!!!
posted by Debbie (australia) on Oct 28, 2009
About time.. for the kids sake. Yes they got to do lots of things most kids wouldn"t do in a life time,"BUT" now they have to be split between thier parents.Hopefully now the bickering between the parents will stop and they all can a normal life without all the camera and chaos that keeps following them..Hope Kate and Jon can eventually become civil with each other..
posted by for dman grammar pol on Oct 28, 2009
You seem to have a lot of inside info. You must be jon gosselin - the man who likes to make up things!!!!
posted by for grammar police on Oct 28, 2009
"posted by dman grammar polic on Oct 28, 2009 dman..damn your grammar is horrible!" Take a look at your grammar and your spelling. You are not in a position to be condemning anyone. You cannot spell!!!
posted by mar on Oct 28, 2009
jon is slimy. everything that comes out of his mouth is slimy and he looks slimy. His lawyer HELLER, is slimy everything he says is slimy (lies/fabrication) and corrupt. hailey is a dirty girl. she is evil and is like a witch enjoying the way she toys with jon and gets him to self-destruct and destroy those around him. hailey will make a good cult leader and jon an excellent cult follower. It is good that the show would no longer exists - I find myself changing the channel everytime jon makes an appearance. Now TLC can sue jon and get a new show with Kate - hopefully.
posted by dman grammar polic on Oct 28, 2009
dman..damn your grammar is horrible!
posted by reality check on Oct 28, 2009
YAHOO!!! Can the press finally move on?
posted by Ms. G on Oct 28, 2009
Dman, I find your point of view interesting, although I am having a difficult time understanding your writing. Could you please clean up the grammar a little? I hope you are not offended, I just really want to be able to read your posts. They are quite interesting.
posted by carolyn on Oct 28, 2009
My husband has always hated kate. I always felt sorry for the kids. I could see the free trips and the free things they were getting was too much as kate really changed. I still can't stop reading about them and hope they will go off the air for the childrens sake.

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