On-Set 'Eclipse' Photos: Victoria and Riley Kissing

August 25, 2009 08:39:55 GMT

The first set photos found from 'The Twilight Saga's Eclipse' production uncover the scene where Bryce Dallas Howard's Victoria seduces Xavier Samuel's Riley.

On-Set 'Eclipse' Photos: Victoria and Riley Kissing
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Sneak peeks at "The Twilight Saga's Eclipse" have come out in the form of on-set photos. The first images from the production of this third "Twilight Saga" film exposed the shooting of the seduction scene, taking place Thursday, August 20. Some of them capture Bryce Dallas Howard's Victoria and Xavier Samuel's Riley being engaged in lip lock.

Displaying the scene wherein Victoria seduces Riley under a bridge to make sure that he carries out her orders to make new vampires, the photos give out first look at Howard as she replaces previous Victoria depicter, Rachelle Lefevre. These pictures from the set of "Eclipse" can be obtained via Celebrity Mania.

In late July, "Eclipse" was hit with a shocking cast replacement. Out of the blue, Summit announced that Bryce Dallas Howard will replace Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria for the third film, reasoning that the move has to be done because Lefevre has scheduling conflicts with another commitment she has made.

Soon thereafter, Lefevre shared her thoughts, saying "I was stunned by Summit's decision to recast the role of Victoria for 'Eclipse'." Her response prompted the studio to release their version of the story. "It was not until July 20th that Summit was first informed of Ms. Lefevre's commitment to Barney's Version, a commitment we have since been advised she accepted in early June," the studio explained.

"The Twilight Saga's Eclipse" is an adaptation of the third novel from Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series. Penned by Melissa Rosenberg like the two movies before it, "Twilight" and "The Twilight Saga's New Moon", this third film has David Slade as its director and a U.S. release date schedule of June 30, 2010.


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posted by smilez on Aug 03, 2010
oh my gosh the new victoria is not that pretty the should have let the old one stay;)
posted by elisa on Jul 29, 2010
Riley u r so awesome
posted by elisa on Jul 29, 2010
Riley u r so hot
posted by gaga on May 21, 2010
i cant wait and riley is cute i want to see it soo bad true blood move asaide newborns are back
posted by vampire freak on Feb 17, 2010
seriously newmoon suked! i hope eclipse turns out 2 be beter! AMAN!
posted by twihardd on Sep 02, 2009
i cant believe they had to replace victoria, i hate when they chancge characters in sagas
posted by paramores awesom on Aug 27, 2009
dam i stuffed up twilight what a shame
posted by paramores awesom on Aug 27, 2009
yaya for twil;ight saga
posted by AlexaLubsParamore on Aug 25, 2009
Ahh! so excited!

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