First Promo of '90210' Season 2

August 12, 2009 02:31:32 GMT

The new season will offer plenty of 'Man Hands', 'Enormous', 'Macking in the Sand' and West Beverly's very own JFK Jr.

First Promo of '90210' Season 2
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The new promo of "90210" is highlighting on the sexual content of season 2. The series that will premiere September 8 is back "Bigger, Better, Bolder" with a new resident of West Beverly who can make any girl feel like she's the most beautiful person in the room.

Through the promo, viewers get a first look at Teddy, a handsome, smart, athletic, charming, and confident guy coming to the neighborhood. The character is played by "Days of Our Lives" actor Trevor Donovan who is recurring "heavily" in the second season.

On related news, the show has also found an actor to fill in for the new creepy friend of Annie. Zachary Ray Sherman will play Jasper, nephew of the guy that Annie hit in the season 1 finale. "I have a bad feeling in my gut, and I think he's going to take Annie for a little bit of a spin," Shenae Grimes said, adding "She thinks she finds love and that may screw her up a little more."


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posted by bush on Mar 28, 2010
its awsome man
posted by savannnaah on Nov 02, 2009
posted by CWTVFANN! on Oct 01, 2009
Amazing that it's coming back on! I just love 90210.
posted by iLOVE90210 on Oct 01, 2009
This is going to be one HOT JUICY SEASON! ((: When I first heard 90210 was back on with Season 2, I couldn't have been more stoked! Lookin' forward watching it. -MUCH LOVE TO 90210!
posted by amel on Sep 19, 2009
i love 90210
posted by Gossip Girl on Sep 10, 2009
What have we here ? 90210 is back on the top ? Not so fast N .. Queen B is on the top right now . Sorry, but you got to move on with your lives and let Hollywood For Queen B,S and Little J. xoxo - Gossip Girl
posted by 90210ilooove on Sep 10, 2009
I knw some details about 90210 season 2 . First adriana is going to change her look she gonna have a long hair , naomie stays the same , silver cut her hair and its soo nice .. Ethan is not going to be in season 2 but liam and dixon and navid are staying and everyone is starting to hate the new annie .. And there is one new guy on the set and rumer willis is going to be on the set .. It's going to be amaziiiinnnnnggg <3 xoxo looveeee .
posted by ahhhhh on Sep 05, 2009
this is soo exciting :) seriosuly can not wait.
posted by ahhhhh on Sep 05, 2009
this is soo exciting :) seriosuly can not wait.
posted by alpha on Aug 30, 2009
i hope silver and dixon are still together on this new season !!! i really like to see them together cheers
posted by hummmm on Aug 27, 2009
what is the song name is this preview?
posted by marmuetta on Aug 24, 2009
is liam going to be on season 2?
posted by lena on Aug 23, 2009
liam is sooo fine omg ugh if i ever saw him which i doubt i wud faint :)
posted by tedz 4eva on Aug 22, 2009
Teddy is so freakin fine... Cant wait to see him shirtless!
posted by reneaSavannah on Aug 22, 2009
the real 90210 is back! Love the new man addition!
posted by Lily parker on Aug 20, 2009
I don't want naomi to like some other dude I want liam to come back and tell her what happened I mean the are the cutest couple in the show right anyone with me
posted by OlderWomanTexas on Aug 20, 2009
Cougars unite Teddy is our man. Watch this hot guy guilt free ladies
posted by whitney cambell on Aug 20, 2009
Just saw this and why does Silver sound she has food in her mouth? I cannot wait to see Teddy with his shirt off
posted by HissyFit on Aug 20, 2009
40 Luv! He can put his man hands on me anyday :-)
posted by Teddygirl on Aug 20, 2009
I am so much in love with this boy, ever since days. and now i will follow him to his new show. I met him once and he was very nice to me and took a picture
posted by JohnPTuss on Aug 20, 2009
I find the new guy very appealing. I'm a gay man in my 30's and me and my friends found a hunk to drink to on our Tuesday game nights. Cheers
posted by shanaenae on Aug 20, 2009
I want to play tennis with him he's HOT and i love me some white meat
posted by sexybeast223 on Aug 17, 2009
cant wait:)
posted by naomi on Aug 14, 2009
i know i can wait i wanna know what is going to happen...
posted by silver on Aug 14, 2009
oooh i cant wait for 90210, its gonna be hot, make sure to watch gossip girl and one tree hill. luv these shozs
posted by annie on Aug 13, 2009
i cant wait until the second season comes out
posted by nutty on Aug 12, 2009
i luv 90210

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