Debbie Rowe Says Michael Jackson Isn't Kids' Biological Dad

June 29, 2009 06:26:51 GMT

Insisting that the late singer isn't the biological father of Prince Michael and Paris, Debbie Rowe reveals she was artificially inseminated by an anonymous donor when pregnant with both kids.

Debbie Rowe Says Michael Jackson Isn't Kids' Biological Dad
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A new confirmation has just been made by Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe who tells Britain's News of the World that Prince Michael Jackson Jr. and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson actually aren't the late singer's biological children. Speaking exclusively from her home in California, she says she carried both kids after being artificially inseminated by an anonymous donor.

"Michael was divorced, lonely and wanted children. I was the one who said to him, 'I will have your babies'," she testifies. "I offered him my womb - it was a gift. It was something I did to keep him happy." Debbie opens up further, "I was just the vessel. It wasn't Michael's sperm. I got paid for it, and I've moved on. I know I will never see my children again."

"But after the second birth had so many problems, he knew I couldn't have kids any more. He didn't want anything to do with me. He took the kids," she goes on revealing. "The settlement was written up, and he just wanted me to be quiet."

In further interview with News of the World, Debbie also admits that though Michael has passed away, she doesn't plan to seek custody of Prince Michael and Paris Michael. "I know I will never see them again. I was never cut out to be a mother - I was no good. I don't want these children in my life. My children are my animals now," she insists.

Debbie Rowe was working as a receptionist at a Beverly Hills dermatology clinic where Michael Jackson regularly went for skin treatments when they first met. As time went by, they became close to one another. They tied the knot in November 1996, just months after he had his divorce from first wife Lisa Marie Presley being finalized. Michael and Debbie split in October 1999.


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posted by Britney Bitch on Apr 30, 2013
Bull mother fuckin shit! I don't give a rats ass if he is not the real father. One thing he gave him that you didn't was LOVE & SUPPORT!
posted by Snowy #1 mj fan on Nov 27, 2010
It doesnt matter if he is their biological dad or not. He gave them love and they gave him love back and to them he is their dad.we not even sure that debbie sad that ya'll know very well that the media likes to make up please, please leave michael alone, let him rest in peace.and for those mj bad comments, why are you interested in his life while you are not his fan. I am so fed up with this. Ok to some of you he was a wacko so keep to yourselves we dont wanna hear it.Those bad comments realy make me sad. I thought now that you are gone mike they gonna leave you alone...but guess i thought wrong. Shame on ya'll who are badnaming michael jackson. R.I.P MJ and dont pay attention to what they say about you. I will remain your bigest fan and my love for u will stay a flame in my heart. MISS U...MWAH!
posted by tygkyug on Jul 21, 2010
posted by truthseeker on Feb 19, 2010
Hey guys... She didn't say that. It was made up. Think about it. Why would she? What would there be to gain? It was a fake story.
posted by Shane on Nov 06, 2009
Fuck you Debbie for lying about MJ. Those kids are his own. Prince Micheal have VITILIGO just like MJ. Go to youtube and look at his picture. Dont forget that Joe Jackson is half white. There is a throwback and that is why they are white and that old fucxked up lady is also white . This is the reason for their colour and looks. They are MJ's kids. Do your research before taling you idiot fat cow- Debbie.
posted by anonymous on Jul 15, 2009
If Debbie weren't offer her womb to MJ his life would be much better than what he had,bcz it must have been a hard time for mj to came out from his first love break up,then actually Debbie utilized his situation , otherwise he would take his own time to got out from the sad conditions and would find the real love in time and could made a better family life other than these controversies and we wouldn't have lost mj too soon.
posted by SomethingToThinkAbou on Jul 10, 2009
I find it hard to believe that I am actually making a comment on this site, not something I would normally do. The things I'm reading on here sadden me. No one would know better as to what their relationship was but those two. By the way- those children were in the Master plan long before Michael and Debbie were ever around and this is a human being that you are so hatefully speaking of.
posted by sam on Jul 09, 2009
please u devilish world leave mj alone .he was such a nice innocent person and totally misunderstood. i dont think there ever will be another mj not only in terms of music but being such a nice hearted person.leave those kids alone they had a wonderful dad ....and deep down we all know this .so pleaseeeeeeeeeee leane him alone and let him rest in peace.
posted by mary on Jul 08, 2009
i very sad to see this kids sad my boys they dad die they miss they dad its some think mom can do dad do like dad litte gril and dad boys its a love dad is very diffrent love mom give out
posted by Money on Jul 02, 2009
Debbie Rowe is out for the "Cheddar" Dollar Bills. She took the money and left the children behind saying "I was just providing a womb". Just because a woman provides a womb doesn't make them a mother. Geez, don't we have enough Baby's Daddies at the other end of the spectrum. So now that she is broke and in deep debt she now wants to claim the children as her meal ticket. Mickey D's is on Palmdale Blvd. Go get a Happy Meal and call it a day! She also has the nerve to portray herself as a victim taking a fake moral high ground. As if she has true concern for the children. Yeah..Right Debbie Rowe is not stable and should remain in Palmdale CA. Better yet, Debbie Rowe should head 20 miles north to Edwards Air Force base and request a ride on the space shuttle to space. Homegirl is a straight up money grubbing GOLDIGGER. Believe That!
posted by nonjebo MJ FAN on Jul 01, 2009
How can this woman say that? These are her kids her Flesh and blood. R I P michael you are a legent. we will never forget you in Benoni /South Africa
posted by sam on Jul 01, 2009
posted by FinallyPeace on Jun 30, 2009
Now his boys (sperm donated) can finally sleep with both eyes closed and not worry about MJ creeping into their beds at night to do bad things.
posted by mj is dead get over on Jun 30, 2009
Of course, they aren't Jackson's biological kids; duh, have you seen them? Before people make fun of the way this lady looks (and she is certainly not attractive) they should not forget to look at that freakish MJ, a mental trainwreck of a human being. Just something to be pitied, not celebrated.
posted by Stephy on Jun 30, 2009 we did not suspect Debbie made all this for money..and those 3 white kids were not biologically related to MJ !! Sure now she is hoping for more cash..out of the 2 she is the creepy oven making babies she does not care about..ugly cow...
posted by porkchop on Jun 29, 2009
Every1 knew that the kids were not really his but he loved them just the same. She is a loser who admits to only thinking bout the money. Rip michael! By the way my favorite song is butterflies its so lovely
posted by linda on Jun 29, 2009
it doesn't matter if he was there biological dad or not he loved them very much now he will be very misst by thes kids god bless them and his family !!!!rest in peace beloved mj
posted by Just Like Mikke on Jun 29, 2009
Super Star,Super Man,Super Dad and yes Super Baad-Love U Mike RIP=MS.P
posted by Total Michael Fan on Jun 29, 2009
She is telling me something I already knew. If you look at the kids, you can tell that they are not Michael's. If they were his biological kids then they would have wavy or "kinkier" hair. One of the kids in blonde. So why bother delivering the obvious. And I hope that the tabloids didn't pay her for "news" that wasn't "news." In a strange way, it seems like she is trying to say that she will not be interferring with the children, but she didn't say it right or the media twisted her words and thoughts to get a response from us, his fans. The media are devilish. (a word Michael would have used).
posted by MJFanNumeroUno on Jun 29, 2009
Do not believe any of the rubbish the British tabloids print on this man, News of the World especially. The guy was and will remain a legend. People should stop buying these trash news papers as they are clearly only good enough for wrapping up fish and chips. The only reason I am on this site was to see what rubbish the tabloids have now come up with about MJ. They'll do anything for money.
posted by klp on Jun 29, 2009
He may have not been their father but he was most definitely their DAD! There is a HUGE difference - but how dare you bring this to the tabloids now!! Sounds like you're the greedy, selfish one!!!
posted by dm on Jun 29, 2009
she did the interview long before he died. theyw ere saving the story up for when he was in the uk on his tour.
posted by MJPG on Jun 29, 2009
Let the rumors, conspiracies, allegations, and contradictions begin! Never fails... michaeljacksonphotogallery com
posted by jana on Jun 29, 2009
she is spking out know after micheal is dead how dare you crazy old bicth!
posted by Lavieja on Jun 29, 2009
Pole o mastil! ya no se ni lo que ahora se tiene que poner.
posted by mj fan 69 on Jun 29, 2009
that woman only has the lifestyle she lives in because of michael jackson. in some ways she should be called a prostitute. she solicited her crotch for money. she always knew there was a big pay-out at the end. and now she's got the nerve to say those kids aren't his. maybe she's looking for another big payday by running her mouth and she hopes the family will offer her more money to be quiet. that sounds like a prostitute to me. debbie rowe is a ho!!
posted by MJ fan on Jun 29, 2009
shes a frikken ashole!!how can she do this now when the man in dead and cannot defend his kids antmore!! shes an idiot! RIP MJ!
posted by Stars_align on Jun 29, 2009
This article is fake. Rowe's attorney just put out a statement this morning.
posted by Sophie on Jun 29, 2009
This is coming from a UK tabloid (News of the World). Enough said... It's mostly fake.
posted by carol on Jun 29, 2009
It doesn't matter if he was their biological father, He gave them love, a home, a family. Not like these crazy lady that says that she was no cut up to be a mother. I can believe she prefers animals than her own blood..
posted by jaybs on Jun 29, 2009
Sad Woman, she will try and make more money out of peddling her version of what happened! instead of thinking of the two children who have just lot their Loving Father.
posted by gms on Jun 29, 2009
n the fucking stupid rumours bwt child abuse he never did that was all for money !!!! n i wish pepol wud stop calling him wierd cus of plastic surgery if u dnt like it dont look he a grown man he can do wat he wanted to
posted by gms on Jun 29, 2009
looks to me like debbie wat ever here face is a totall bitch!!!!!! :) hahah dont like u at all love u know wat its a good job michael was the one for them kids instead of U!! it dunt matter if he not biological dad he loved them and they loved him and in there eyes he is ther DAD no matter wat u are imature u want to be growing up getting a life n so wat bwt michaels surgery he can do wat he wants he has his own personal reasons for it put it this way i thort he wo good lookin specially wen he wo doin thriller n that better lookin than this debbie ur just doin it for money n no one likes u so no one is gunna listen !! michael jackson was a careing person n quiet sure he was a bit diffrent but so fuck R.I.P michael jackson u are a lengend never forget u with all my <3
posted by mj fan on Jun 29, 2009
when she went for plastic surgery they should of removed her mouth. no one cares what she thinks! they didn't then and they sure the hell don't now! she needs to go back to the wolf pack aka paparazzi!

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