Kate Plus 8 Minus Jon: Divorce Officially Announced

June 23, 2009 02:47:06 GMT

Although the couple will go different ways, the show will remain while the kids will be staying with either of them at separate times.

Kate Plus 8 Minus Jon: Divorce Officially Announced
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The smoke has been cleared, Jon and Kate Gosselin announced their separation on the Monday, June 22 episode of "Jon & Kate Plus 8". The couple is getting divorce which they thought would be best for both of them and the kids. "I don't hate Kate," Jon said during the episode, "but ... you know, I have to do what's best for me and my kids."

While Jon was seemingly more firm about the decision, Kate was still weighing on the matter. "We haven't really known where we were going, but we've been dealing with this for... a long time," she stated. Later on she admitted, "I'm not very fond of the idea personally, but I know it's necessary because my goal is peace for the kids."

The crack of their relationship began in February this year when Jon was spotted with another woman and was accused of an affair. But in his defense regarding what really happened between him and Kate, Jon said "People think I've changed, and I have changed. But I'm now the person I know I am." He emphasized that the fact they were arguing in front of the kids was just a bad idea, saying "If we can't be cordial with one another then we've decided to separate".

In a further statement, Jon's apparent reason was spilled when he took a jab at the media. "We have soldiers over in Iraq, dying for our country, and all these people care about is what I eat for lunch," he said. However, Jon and Kate have decided that the show must go on, thus the series will preserve on TLC.

The kids will remain in their Wernersville, Pa. home, and the parents will take turns staying with them. People magazine reported that documents to their split were filed on Monday, June 22 afternoon in Pennsylvania.

"We can't go back now. We can only go forward. And that's what we're going to do, and we're going to learn a lot going forward. And I know that we'll all come out of this on the other side, hopefully stronger, better, wiser," said Kate who confessed that she sobbed harder than she has "ever sobbed" in her life.


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posted by Christine on Aug 18, 2010
Be strong Kate!!! You are the best!!!! You are a nice mumy:*
posted by SmileeeForever on Aug 18, 2010
My guess is that Jon was wrong. To me it seems silly to let Kate eight children alone. That's my opinion.
posted by cutestballerina on Jan 09, 2010
gosh. leave them alone. if you have not noticed, the are going through a hard time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by outraged on Aug 03, 2009
John is a pig..Grow up John and grow some..Because of the kids!! Yea right..You couldn't keep it in your pants..People like him make me sick..
posted by Sad... on Jul 17, 2009
The proclomation of "the show must go on" tells me that they have made their deciion to do whatever it takes to get the money they want to keep up their present life style. I thought the purpose of the remarriage was to show the kids that they would be together for ever...what that a lie too????
posted by lukluk on Jun 27, 2009
They were good together and no counseling was not such a bright idea. They should have ahd it or something else that would keep them together. And kids do need a mother and a father. And now the show is not going to be the same without both. So Jon and Kate why dont you just give the kids a break so they can have a normal life.
posted by Chicago on Jun 24, 2009
What a sham! They have duped the American people with their farce of a Christian marriage. Kate is saying that their marriage was over 2 years ago. I would like to hear her explain how you can go through with a renewal marriage ceremony in Hawaii knowing that your marriage is a sham. I'm sure it is due to the almighty dollar is why she is willing to appear to be a liar to the American people not because she is finally willing to be honest.
posted by dingo ate my baby on Jun 23, 2009
give up the damn show... it's supposed to be the adventures of a large family. that's gone now, so time to cancel. On a side note... if Jon wanted out, he sure picked a f*&#ed up way to do it... partying with your mistress while on a reality show. not too bright there
posted by BINTBEITUNIA28@yahoo on Jun 23, 2009
I guess im the only one who wrote a book? Anyways , the kids will notice it more and they will work someting between the parents .
posted by BINTBEITUNIA28@yahoo on Jun 23, 2009
Its really sad ,but what Im confused is why didnt they try hard to go to counsling . The kids ; need a mother and father . It doesnt make any sense, for anyone to call it quits . I been watching this show since it aired . And yes she did nag him too much. But sometimes its hard dealing with kids ; high demand whinning , believe i have that.The nagging an dscraming at Jon was just over worked so it was her way of talking to Jon at that moment , but was fine for the rest of show. He did stop her a few times . That what couples go through . But Jon did alot of help around the house and with his wife. They just got too comfortable with the cameras and millions of people watching. So, its really devasting to see such good ,educated people to go this way. AND NEVER SAY NEVER IT WILL WORK FOR THE BEST. And if they are doing this for the money , its just crazy. And, other couples are watching the show and be rolde models for other parents . I just love the kids the twins especially , what are they thinking about whats going on scince they are the oldest? ahhh i dont know Everybody has drama and thats a given . But come on you both need to reconcile . For the kids sake . And yes they well appricate it more. And for those single parents out there may God bless and keep up the good work you rock.Im married and mother of two handsome boys , one is claim and the other is a little daredevil; and my husband will, ijust cant stand the in laws . So when I watch JON and KATE there are some educated and important details that help . Because noe one is perfect. And we are all human , there are other problems in the world that if all help each other stop the hate , wars , global warning and the list goes on . It starts with us , individualy . If we all play a part there wouldnt be problems such as divorces and other problems.Its time to tuck my boys to sleep and anyone is welcome to hit me up . Good NIght everybody . And we are everyday people!!!
posted by Bella on Jun 23, 2009
Jon better make sure that the next girlfriend he takes up with, doesn't try & trap him with a "new" baby in order to get her greedy hands on his & Kate's millions - which is for their own 8 children. I'm sorry as a girl to say this: but we females can be down right manipulative at times. Becareful Jon, this next woman might not be as caring as Kate.
posted by Reality Check on Jun 23, 2009
How do we know they haven't gone through marriage counseling? Maybe they didn't mention it on their show. I think Jon wants out of his marriage & his responsibilities to his kids! He's a good Father but he just doesn't want the headache of raising 8 kids & staying home to do it. He's a Man & wants his freedom to go & live the single life OR at least with a Woman who doesn't have alot of errands to run like Kate. Parents of multiple births OR large families have a double to triple times the rate divorce!
posted by Lasting Love on Jun 23, 2009
Family Vaues, No kidding! And they want us to believe its the gays that ruined marriage! Ha ha!
posted by Family Values on Jun 23, 2009
Funny how quickly they jumped to divorce given what good Christians they are. Such are those culture warriors!
posted by tay on Jun 23, 2009
they have to continue the show since it's their only income... they're damned if they do and damned if they don't...they'll always get critized for whatever they do... But i really hoped they wouldn't seperate but oh well
posted by Peaches on Jun 23, 2009
Jon and Kate's proclamations that "the show must go on" tells you everything you need to know about them. For the sake of the kids it's time to turn the cameras off , but these money-and- (for Kate anyway) attention-driven parents won't think of it. Those children need some clear thinking advocates.
posted by nuknuk on Jun 23, 2009
Seriously, no counseling or any attempts to reconcile? How could they have just re newed their wedding vows last year and now their whole world is upside down!

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