Akon's 'Beautiful' Music Video Feat. Dulce Maria

June 15, 2009 08:17:16 GMT

Akon appears among beautiful ladies, one of whom is his collaborator Dulce Maria, in the music video for 'Beautiful' remix version.

Akon's 'Beautiful' Music Video Feat. Dulce Maria
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Akon has released a music video for the remix version of his single "Beautiful" with Mexican singer Dulce Maria, who also lends her vocals on the hook, making a cameo appearance. Beside appearing alongside Dulce, Akon is also captured surrounded by several other beautiful women.

"Beautiful" is one of the songs appearing in Akon's third studio effort "Freedom". Its original version has come out in January with Colby O'Donis and Kardinal Offishall being featured on the lines. A month later, a music video for the original version arrived, guest starring the two collaborators as well as A. R. Rahman, who scored "Slumdog Millionaire" soundtrack, and singer/rapper Tyrese Gibson.

In related news, Akon has been billed to craft the anthem of next year's FIFA World Cup. "I'm the official music co-ordinator. It means I'll produce the official World Cup song and I'll oversee all the official music," so he said during an interview.

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posted by pradeep on Jul 13, 2010
akon rocks..he should join wit a.r.rahman.
posted by ana on Apr 17, 2010
i love you puedo conoserte un dia eres la mejor
posted by kejsi on Aug 28, 2009
jeni me te miret keshtu vazhdoni .dulce maria je yll edhe pse duhet te permirsosh lukun tend.ju uroj fat te duve dhe vazhdoni te kendoni bashk
posted by cesar on Jul 02, 2009
oi eu moro no brasil pe e esse video e o masimo gostei
posted by Gabriell@ on Jun 27, 2009
She sings So Pretty.. Am almost in love with her, you two should become a Permanent Duet
posted by EriKa on Jun 27, 2009
Dulce Completed the song.. U Nedded some Chicano Energy involved LOL
posted by Axel on Jun 27, 2009
Dulce Maria is The Hottest Thing in Mexican Charts right now.. How can This Two Idols Have convined.. GRAT CONVINATION
posted by DanNiel on Jun 27, 2009
Well I Congradulate u Akon because I always said Dulce Maria and Akon Have a beautiful voice never imagined it was gonna Convine.. And CONGRats its a BOMB ass Song with both of u.. All those Stupid Gurls from the Bottom are just Jelous cuz they aint Her. =) Trust me.. U couldn't have made a better choice
posted by jimmy on Jun 26, 2009
this song isnt the same without a partner at your side, i encourage anyone who has found love to take care of it maturrely
posted by aly on Jun 25, 2009
the voice of dulce maria is weird but pretty and the son fantastic AKON RULES!
posted by caca on Jun 25, 2009
well akon is ajsbdxhjsagfbdacnmxzmc bsnvbhjsdgfujsdgfaukahdkjash
posted by samari on Jun 25, 2009
ok akon . well i think that u luv dulce maria but she is so pretty for u
posted by sliv TAY on Jun 21, 2009
nt bad.. fifa world cup tho.. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT, the songs from all the past years aint nufin like akon, "cos the games so beautiful, so damn beautiful" get the fuck up outa here!
posted by ryckyryck on Jun 19, 2009
Yeah... dulce maría sucks with her voice... Akon Rules!!!
posted by STEPH on Jun 19, 2009
posted by amy on Jun 15, 2009
Bravo Akon! You're the best! You don't desirve to sing with that cow named Dulce Maria. It's true she has a beautiful body , but her voice has a dirty sound. Your voice is as my beautiful dream when I sleep!! I love Akon! YOU'RE THE ONE!!!!!!ONE ONE ONE 1 1 1!!!1
posted by john on Jun 15, 2009
Fuck you akon you smelly bastard

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