Selena Gomez Really Likes 'Twilight'

June 02, 2009 08:39:24 GMT

Not yet reading the popular books of "Twilight" series, Selena Gomez says she has watched the movie and really likes it.

Selena Gomez
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Also catching the "Twilight" fever hot on the heels of its soon to be released sequel "The Twilight Saga's New Moon", Selena Gomez admits she really likes the first movie. "It was good. It was really good," she told reporters at ABC's press junket for her new Disney Channel movie, "Princess Protection Program" on Saturday, May 30.

"I really liked it," she added before then continued talking about its leading actor Robert Pattinson. On the British heartthrob she commented, "I can totally see the Robert Pattinson thing now. That's for sure."

Selena, however, denied the mounting rumors of her dating Robert's co-star Taylor Lautner. "No, I'm not! No," she claimed when asked if she hooked up with the Jacob Black depicter when they were in Vancouver, Canada for the filming of their movies. "I've been really blessed to meet some really nice people when I was working in Vancouver and I'm the happiest I've been in awhile. That's all that matters," she explained further.

Selena Gomez, in fact, isn't the one and only celebs who love "Twilight." Zac Efron, Will Ferrell, and reality TV star Stephanie Pratt have previously admitted that they like the film.


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posted by lisa on Oct 15, 2011
youre my sister?
posted by daniel on Aug 25, 2010
im go to the army i have fight with Irak sow if Selena riding it sow i whant she know i love her =) good bye
posted by daniel on Aug 25, 2010
i not talk so mach in English i talk Russian =) i LOVE Selena Gomez but i gess i never dont see her im relly love her
posted by jk on Mar 02, 2010
selena's right! i love twilight too!
posted by xoxo_heart20 on Dec 07, 2009
i belive at selena, coz twilight is really great!! but, i guess i dont have any time to watch the new moon saga!
posted by lol on Sep 22, 2009
OMG all of u r ****ing *****s u dont even no if she likes twilight or not so shut up
posted by selenahater on Jun 06, 2009
you ***** you cant date yaylor because half the female population loves him so you are screwing up big time by kissing him and the fact the best friend demi thinks he's is hunkalicous is so wrong we all no your syupid but get some sense
posted by jasmine on Jun 05, 2009
I totally love selena gomez
posted by Herr on Jun 03, 2009
taylorlautner180 You are completely and utterly right I think she is a ***** i hate her guts. Cus me i went thru lodes of problems and went thru a bad OLDER guy phase taylor was the only thing tht made me happy and now the ***** has stolen him from me and many others i hate her gutss :@:@
posted by taylorlautner180 on Jun 02, 2009
selena i like taylor n so do u i used to be a fan of urs but know u crossed the line im love tay n if u go out with him dont u think u will break ur fans heart n if u dont care u r going to lose alot of fans not just me but others n if u go out with him ur just a spoiled little brat that wants everything even to crush ur fans heart SO THINK ABOUT IT FANS R CRYING CAUSE U STOLE TAY AWAY FROM US NOW HES GOING TO BE CONCENTRARED ON U ***** SO BE HAPPY FOR UR SELF U ****, **** , STEALER
posted by Rawr on Jun 02, 2009
Taylor is sooo sexy! Have you seen the pic of him in the rain?! OMG! Soooo SEXY!! He looks so much better with the short hair!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... :]
posted by jade on Jun 02, 2009
she likes twilight coz she goes out with jackob in twilight
posted by oliviaaxx on Jun 02, 2009
i love selena shes soo cute! <33
posted by twilightfan on Jun 02, 2009
you see, selena gomez is just saying that she likes twilight because she's sucking up to the producer and director of possibly all four movies of the saga. she's also probably sucking up to the whole cast and taylor lautner. oh especially taylor lautner! and don't get me wrong i love selena but she's getting publicity from fans and other famous people to become more famous and drag on her fame. i'm not sayin that this all is true, but i'm sure that part of it is. do you know what selena gomez is thinking? no. no one does. how can we trust her?
posted by Zoe on Jun 02, 2009
I AM THE BIGGEST FAN OF TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!! I Love The Movie, I can't wait for New Moon to come out in theaters!!!!!! I have to wait till November. Go Robert Pattinson!!! Go Kristen Stewart!!! Go Taylor Lautner!!!
posted by Zoe on Jun 02, 2009
I don't like Selena Gomez!! She's not even preety, I don't think she'll be the best person to date Taylor (I use to like her songs) Taylor is so cute and hot for her!!!!!

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