Jonas Brothers Debut 'Paranoid' Music Video

May 25, 2009 02:27:34 GMT

In the 'Paranoid' music video, Jonas Brothers freak out when finding themselves in unusual circumstances, one of which shows Kevin Jonas having a bunch of clones.

Jonas Brothers Debut 'Paranoid' Music Video
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A music video filmed to support Jonas Brothers' new single called "Paranoid" has made its way out. Directed by Brendan Malloy and Tim Wheeler, it shows Kevin Jonas being confused when walking into a room full of his clones, Joe Jonas freaking out when suddenly appearing in the middle of a wrestle game, and Nick Jonas getting paranoid when he is joined by several girls in the desert.

"Paranoid" is the first single from Jonas Brothers' upcoming fourth studio album "Lines, Vines and Trying Times". The track is mostly performed by Nick, rather than the usual leading singer Joe. Produced by John Fields, it has got radio airplays since May 8 and has been available for digital download starting on May 12.

"Lines, Vines and Trying Times" itself is set for worldwide release on June 16. It will include "Fly With Me", a song set to be heard at the end title credit for movie "Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian". Also, it reportedly will feature rapper Common as the band's collaborator.

Jonas Brothers' "Paranoid" music video


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posted by miley cyrus on Nov 17, 2009
you rock dude i wanna be your friend please ilove you jonasssssssssssssss!!!!!!!
posted by Beauty on Aug 19, 2009
The jonas brothers were very humble but now they are so vain omw plz guyz dont let fame get into ur head im starting 2 stop being so into u guyz u are starting 2 lose number 1 fan cuz u getting boring dont be full of your selves.
posted by futuremrsjonas61 on Jul 21, 2009
If u hate the jonas brothers then u r going to have to get used to them being around because they r going to be around for a very very very very long time! If u havnt noticed they are they are the worlds most popular band. Even if u r not a jonas brothers fan u should have realized tht by now and if u didnt then u must be sick or something? So....GET USED TO THEM!!
posted by ST on Jul 04, 2009
Ps Canada Roxs
posted by ST on Jul 04, 2009
Jonas bros are going no where.
posted by Mrs. Nick Jonas on Jun 03, 2009
Ok first of all, if u hate the jonas brothers stop looking at their videos! They are gorgeous and sweethearts and some of yal need to grow up and get a life. The jonas brothers rock and are probably gonna be around for a while so get used to it!!!!!! (:
posted by Sarah Loiuse Bales on Jun 01, 2009
Jonas Brothers, Do you love my song I think you do. And I love you so much Joe,Kevin,and Nick Jonas.
posted by Sarah Loise Bales on Jun 01, 2009
Jonas Brothers, Why do you sing Paranoid in your movie.
posted by iluvjoejonas on Jun 01, 2009
u guys r soooo HOT!!!!! u have to visit key west, florida by the very beginning of july.mostly because im moving to clevland, ohio.(my dad is in the coast guard) we r moving right on lake erie. any way you guys TOTALLY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by ~!Maria! on May 29, 2009
I Love The Jonas Brother's so much. There so awesome and cool and thats what makes them a great Band.!...And I Love There New Video paranoid i seen It on T.V. And It Rock Love It lol....Peace Out!!
posted by Jennifer on May 28, 2009
Okay, If you have nothing good to say about them, then why do you listen to them? Your just making fun of them but you really love and are afraid to admit it or you think your cool that you make fun of people but your not! if the jonas brothers came up and said you have no talent or your gay, would you like it? I think not. Now if you have nothing good to say about them then dont listen to there music!
posted by Stevie on May 28, 2009
They are hot n all but can't act worth a shit. That's y their show burned down. They are musicians.. if u can even call them that... Disney is pimping them out too much. and every time they try to make them even bigger they fail. First the movie, than the show, and now they are gonna make a video game out of them.. are u f***ing serious Disney? wth is next their own clothing line.. o wait hear that;s in line 2. along with their own energy drink..lmao.
posted by Melissa on May 28, 2009
I agree with some previous comments that say that they have changed. Because they have. They only care about the success and they are letting the fame get to their heads. I understand that they can't stay the same 4ever. but they don't have to fall into the fame whole.
posted by meg on May 28, 2009
Even though they think their on top of the world.. they shouldn't act like it. They think everything they touch tuns to gold. i like their music but i just don't like what their becoming. and their management says that they are trying to branch out of disney.. well i don't think they should bcuz they are not respected as artist or musicians and will most likely not make it if they do leave their comfort zone. the only ppl that will follow them will be the little girly fans. hahah
posted by claire on May 28, 2009
They brag too much now. All they do is think of success and how much ppl love them and how big they are. they weren't like that a year or 2 years ago. they were humble and didn't care about anything except their music and now they are all about getting and staying at the top. about 90% of their tweets on twitter is them promoting themselves. example: 'Make paranoid #1' 'we had over 45,000 ppl at our concert' 'watch our show' and disney is over promoting them 2 that's what's making the fame get to their heads. and 2 b honest their getting boring and annoying
posted by singing star on May 27, 2009
I absolutely loved it! All three of them were absolutely adorable!
posted by BeckyO on May 26, 2009
Hey Jonas Bros, you are all 3 gorgeous, talented and ambitious musicians, I wish the best for all of you.
posted by Dude? on May 26, 2009
God the music video is messed up!!!Nick turning into a girl?You wish..HAHAHAHA loser
posted by Dude? on May 26, 2009
Jonas Brothers.You are only famous because of your looks.If you were ugly people wouldnt like you.So stop ACTING COOL!!!!!and what is omj?You guys are using your laast name in vain.I thought you guys were Christian man...
posted by Brittany on May 26, 2009
How much does people actually believe these fake people's hype? They are nowhere near decent, let alone good or hot (hot? They are dwarfs... please!) and hundreds of retarded girls keep blabbing about them. They have no talent, they sicken me and I am ashamed for people of my age actually thinkin that they do is music, or acting, or whatever linked to performing arts. They are a Disney pruduct. A BAD Disney product. Go listen some real music (and I like pop... when is real and good, so don't think I just listen to rock or indie, cos that's not the case). JoBrothers are an enetertainment cancer.
posted by lauren on May 26, 2009
brittnay....ur a crybaby u cant stop pppl from listening to them so give it up
posted by jonasfan on May 25, 2009
i love your new video please vist new york city
posted by blah blah on May 25, 2009
Lol wow dramatic....but nice!! hehe
posted by ali<3 on May 25, 2009
luv them jonas boys. (: just gettin better and better! (:
posted by nataki on May 25, 2009
itss awesome!!!!!i love you ve really gave you best in this video..its perfect
posted by Amy lea on May 25, 2009
I'm very impressed. They're really maturing as musicians. Keep up the good work boys.
posted by joeBrofan on May 25, 2009
love you jonas
posted by kevinluver on May 25, 2009
please visit kano in nigeria in africa. we love yoll!!!!
posted by haley nunez on May 25, 2009
hey jonas i love paranoid music video and you new song i love you boys
posted by Jonas.Lover.xo on May 25, 2009
They look extremely hot in this video, they are much more mature now-I did love them in the SOS days too.

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