Preview of 'Lost' Season 6: Destiny Found

May 14, 2009 06:31:10 GMT

An eye opens in a sudden, in the teaser for 'Lost' season 6 which will be the final round for the whole island's mystery.

Preview of 'Lost' Season 6: Destiny Found
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"Lost" has ended its fifth season run on Wednesday, May 13 with a cliffhanger when Juliet was sucked into the hole and woke up with the bomb near her. She hit the bomb with a rock and it was the end of the episode. To keep fans in excitement, ABC has posted a very short sneak peek of the 6th season where an aye opens up in shock. No clue to who the green eye belongs to.

In the preview also, it is revealed that the big idea is "Destiny Found" and it could as well be the ultimate reason why they are all stranded on the island in the first place, not the kind of destiny that each of the characters thought. The new season will begin in 2010, reportedly in January.

Meanwhile, a few thoughts on the sixth season had been thrown in recent weeks and here is the summary. Likely to be back for another round are Ben, Juliet and Claire. Regarding Ben's return, Michael Emerson who plays the character said that Ben's work is not done in the season finale but he is also still crossing fingers for it because nothing is set in stone in "Lost".

Juliet's comeback was teased by EW with no other details while Claire's involvement was suggested by Carlton Cuse. "Claire is a wonderful part of the show and the audience can rest assured that they will see (her) again on Lost," Cuse said.

For one thing, the sixth season will be the final season for the series. Creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have planned the whole story to conclude in the 6th year, with the story coming to full circle. "Season six will feel a lot like season one," Lindelof teased. "The focus comes back to the characters with whom we began. We've been winnowing away everyone else who came along. The Tailies are gone, only Miles is left of the Freighter Folk and only Juliet is left of The Others. We're getting down to the end now."


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posted by Desiree on Nov 29, 2010
I loved the sixth season of Lost saw everything am a super fan to miutes sad because he just can not believe that I will not watch Lost I loved the end and never forget how voui this show was great
posted by minotaur on May 15, 2010
what i cant figure out is whos evil whos good ? i think this story tells you there is no good or evil the others intentions are good but the way they want it is bad the the 815 survivors had done bad things but who they are now is heroic mib was the victim all he wanted to do was leave but jacob thought he could witout thinking about the consequences of the source now he trying to make out hes an infection
posted by minotaur on May 10, 2010
frank lapidus did not die in the sumarine explosion in episode the candidate the four characters that died were jin sun sayid and seamus (the guy who was killed by mib) the survivors only option is the plane and they need a pilot to fly it unless he comes to hurley as a ghost telling him how to fly without frank dead or alive there not leaving otherwise 1 by 1 there using jacobs wheel if frank died he had a crap death scene he has escaped believe me
posted by desmonds girl on Feb 02, 2010
ok i loyally watch lost and i have all the seasons and all that but im confused...what eye are yall talking about? also, desmond is my fav character he is totally sexy and i would love to be stranded with him! but someone feel me in about this eye.
posted by cute on Jan 29, 2010
i cant wait to next year
posted by annie on Jan 17, 2010
i love Jacob, so cute
posted by LOST on Jan 02, 2010
Claires eye?
posted by plentyolove on Dec 13, 2009
Lindelof said that the tailies are gone,only Miles is left of the freighter folk and Juliet of the others?????!!!!!!!!! Seems like he doesn't know his own show! CORRECTIONS. 1.Only Ana Lucia,Libby,Nathan and Eko of the tailies are dead and gone.There still remains Bernard,Cindy,the kids and the rest who were taken by the others. 2.Juliet is not even one of the others anymore,she left them in season 3. Yes many of the others were killed of in s3 but Richard Alpert and Ben Linus are still prominent members who are still around. A whole group of others is still there,they were being led by Locke towards the statue. 3.Miles is NOT the only remaining freighter folk, Frank Lapidus is also still alive.
posted by sushant_lostbiggest_ on Dec 05, 2009
Lost is best ever television program in the history of mankind. I am great fan of it and waiting eagerly for it's 6 th season . thing tht is hurting me is that it is going to be final seson . Yes there is so much of excitement for it. It's first serial which made me lost . I feel that I should also lost on some magical island.
posted by boon on Nov 28, 2009
i think its Claires eye
posted by marie on Nov 26, 2009
juliet has blue eyes it cannot be juliet,, if you look in the beginning of season one to the eye of jack it is the same as on the trailer
posted by penetrator on Nov 12, 2009
what the hell happend to the 2 that got bured in the sand, if u remember they were only paralised and they woke up
posted by Gabe on Oct 16, 2009
The eye is Juliet's eye. There was an interview with the actress and she accidentally spilled that part so pssh no surprise there. I'm just really curious to know if that really is Esaus and Jacob. That would make LOST the most Ultimate show ever in television history.
posted by Yawny on Oct 13, 2009
It's Smokey's eye.
posted by lewis on Oct 09, 2009
it's Bens eye!!!!
posted by eyeeye on Oct 05, 2009
Its Vincent's eye
posted by jhump on Sep 29, 2009
The eye is John Locke's. If you have any of the shows on dvd you can see that it is clearly his. I have the finale on dvr and looked at both.
posted by vivi on Sep 20, 2009
oh my god! this is not fair! i cant watcvh the spoiler clip!! im so angry!! but im so exited!!! im so confused!!! i just cant wait! :D
posted by lost on Sep 12, 2009
LOST ROCKZZZZ!!! The best series ever! Guys, have u seen the teasers?? the oceanic airline ads states that they have the perfect safety record w/c means no airplane have crashed. does that mean that what they did really worked?? ahhh IM LOST. i hope the shocking finale would be there will be a seventh season!! AHH LOST WILL BE GONE FOREVER! EPIC!
posted by o_TRE_may on Sep 12, 2009
I totally cant wait til lost comes bakk on
posted by FAN on Sep 09, 2009
answer 4 SEANO: Lock told richard ,back in the 50is, if hi doesn`t belive him that hi`s from the future, he can go after 2 years to the hospital where lock borned (you would know thwt if you just watched LOST..;) )
posted by lostfan304 on Aug 26, 2009
the eye belongs to aaron...
posted by a on Aug 20, 2009
posted by jasmin pumphrey on Aug 20, 2009
carnt wait for lost season six! my favorte actor is ben! hope he survives till the end. on the last season i had to always argue with my parents on sunday to watch lost what starts on 9 pm where i am. so...bring on season 6!
posted by SexyLeBihan on Aug 16, 2009
Damn, Lost is the best tv show i ever watched. Those people who don't like it must severly go for a mental test quickly !!! Bravo for everyone, every actors, every staff... Lost bring us deeply in the mystery, drama and suspense moment... When it will end, i would really need a moment to mourn the death of a so genius program !!!!
posted by Niko on Aug 15, 2009
I agree it does look a lot like jacks eye but something tells me that it isn´t jack. One sign that can backup my theory is that the eye from season 6 trailer does not have same eyebrown as the picture of jack that everyone posts. I either think it´s kate or juliet. Can be charlie as well.
posted by Princess Lara on Aug 13, 2009
Fuck u lost , i lost my mind.
posted by Maherishere on Aug 13, 2009
I like lost everything in it the innocent of kate , the brave of sweyr, the smile of juliet, the colour of saed, everything
posted by Wepa on Aug 10, 2009
Lost is better then prison break
posted by Sawyer GR on Aug 09, 2009
i also noticed that jack woke up in jungle, after the first crash! why...?
posted by Diana on Aug 06, 2009
I would think Jacob allowed himself to be killed easily because he knows of some loophole on the island that will not take kindly to his murder when he is passive and innocent at the time it takes place, showing no resistance whatsoever.
posted by RayRay on Aug 03, 2009
it would be interesting if we had a henry Gale flash back, if we were able to learn how he came to be on the island and why. How he died and who buried him. I think it may have some kind of significance in season 6...
posted by PorkyPig on Aug 02, 2009
It's JJ's eyes
posted by calebharris on Jul 28, 2009
Richard came on the Black Pearl (the boat seen at the beginning of the season 5 finale.) The man that swore he would kill Jacob in that same scene has the ability to take over the dead. He is currently taking over Locke. Also...he took over Christian and Alex. (Other dead people scene on the island.) My only where the heck did Claire go with Christian??
posted by - on Jul 20, 2009
i meant what eye (a)
posted by - on Jul 20, 2009
what i - i really dont understand what you guys are talking about
posted by iheartskate on Jul 19, 2009
god im gonna miss lost!!!!
posted by i hate juliet on Jul 19, 2009
im really gonna miss lost!! :( it's jacobs eye! duh! btw jacob ain't dead. it's obvious he isn't human. i hate juliet!! sawyer belongs with kate!
posted by RAN on Jul 19, 2009
posted by Aretard on Jul 18, 2009
The eye is Jacks... DONE The reflection from Jacks eye isn't of the statue but of Vincent. If you "fans" forgot who Vincent is, he's the Dog Michale bought for Walt. If anyone dose not believe me, freeze frame of episode one.
posted by Sachin on Jul 13, 2009
If any of you actually watch LOST you would know that as Jack's eye opening at the beginning of the Pilot episode. They threw it in the promo as a recurring theme, not a peak.
posted by shaniguy on Jul 11, 2009
i kno its charles widmorezz eye!!!
posted by dead on Jul 09, 2009
they all died on the plane and the island is hell
posted by Sayid Jarrah on Jul 08, 2009
Well, not only are we losing the best show ABC has had. We lost one of the better actors on the show. NO MORE will I SEE Those beautiful brown eyes. I can't believe the journey is over but why did he have to die. I WONDER WHERE HE IS NOW? THE CONQUEROR
posted by Sayid Jarrah on Jul 08, 2009
I guess Sayid died from the gunshot wound inside the van. carla
posted by Lost is awesome on Jul 08, 2009
I reackon that the guy who was with Jacob at the start (Nemisis or something) is Lockes imposter, and then kills jacob (the loophole they were talkin about at the start fits with the loophole they were talking about at the end)
posted by troy on Jul 06, 2009
c'mon people it's ben's eye
posted by LoLcat 815 on Jul 02, 2009
okay, for some dumb reason, i have a feeling richard is jacobs son. and i have quite frankly heard enough about jack and kate. but is juliet dead???? and who the hell is jacob? really, maybe he's the monster? who knows. maybe the producers will go all supernatural and say smokey is a demon raised up to protect jacob
posted by seano on Jul 01, 2009
Does anyone knoe the relevance to Richard visiting Locke at the foster home when he was just a kid?
posted by seano on Jul 01, 2009
Does anyone knoe the relevance to Richard visiting Locke at the foster home when he was just a kid?
posted by lostfan on Jun 28, 2009
the first seen in the incedent, the guy in the black shirt said "we gona find a loop hole", he did not say "I" he said "We", who is we??? I don't think the guy in the black shirt is smoky for this reason, I think there are people on the island who wants to kill jacob, but who are they? we may know in season 6.
posted by lost_thought on Jun 28, 2009
why illana asked for richard? was she looking for richard or jacob? do think jacob is richard? and the guy in the white shirt is just a cover to protect jacob (richard)? because when lock asked to see jacob he richard (jacob) took him there without asking????
posted by lostfan on Jun 28, 2009
jack eye defenitly
posted by Greg the King on Jun 27, 2009
hello! Im guessing sense above it says that lost season 6 is a lot like season 1, its going to start the same.... Jack opening his eyes in shock.... his eyes are green im pretty sure. CANT WAIT TILL SEASON 6!!!
posted by LOST IN LOST on Jun 26, 2009
To everyone who thinks that it is Rose and Bernard in the cave, I totaly think the same thing. Because, the two rocks were black and white. Rose is balck and Bernard is White. Just a hunch. I also think that it would be cool if the eye was Claire's. Matthew Fox said that the opening of season six would explane the end of season five. He also said that the ending of Lost was an awesome one but that everyone who was really into Lost kind of had it planned out in their minds how they wanted it to end so if its not the way you want it to end... it may not be as "awesome" of an ending to you. I hope that somewhere in season six we get to see Clare Aron and Charlie all togeather one more time. Also it would be nice to see Kate happy in the end. She has been through a lot even if most of it was her falt. I'll be happy if she ends up with Jack or Sawyer. Just let her get one guy, don't kill her off without letting us see her choice. It would be better if she went through till the end. PLEASE?
posted by danny on Jun 24, 2009
the two bodies found in the cave in the 1st series i think will be benard and rose. hmmm
posted by LostFan on Jun 22, 2009
This is Jack's eye!!! I just can't wait for the new season! LOST is THE BEST!!!
posted by I love LOST on Jun 20, 2009
I remember the bodies in the cave too. And I remember that Jack took from the bodies something like rocks. Definitively I wants to know whats going to happen with Claire. Also I think that Jacobs knew what was going to happen and for that reason he needed Locks body in the Island. I do not know how I am going to wait until 2010 for the new season!!!
posted by The Other One on Jun 16, 2009
Regardless of who's eye it is, think about it this way... If it is Jack's, and it is actually the start of Season 1, then the whole blowing up of the bomb by Juliet has been for nothing. Cause then it would mean that what Feraday said was correct, you can't change the future by changing the past. And that would explain why Jacob wasn't worried when Ben killed him, cause he knew that the future would stay the same, meaning the past. This is all getting very confusing... all I'm gonna say is LOST ROCKS!!!!
posted by gg man on Jun 15, 2009
remember in lost season 1 Jack and kate found a source of water and there were two dead corpses....well i asking who are they could they be Jack and Kate!!!!!!!!
posted by Sara on Jun 11, 2009
What is the reason Jack was supposed to stay on the island, according to Locke?
posted by Sara on Jun 11, 2009
Why was Jack so far out in the jungle the day of the crash? ????
posted by Sara on Jun 11, 2009
Guys I think Jack's eye I swear in God
posted by Sara on Jun 11, 2009
Guys....I think they fall in Bermuda Triangle?????
posted by MISHA on Jun 10, 2009
posted by a lost actor on Jun 08, 2009
I've seen the first footages. The editor invided me to watch the first footages. and to make an end of the "eye" discussion. It's mine... greetings from all the Lost actors.
posted by BlazerBob on Jun 01, 2009
lilian? i think u mean allana, yer could be..
posted by JacobISComingBack on May 28, 2009
I think that the "Candidat" part that lilian says to Lapidus, is he is candidate to sacrify his body to make Jacob come again in Lapidus body, like the brother of Jacob do it with Lockes body. Thats the only explanation why Jacob let Ben kill him so easy, remember he thought all that would happend, thats why he ask lilian "the favor" to bring locks body to Richard, to have Richard support knowing that is not lock inside with Jacob.
posted by BlazerBob on May 25, 2009
wouldnt it suck if the last episode of series 6 was the first episode of series 1 and it kept going round in a circle....
posted by whocare1231 on May 25, 2009
Fix your video, amature.
posted by lostrules on May 24, 2009
The eye is Jacks, no question. As a trained eye doctor I know my eyes
posted by lostfan101;) on May 24, 2009
It's for sure jacks eye becasue that's where they landed the 1st time they crashed...and if lost watch lost you'll understand:)
posted by lostfan101;) on May 24, 2009
LOST:) the question i ask is was the white light a flash or is it going back foward in time to L.A airport... my answer is that it was a flash because lost wouldnt be lost if they werent on the island <3 thanks
posted by The I.F. on May 23, 2009
I think that they should somehow bring in every character from season 1 to season 5 into season 6 and make a movie after the sixth season.
posted by Mattch on May 23, 2009
I am not native english, and i have a question hoppfully anyone here could give me an answer. is there really so many guys who talk like Sawyer do in real life? i like the way he tease people, but i just wonder if a guy gives a new nickname to the opponent every time he starts a conversation, would he still be safe hanging around?
posted by Mattch on May 23, 2009
the funniest scene in the finale of the 5th se is that when Doctor Chang tested Hurley for whether they were from the future, i just cant help to laugh rolling on the floor when Hurley said "okay, sorry dude, i am from the future."
posted by Atefeh on May 23, 2009
The eye we saw could also be Juliet
posted by Atefeh on May 23, 2009
I think locke who appear in this season is not our familiar locke!! he is enemy of jacobe who appears in locke body!!
posted by ziube on May 22, 2009
lost is cool.but why would jacob die so easily.i thought he has a lot of power
posted by lost on May 22, 2009
i thought jacob has a lot of power.but he didnt seem to have.why would he die like easily
posted by church of lost on May 22, 2009
massive respect to lost. we salute u!!
posted by newmoon on May 22, 2009
i think , that was ben's eye ...i hope juliet won't die ...
posted by lost on May 21, 2009
oh yeah, and the person that takes lockes form in the finale is the same guy that is talking to jacob in the opening scene. i think he is somehow related to the smoke monster
posted by Claire\'s Eye on May 21, 2009
Its Claire's eye
posted by TouchedByJacob on May 21, 2009
the man who took the body of locke is Esau, Jacobs twin brother (google jacob/esau from the bible, as well as jacobs son benjamin). in the bible he promised to kill jacob. apparently it took him about 5000 years. but jacob will be back. and yes, esau also posed as bens daughter and maybe christian shephard as well.
posted by NAMASTE!!! on May 21, 2009
I thought Juliet died, but then i thought no, cause if Juliet died from the bomb then would everyone else would have, then what would season six be like. JULIET IS AWESOME!!!
posted by aras goli on May 20, 2009
that's Jacob's eye!!!!!!
posted by jojojojoj on May 20, 2009
its the polar bears eye
posted by jesamesa28 on May 18, 2009
I thought it was Kate, but it actually is Jack. Could the refleciton be the foot of the statue?
posted by eugenes on May 18, 2009
dudes, I have watched 103 episodes (appx. 75 hours) in 4,5 days non-stop and petrified what will happen next)!!!!!!!
posted by Skucy on May 17, 2009
It's Jack's eye. It's the same in season 1
posted by Magicx on May 17, 2009
Lost return on january 11 the same day my birthday is COOL...
posted by anna on May 17, 2009
It's definitely Jack's eye.
posted by Rich Moore on May 17, 2009
My theory is that the smoke monster (who we have saw take the form of Bens Daughter, Danielle, has taken Lockes Form. The smoke monster seems to be at war with Jacob and for some reason cannot kill Jacob himself. So, by using Ben (his 'loophole'), the smoke monster has managed to kill Jacob. The eye is definately either Jacks or Kates, the shape looks like Kates, but the fact that the producer has said Series 6 will be a lot like series 1, and series 1 starts with Jacks eye, then I would think it is Jacks eye that we see ;)
posted by JOGEE on May 17, 2009
looking a little closer thers a picture of someone in the pupil of the eye. it could be a reflection.
posted by Togu on May 16, 2009
Come ooon people let's move on with our lifes until 2010 January. There is no need to rush things. We'll know something about season 6's teasers, spoilers in November or December! At least I can guarantee you that! see you next year!!!
posted by Matth61285 on May 16, 2009
Keep in mind that its already been announced and confirmed that the only 2 people that know the ending of lost are JJ and Matthew Fox.
posted by word on May 16, 2009
The shape of the eye socket seems to point to one person.
posted by me on May 16, 2009
Juliet isn't dead because Desmond didn't die when the Hatch blew up. She must have gone to another time just like him.
posted by da1and0nly on May 16, 2009
LOST is awesome... seen it since day 1 and havent missed an episode. im kinda upset that next season will be its last, but i bet it will be the best.
posted by ash17356 on May 15, 2009
ummm that is definatly not jacks eye...his eyes are brown...kate's eyes are green...and plus...that looks like a girls eye!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Lostinho on May 15, 2009
his eyes turned to green's lost
posted by Lostinho on May 15, 2009
It's jack's eye, but more interesting is: who is the person, he's looking at, when he wakes up, because you cann see somebody in his eye as a reflection
posted by adamsmitty33 on May 15, 2009
The Eye is 100% Jack's. I freezed the first scene ever from the pilot and froze the preview. The eyes were precisely the same shape, color (WELL ALMOST), and eyelashes bunched in the exact same spots; identical. The only difference was the color of the filter used in the camera shot -- with one being lighter than the other. Same eye guaranteed.
posted by ur mum on May 15, 2009
thats so juliet, look at the face structure
posted by stallain on May 15, 2009
omfg ... its ok but i am totally loving wat the fuck has just gone on... but it will definetly not b like the beging coz if it is thats just gay, what hapens to the sotyline, it will just fuck it up... clair wasnt in this season so its definetly her... anyhu still tha wa fucking great!!!!!!!!!!!!! also nooffence guys but think b4 u rite, u rite shit
posted by Dizzmo on May 15, 2009
I am still wondering what they mean by " candidate". That is going to be important next season.
posted by pinktacobox on May 15, 2009
Claire's eyes are blue dude. The only people with Green\Hazel are Jack n Kate
posted by lostfanatic24/7 on May 14, 2009
oh, yeah... what about hurley??? and like, does kate still get arrested?? will christian shepherd still be dead?? will jacob still be dead?? what about locke and the locke-like-look-alike person?? and i disagree with LaceyMac comment. because remeber?? in the first season they started off with jack's eye?? and then when they went back to the island they started with jack's eye?? so i think it was jack's eye.
posted by lostfanatic24/7 on May 14, 2009
last nights finale was totally mind boggling. i'm completely shocked about well, everything. i'll say this straight out-- i want charlie back and they better put him in the 6th season. (also, clearly, jack and kate are meant to be and i'm still totally confused whether or not juliet died so i really cant say anything about her & saywer) i really dont see how everyone did this for so long, waiting six months till the next season, i mean. we (my mom and i) bought the first four seasons on dvd over christmas for my dad and we went through a disc a night. then we caught up in time to watch the fifth season on tv. now we have to wait until 2010 for season six. hugh!! i'm gonna die!!!
posted by LaceyMac on May 14, 2009
I paused on the eye. The eyelashes are blond and the persons skin is fair, I believe that it is actually Juliet's eye that we are seeing.
posted by weirdo on May 14, 2009
what about hurley?
posted by BIG MIKE on May 14, 2009
The eye is jacks. I paused it and then paused the opening scene of season 1 episode 1. Even the reflection in the eyes are the same. It's jacks eye when he woke up and Oceanic 815 just crashed you dimwits.
posted by Charlezx on May 14, 2009
I can't wait until next year! I'm excited that Juliet hasn't died. And finally the triangule or square of relationships ended setting up that Juliet is with saywer and Jack is with Kate. Wii! xD
posted by lostisawesome on May 14, 2009
well actually juliet's eye is blue and so is claires so it's not theirs.... i'm not quite sure who it could be.Maybe Kate even though the eyelashes are blonde, Kate has greenish eyes.....I just watched the episode where Jack opens his eyes in the pilot and the eye is exactly the same so I think Lost is starting over again only maybe jack will like wake up in his idea. I'm so excited though, can't believe I have to wait so long and can't believe it is the last season!
posted by rouchos on May 14, 2009
The eye we saw could also be claire

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