Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me' Music Video Premiere

May 02, 2009 03:51:41 GMT

Taylor Swift shows her love for Lucas Till in the music video in support of single 'You Belong With Me'.

Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me' Music Video Premiere
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A music video shot to promote Taylor Swift's single "You Belong With Me" has emerged. Filmed at Pope John Paul II High School in Hendersonville, TN, it features a cameo appearance from "Hannah Montana: The Movie" star Lucas Till as Taylor's love interest.

In addition, the school's football team, marching band and dance team are also involved in the video. "When we got there, she said she didn't want to portray us as mean girls," said one of the dance group's members, Sierra Copeland, when recalling the video's shoot. "So we were the hot dancers."

"You Belong With Me" is a song appearing in Taylor Swift's second studio album "Fearless". Co-written by Taylor, the track deals with a girl who tries to convince her male friend that he should be with her instead of with his girlfriend.

Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" music video


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posted by sweta on Jan 11, 2011
you are nice singer?
posted by taylor on Dec 31, 2010
youre number 1 :))
posted by mimo on Oct 31, 2010
Hi taylor I love u a lot I wish u come to lebanon to beirut and sing I'will be the first girl to here your songs in
posted by Miss2010 on Sep 16, 2010
ohh .. my goshhhh .. talor i m yuur biggest fann .. i love youuu . even your music video .. mine.. love you .
posted by Ttuy on Sep 09, 2010
posted by Mauro on Sep 09, 2010
posted by Bnator on Sep 08, 2010
Sorry but your not the BEST singer ever. I mean yourOK not great
posted by jaquylin on Jun 28, 2010
ha can i sing on your next show
posted by Anna on Jun 25, 2010
you are a great singer I listen to it every day !
posted by Rhiannyn on Jun 25, 2010
You have a real talent for writing and singing songs, Taylor! May God be the One you give the credit to!
posted by Karina on Jun 23, 2010
YOUR THE BEST SINGER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by shorty on Jun 07, 2010
hi i love you taylor hope to see you you rock!
posted by shaguna on Apr 29, 2010
i love you !!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
posted by omg on Apr 23, 2010
i am goingto call you taylor swift i know where you live
posted by kayla on Apr 23, 2010
you rock i can'ty befjwqrngowehep;j
posted by taylor on Apr 23, 2010
you rock
posted by ggggg on Apr 13, 2010
posted by talor fan on Apr 13, 2010
shes uguly now but im still getibg the fearless albume
posted by DAN DES on Apr 07, 2010
you are the best singer in the hole world. i alwas wanted to go to your concert. I wish I could see you. you are so pretty if I seen you I would stay so close to you YOU ROCK I LOVE YOU I WONT TO SEE YOU
posted by des on Apr 07, 2010
you rock i LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by des on Apr 07, 2010
you are the best singer ever. i wish i can go to your concer.
posted by ....??????..... on Mar 03, 2010
who is the girl playing role against taylor swift in you belong to me music video give me name
posted by pdianne on Feb 23, 2010
taylor i love u sooo much
posted by biggest fan in the w on Feb 12, 2010
i just love your songs could you write more i never get sick of listening to it
posted by Emi722 on Jan 23, 2010
Wow I think your songs are alwsome:)keep on writing those songs! You are my #1 idol
posted by estefany on Jan 16, 2010
hey lov ya
posted by miriam on Jan 06, 2010
i like ever one your songs :)
posted by girl 78 on Jan 04, 2010
I love you taylor swift,i alos love your muisc like,you belong with Sade Parchment
posted by nerd lol on Dec 31, 2009
i love taylor is me idol i wish my life was a fairy tell am a nerd and im about to get glasses
posted by ? on Dec 29, 2009
god bless youi wish i could see you
posted by somebody on Dec 29, 2009
taylor i love your songs.your the best. rock on keep singing. Hod bless you and your family!!!
posted by lol on Dec 28, 2009
omg taylor u kick butt out in that song i just love this song so much your the best
posted by hhhh on Dec 26, 2009
i love taylor swift and this song
posted by NIKODA on Dec 20, 2009
posted by MONKEY:) on Dec 16, 2009
posted by jenny on Dec 11, 2009
i love your song
posted by Anonymous on Dec 11, 2009
I love your song and music video of you belong with me
posted by music on Dec 09, 2009
i want to have sex with you
posted by leticia on Dec 07, 2009
hi taylor
posted by who the hel wants @ on Dec 04, 2009
taylor you kick ass in concert... omg u shud totaly date lucas till :-)
posted by ASS KICKER on Nov 28, 2009
posted by YOUR #1 BIGGEST FAN on Nov 28, 2009
posted by angle face on Nov 28, 2009
I love this video. omg.... like its perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by PyRo_BuG on Nov 11, 2009
Yo TayLoR I thInK You CoUld MakE iT iN ModeLiNg .....ConGRaTs AboUt The CouNtRY MusIC AwaRdS
posted by chloe on Nov 09, 2009
dear taylor i totally love you, you rock
posted by rhona on Nov 06, 2009
hi taylor i really like your song you belong with me and our song i like u so much take care always and God bless...
posted by aj 14 on Oct 30, 2009
you should put more of her videos on here so we can listen to them but my fave is you belong with me
posted by nika on Oct 23, 2009
I am not really a fan but i fine you sing all right it have meanin in it for me.I'm a christian god bless u.God spoke to me to use ur voice to glorify his name before the day for him to make his appearance.
posted by lovely on Oct 18, 2009
your saw beautiful..........i like your songs....
posted by ~~~~loding .... viru on Oct 18, 2009
i luv dis video hihihi=]
posted by ~~~~loding .... viru on Oct 18, 2009
i luv dis video hihihi=]
posted by ~~~~loding .... viru on Oct 18, 2009
i luv dis video hihihi=]
posted by chloe.....xox..... on Oct 13, 2009
Amazing!!!!!!! I love taylor swift, im her biggest fan ever!!!!!! Love u taylor!!!
posted by same problem on Oct 06, 2009
i have a boy i like and he knows me but he has gf but she allways treat him like he was a dog
posted by anonymous on Oct 02, 2009
OMG!i love you so much Taylor Swift your video was awesome i love it!
posted by laurenne on Sep 30, 2009
posted by gg on Sep 29, 2009
posted by mamta on Sep 27, 2009
i love u r all songs u rocks
posted by Devil on Sep 23, 2009
hi, Taylor you are my idol i wish i could be you every day. I love you belong with me because thats like me exept i am the cheerleader and it is the other way around his name is colby and i really like him i dont know how to get him to notice me but i dont care the point that i was getting to i like you belong with me and all your other almbls to thanks for everthing
posted by Squshi on Sep 17, 2009
OMG...I totaly love this viedo.I just hope Kanye West wouldn't have iterupted it when you got the accepting of the Award! Don't let this bother you,just keep making these "KICK ASS" Songs like "you belong with me"!:>
posted by dog on Sep 03, 2009
i have a crush on joesph and he don't even know i i'm here
posted by kk1899 on Sep 02, 2009
you rock
posted by taylor on Sep 02, 2009
wooo!!! aMO TU CANciion the you belong with me tamooo
posted by on Aug 31, 2009
taylor is the prettiest girl i've ever seen
posted by patricia estillomo on Aug 28, 2009
hi!taylor im addicted to you because your so is so BEAUTIHUL good luck for your next album and plzzzz come here in the philippines.thxxxxxxx
posted by fan on Aug 26, 2009
Love her she has great music
posted by lachy\'sbabe on Aug 26, 2009
this is kool i love it holly rox
posted by kath on Aug 26, 2009
...hello taylor..i really like your new song video entitled you belong with me..i hope to see and met you personally..and im hoping that you will have your concert here in the philippines...always take your avid fan...
posted by Stupid Cupid on Aug 26, 2009
Hello Taylor..i am your no.1 know i like you so much because your so beautiful,and i like all the songs that you sing...i am your avid fan.Im hoping that you will have a concert here i the philippines.stay beautiful and charm..Hope to see and met yuo personally.take care..i love you..
posted by TWINKLE on Aug 17, 2009
posted by TWINKLE on Aug 17, 2009
posted by happy on Aug 14, 2009
wanna have dinner hottie
posted by happy on Aug 14, 2009
wanna have dinner hottie
posted by happy on Aug 14, 2009
lucus is so hot after the game and gets mad at his girlfriend
posted by peace on Aug 12, 2009
YOU ROCK!Your#1.
posted by Shanae on Aug 05, 2009
you are the best singer ever i would love to see you i love all your songs i know them all Love Shanae
posted by angela on Aug 03, 2009
she is the best
posted by love you on Aug 03, 2009
this is great i love this] this = supeeeeeer
posted by hlao9e845 on Jul 31, 2009
I love this video!!! Hey does anybody else think that the boys girlfriend is taylor in a brown wig??
posted by <3someone: ) on Jul 21, 2009
LOVE this song the ending is my fav part but why did she have to kiss him he is sooooooo HOT!!!!!<3
posted by shawnablue3 on Jul 17, 2009
i love u taylor u are the best singer ever love shawna
posted by OMG on Jul 13, 2009
Was there two girls on the making of you belong with me talyor
posted by OMG on Jul 13, 2009
Was there two girls on the making of you belong with me talyor
posted by meggy on Jul 09, 2009
TAYLOR SWIFT makes the best songs. I love Taylor
posted by megan on Jul 09, 2009
Ilove TAYLOR swift she is so pretty
posted by becks on Jul 02, 2009
its amazing song
posted by lalala * unknown * l on Jun 22, 2009
posted by xhdhd on Jun 20, 2009
I love this music video I don't like poop
posted by piece sighn on Jun 15, 2009
Taylor Swift is the most awesome person in the world i love this video this video is her best
posted by I LOVE NICK JONAS. on Jun 15, 2009
Everyone should like taylor swift the best song is love story and you belong with me.
posted by nicoleeeee on Jun 14, 2009
it is awesome !!!!!!1 love ya
posted by rose on Jun 13, 2009
i luv you Taylor u make singing the best part of my life and i luv to sing i even sing in the car when my parents tell me to stop... i can't help it
posted by important comment on Jun 13, 2009
p.s. we are not freaks the sexiest girl eve and I bet your not the sexiest girl eve
posted by important comment on Jun 13, 2009
Talor Swift can kick buts on that great video and shutup screen name the sexiest girl eve we can like Lucas Till if we want.
posted by pooperdooper101 on Jun 13, 2009
you rock, not. idk. i love her /\/\/\/\
posted by kaEHT on Jun 11, 2009
posted by sexy LOL on Jun 10, 2009
posted by C&C on Jun 09, 2009
o boo we have the same problem. but its not turnin out like this fantasy!:(
posted by shawnablue3 on Jun 09, 2009
taylor swift is the best female singer ever and my of hers is you belong with me love you taylor
posted by anonymous on Jun 08, 2009
I love this song and video. Your the best Taylor.
posted by Ali on Jun 08, 2009
I love this song and this music video!!!! U R awesome Iluv U!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Ali on Jun 08, 2009
I love this song and this music video!!!! U R awesome Iluv U!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Aligirl14b on Jun 08, 2009
I love this song!!!! It is soooo kool!!!! I love Taylor Swift she Rox!!!!!! Luv Aligirl14b
posted by Aligirl14b on Jun 08, 2009
I love this song!!!! It is soooo kool!!!! I love Taylor Swift she Rox!!!!!! Luv Aligirl14b
posted by amy.x on Jun 08, 2009
love the was so cute:) i enjoyed:D
posted by i love darius on Jun 05, 2009
i love your new song u belong with me n my friend sings it all the time its one of my favs also i love your other songs to but u belong with me is so so so soooooooo much better well good luck on ur other songs by
posted by dell on Jun 05, 2009
This Song rocks!!!! Taylor the bomb! i love this song! bye. Herny Philip Taylor
posted by Crystal<3 on Jun 05, 2009
this is the awsomeest video... love you taylor<3 Cant wait to go to you concernt in winnipeg love always: Crystal Bighetty
posted by bigfan on Jun 04, 2009
o my gosh!taylor u rock!!! u r such a good singer!!!!i really want to go to your concert!!
posted by taylor\'s#1fan on Jun 03, 2009
i luv taylor sooo much. im a huge fan of taylor. she is so pretty, and cute. she is also really nice, and adores her fans. her voice is really pretty,and her music is fabulous. taylor ur amazing. taylor swift is the country pop princess forever!!!
posted by dani on Jun 01, 2009
omg....i love this song....but i love a guy tht doesnt even kno tht i exsist.....i never tlk to him before but i love him...but i dont think he will ever notice me...but i love him anyway.....i love this song&#9829;
posted by sparkle on Jun 01, 2009
I just started listening to music again, and I completly love this song, cant belive I miss out on such good mucis, got the words and sing it several times a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would love t be on Idol, but to old 42 Thank you Taylor !!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by ivegotalongdong on Jun 01, 2009
just one of the best videos i have ever seen!
posted by Quanna* on May 31, 2009
Taylor Swift is MY heroien.
posted by Kaylie on May 31, 2009
Omg Omg Omg i love this song because i feel the same exact way. people alwyas see me as the "dork" and only want me for homework :[ can never go anywhere if i am studying :[ really like a boy and we talk but right when we are getting down nto the core his girlfried comes over and starts doing things to make me jelous. GOOOOOO TAYLOR!!!!!!!!1 I LOVE THIS SONG!! <3
posted by BLAH BLAH BLAH on May 31, 2009
I luv this cause its like my life! (Lucas Till is sooo HOT!
posted by angel on May 30, 2009
iloved the song i had 2 go out and buy it
posted by FE9 on May 28, 2009
it's so cute that they get together and that they each had crushes on each other!!!ahhhh................
posted by babbers on May 28, 2009
taylor is so good at singing.
posted by BRC on May 28, 2009
oh my god. look at the boy he is amaze me. i want him and kiss him he is so hot . and the song is very good. xD
posted by rachlediva on May 27, 2009
u no that that girl in the red car or somethin she is taylor swift in a wig and the worst part of the movie is the kissing ewww ;x so gross but taylor is so so so so so so so so amzing i wish i could sing with her
posted by *penguin* on May 27, 2009
i am her biggest fan i have a ton of posters of her in my room....she rocks this is my fav song1!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by lydia on May 26, 2009
LOVE THIS SONGGGG im in skool so i cant watch the video!! :( lol anyway i luv u taylor!!! <3333
posted by rachlediva on May 26, 2009
and my song gose like this im sitten by waitten for u to call it was gettin late as i looked out the window i wentto bed still thinken about u i couldnt take it any longer i got up and sat by the phone ive been sitten sitten by the phone and ive ive ive been sitten by the phone phone phone.
posted by rachlediva on May 26, 2009
i love it so so so so much i have it on my mp3p and i listen to it all the time i got all ur songs on it it is my fav and i love ur website it rocks it is so so so cool but i really like the video but the kissing not the best i sing like you ni won all my sin ging contest and they loved me i got 20 awards in my room and u are the best i love ur the best amazing so so amazing and i wrot a song and it is called sitten by the phone
posted by GIGGLES =D on May 25, 2009
posted by love angle on May 25, 2009
OMG i hela love this song becauce my boyfriend dedect it to me. also i can't believe u kissed him. i'm so jeles! =D
posted by love angle on May 25, 2009
OMG i hela love this song becauce my boyfriend dedect it to me. also i can't believe u kissed him. i'm so jeles! =D
posted by love angle on May 25, 2009
OMG i hela love this song becauce my boyfriend dedect it to me. also i can't believe u kissed him. i'm so jeles! =D
posted by love angle on May 25, 2009
OMG i hela love this song becauce my boyfriend dedect it to me. also i can't believe u kissed him. i'm so jeles! =D
posted by love angle on May 25, 2009
OMG i hela love this song becauce my boyfriend dedect it to me. also i can't believe u kissed him. i'm so jeles! =D
posted by anonymous on May 25, 2009
I love this music video. Im a huge fan of you Taylor! I cant wait to see you in concert June 11th. <3
posted by Miyuki on May 25, 2009
This song is sooooo amazing! I luv it! U and Lucas would make a great couple I luv how it ends! :)
posted by lALA on May 24, 2009
TAYLOR SWIFT iluve all your songs there so hot.igot all your song on my mp3p andthats the only 1 i cane fall asleep to
posted by dan on May 24, 2009
I love your music vidow
posted by omg on May 24, 2009
this song is the best song she made i just heard and i know the whole song
posted by omg on May 24, 2009
this video is so cool
posted by Narnian95 on May 23, 2009
OMG!!! I <3 this video i almost cried!! it is sooooo cute!!! Lucas till is so hot too. Taylor you are so lucky!!!!
posted by Jenn :) on May 23, 2009
amazing video! love the song!! :)
posted by love on May 21, 2009
This song is so awesome. Lucas Till(the friend) is HOT!
posted by magz on May 21, 2009
My favorite video so far! Big fan Taylor!~
posted by hi on May 20, 2009
this is a sweet music video!!!!!1i loved it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by whatwhatwhat??? on May 20, 2009
haaha this song is so sweet, i REALLY wish that it could happer in real life
posted by yey me on May 20, 2009
i luv dis song
posted by taylorreid on May 19, 2009
posted by bri on May 19, 2009
i got asked out after i seen this video. i think its amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.
posted by anonymous on May 18, 2009
Love This Song! 1: think of your crush 2:Make a heart with your hands 3:ThenTHen kiss yourr hands while making the heart 4:Then put your heart where your real heart is 5:This will only work if you post it on your favorite love song///Tomorrow your crush will kiss you or ask you out
posted by :] on May 17, 2009
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee this video! lucas till is sooooooooo damn hot!
posted by turtagoose on May 16, 2009
this is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing but it would never really happen like that in real life sadly =(
posted by mrm on May 16, 2009
omg thats hilarious! i luuuuvvv that vid! i had to watch it twice cuz thefirst time i didnt realize the bitchy girl was taylor just with black hair!!!!!!! lol. im an idiot
posted by _____JC on May 14, 2009
taylor is amazing !! love this video !
posted by ?idk? on May 14, 2009
this is the best ugh taylor your drop dead gorgeous!!!
posted by lovedavid on May 13, 2009
Is the kiss real?
posted by ino on May 13, 2009
Taylor Swift only dates girls.
posted by meredithchandler73 on May 11, 2009
Who directed this video? It is AWESOME!
posted by anana on May 10, 2009
omfg this is so cute i love the evil bitchy taylor the one wit the black hair its hilarious
posted by jacobblack lover on May 10, 2009
taylor is sooooooo cool and is soooo pretty!!!!!!!
posted by leena on May 09, 2009
lucas till is so damn HOT!!! love this video, my fav now great job taylor! ;)
posted by hailey on May 08, 2009
hahahaha i totaly love this
posted by taylor swift loverr on May 08, 2009
taylor ! i love you. this video is mind-boggiling amazing (: lucas till is such a cutie. i wish i could of been the one kissing himm ! but this is amazing. AUGUST 1, 2009 BABAYY ! (:
posted by iloveedwardcullen on May 08, 2009
This is my favorite video i love it!!
posted by lessy on May 07, 2009
i dont believe but taylor swift is a bad singer she is fantastic and beautiful she is amazing =)
posted by anonymous on May 07, 2009
i was there that night they fimmed it! so awesome and taylor signed my phone! whoo!
posted by jojo on May 06, 2009
This video is alsome!!! i love it!! keep it up taylor. :)
posted by MBM on May 06, 2009
wow.. this is totally the high school anthem for all of time. when will our wonderful jocks realize that their girls are nothing more than make up and spray tans??
posted by ann on May 05, 2009
my cousin went to that skul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by yeshey on May 03, 2009
you rulzzzzz
posted by nikki on May 02, 2009
I luv taylor and I am going to her concert right now! May 2,2009! Luv u all!
posted by i hate lucas till on May 02, 2009
i agree with you why did she kiss him he is so gay
posted by the sexiest girl eve on May 02, 2009
omg shut up about taylor she is an amazing singr. and lucas till is sexy!!! and they r adoravble together. so all u jealous freaks get a life and remember the r just acting!!!
posted by Melissa on May 02, 2009
I love Taylor, and I love this video. Amazing.
posted by DAMN on May 02, 2009
why why why?!?!?!??! why does she have to kiss him?!?!?!
posted by happy on May 02, 2009
OMG i love this video. i cant believe they kissed. Gosh. Taylor swift i love your songs, but i love lucas till. tisk . why would you kiss himm :(
posted by anonymous on May 02, 2009
omg... hahaha i love this!!!

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