'Britain's Got Talent' Sensation Susan Boyle Invited to 'Early Show'

April 16, 2009 08:02:17 GMT

'Britain's Got Talent' finalist became the new YouTube sensation when she showed amazing vocal during the audition on Saturday, April 11.

'Britain's Got Talent' Sensation Susan Boyle Invited to 'Early Show'
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This is what is called an instant success. Susan Boyle, a 47-year-old unemployed church volunteer auditioned for U.K.'s show "Britain's Got Talent", received standing ovation from the audience and went on to become Internet sensation. She was then invited to sing at CBS' "Early Show" on April 16.

Her astounding performance in the audition week of the British show prompted national curiosity that results in over six million hits on YouTube. She sang "I Dreamed a Dream" from "Les Miserable" and wowed the judges that include Simon Cowell. She got three 'yes' and advanced to the next round.

But the words of her talent traveled through the States that "The Early Show" would like her to appear on the show, singing from her kitchen in Scotland. Anchorwoman Maggie Rodriguez announced the performance on last night's "CBS Evening News." It will air at 7 A.M. on WKMG-Channel 6.


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posted by dee on May 25, 2009
she is so amazing. i hope i hear more of her. i would definitely buy her music.
posted by Josiah on Apr 22, 2009
Susans Hot. I wish I were the guy to kiss her.
posted by Russell W. MacDonald on Apr 17, 2009
This lady makes me feel proud of my Scot heritage. Hope to see and hear more of her in the near future.
posted by jbh on Apr 16, 2009
Where can we learn more about this talented woman, her voice training and future plans? Wanna see/hear more of her.
posted by Bill on Apr 16, 2009
How can we watch her live in the States live next Sat on that British Channel? Anybody know how to get it or where it is offered?
posted by Txn on Apr 16, 2009
I can't wait to hear Susan sing again. Her story has really been an inspiration to me.
posted by lynette holt on Apr 16, 2009
i can not stop watching her. this is a star. i want her c.d. what a talent,what an inspiration.what a women.
posted by Lucy on Apr 16, 2009
WOW, what a lady!! She has a big voice, soul, and heart. May God be with her on her future journey in music. I'm sure she will be known around the world, (if she already isn't)

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