Angelina Jolie Could Be Up for Next Bond Movie

March 24, 2009 04:26:08 GMT

Rumor has it, Angelina Jolie may be reuniting with Daniel Craig for the next installment of James Bond movie as she has expressed her interest to Bond producers over the weekend.

Angelina Jolie
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Nearly securing a role in "Casino Royale", Angelina Jolie has been linked once again to a future James Bond movie. According to The Insider, the 33-year-old could be reuniting with her "Tomb Raider" co-star Daniel Craig in "Bond 23" as she has met with the action movie producers over the weekend.

Having expressed her interest in getting involved in the next Bond film after "Quantum of Solace", the "Wanted (2008)" actress reportedly may obtain a recurring character in the feature series, instead of just appearing in one movie since producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli are eager to have her on-board. Nonetheless, it is still unclear what particular part she is linked to at the moment.

Back in 2006, Jolie has been reported to be offered the role of Vesper Lynd in "Casino Royale", which eventually was portrayed by Eva Green. At the time, she was reported to accept the role if Vesper "toughened up", noting that she'd "rather play a baddie than eye candy." However, The Insider explained that the Academy Award-winning actress in the end has to drop out from the negotiations due to scheduling and her pregnancy.

Angelina Jolie is the latest actress whose name has been linked to "Bond 23". Previously, Freida Pinto and Jennifer Aniston have both been rumored to be in the run for the next Bond girl part. Still, neither of the circulating casting speculations has been met with a denial nor confirmation from the actresses' camp or from the studio.


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posted by prince on Oct 17, 2010
i love u angelina
posted by P[[OPIIIII on Sep 26, 2010
posted by Dev on Jun 10, 2010
I think the new movie of bond should be a combination of mystery love story action drama and a based on good story and bond girl should be someone special like in the part before quantam of solace.
posted by you know who on Jan 12, 2010
Angelina IS the Bond Girl.
posted by you know who on Jan 12, 2010
posted by hk on Oct 30, 2009
miss angelina should give it a break she has to much give a nuther girl a good try at it like freida latika
posted by Jerry on Jun 17, 2009
Jennifer has everything to be the next Bond girl!!! She's got the looks, the elegance, and she'd be GREAT!
posted by MARYjne on May 05, 2009
Ange is awesome. dont hate a really talented actress. she acheived alot since she first got started. maybe she did go a bit coo-coo with the soon-to-be-dozen kids but that gives u no right to bad mouth here. i think she is perfect for the role; has proven to transform into almost any character..and do it with fucken ease...she can act for as long as she'd like. its gonna be hard to find a replacement for ange., not even megan can mimic angies awesome the end that is what its all about.TALLLLENT
posted by Merk on May 01, 2009
Bond girls never work with somebody already so famous. Look at Halle Berry. She wasn't a very memorable Bond Girl If Angelina Jolie is picked, I would have to quit watching Bond movies like some have already expressed. Yuck....or maybe they'll make her play a transgendered baddy...she already looks half man
posted by CRACKINLACKIN on Apr 22, 2009
YUK!! Angelina Jolie as a Bond girl? BARF. She claims she wants to be a Mom so why doesn't she do that and take time to fix her kids hair; they look like ragamuffins. She's just into herself and very vain but take a look at her big, ugly feet and hands and all those veins showing. Not a pretty sight.
posted by awesum55 on Apr 17, 2009
If she is planning to be a re-occurring character, she should totally go for Moneypenny since they haven't introduced that character yet.
posted by skylar on Apr 14, 2009
Give it to somebody new . . .it doesn't work with Jolie. Let her spend some time with the children.
posted by murrey on Apr 02, 2009
why not jennifer ? a lot of people do'nt like angelina because shes too phoney they woud'nt see the movie
posted by me here on Mar 31, 2009
jen could pull it off. that's the work of a Director. She's sexy,can be a bond girl and can definitely pull it in the box office. so y not?
posted by Kaylee on Mar 29, 2009
Ooh this would be great! The tables turn where Daniel Craig is the main attraction and Angelina the baddy... I would definitely watch this film! I think it could work with both Angelina and Frieda in the film too. I like Jennifer Aniston but she just isn't a bond girl.
posted by Tara on Mar 28, 2009
Jenn would SUCK as a bond girl. Angelina could pull it off perfectly. She's a great actress. Leave her personal life out of it. She has time for her children like any other working mom. Honestly, it's none of our buisness anyway.
posted by Sassy on Mar 27, 2009
Thought she was gonna be with her SIX children. When is going to be a mom?
posted by amartin on Mar 25, 2009
I think that movie was called Tomb Raider. Please, please,please Bond producers, leave Angelina Jolie out of future consideration for the role of a Bond girl.
posted by blady02 on Mar 24, 2009
I totally agree with Anne above, I too wish she would just STOP AND I CONCUR I WILL NEVER WATCH ANOTHER BOND MOVIE IF SHE SLIVERS HER WAY IN THAT TOO! I have stopped watching anything Brad is in thanks to her and her rainbow collection of human toys! She is a pathetic excuse of a human being or is she human?
posted by Kelly on Mar 24, 2009
I think she is such a "B**CH. Cannot stand her!
posted by Annie on Mar 24, 2009
I hope this is nothing more than a rumor. I would NEVER watch 007 movies again if Angelina is chosen. Megan Fox would be awesome. It would be fun to see Jennifer as well. I so wish Angelina would quit the film business.....please?
posted by casmir22 on Mar 24, 2009
Not enough to be sweet, like Jen or a pretty Angelina look-a-like, like Megan. Bond actress must be pretty, convey sweetness and duplicity, be sultry, cool,tough,dangerous and be able to convincingly kick-ass: only Angelina is the ultimate femme fatale(Lucy Lawless-Xena could pull it off, too).
posted by angela on Mar 24, 2009
Annie You're up for MEGAN FOX but don't like Angelina? lol...okay.
posted by tj on Mar 24, 2009
I love Angelina Jolie, she would for sure make a Bond movie much better!
posted by not again on Mar 24, 2009
media just keeps on raising cockfights! duh! got tired of angelina,,, why not consider megan fox... hotter and better!
posted by hurray! on Mar 24, 2009
sorry jen... angelina wins again!

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