Clip of LuAnn Vs. Ramona in 'Real Housewives of NYC'

March 07, 2009 03:10:16 GMT

'The Real Housewives of New York City' reveals the drama in the episode of 'If You Have Nothing Nice to Say...' when two of the women clash against each other.

Clip of LuAnn Vs. Ramona in 'Real Housewives of NYC'
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Last week on Bravo TV's "The Real Housewives of New York City", Bethenny complains about her weight, and LuAnn's housekeeper is back from vacation. But the real drama escalates in the March 10 episode as seen through the three released clips below.

The housewives have renovation on the brain as Alex and Simon finally go ahead with the re-modeling of their Brooklyn fixer-upper while LuAnn versus Ramona continues. Ramona's "tell it like it is" attitude gets her into even more trouble when she insults LuAnn, boldly stating that LuAnn married an "old man", and says it in front of LuAnn's daughter.

Meanwhile, Jill gets pushed to her wits-end when her "Gay Husband" Brad pressures her to choose between thousands of fabric choices for her own apartment redecoration.

  • Alex's Renovation
  • Move or a Facelift
  • Ramona vs. The Countess


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posted by Heatherj43 on Oct 29, 2009
I love this show. The girls each have their own personalities. I think these are a bunch of women that would not be together if not for the show, they are so disalike. I love Jill and Bethany. I can't stand Kelly. Who does he think she is. I wish Bethany would put her in her place. She so can and doesn't seem to know how. I could give her some pointers!!
posted by Crooklin in the hous on Mar 25, 2009
These ladies are hilarious and like any show you need a ramona(waiting for someone to pop her in the chops), a luan(the queen), a jill(love her), a bethany(who's a chef but all she does is make drinks..huh?) and of course a kelly who all the kids on the playground hate but won't say anything to her because she's "most popular" and "best looking" in her class (lol). Why alex and simon are on this show makes no sense. To make things interesting, I think Mario (ramona's husband) and Simon should hook up. Those guys should join in as the new addition of the Houswives. Can you say "Gayyee". Can't wait for the New Season!!!
posted by cms on Mar 17, 2009
Ramona, I can't believe there are other people in the world like you! You are a one of a kind. Thank Goodness. The world couldn't take another one of you. You are so very very fake. Keep trying to look like a 20 year old whick you are not doing very well at all, but you certainely do act like one. Get over yourself and stop trying to make people feel bad about theirselves. You must really hate yourself to act like that.
posted by susan on Mar 17, 2009
luann, you are too good. these women are too hard.they just don't understand. good luck girl friend. except for jill they are all square.
posted by susan on Mar 17, 2009
luann, you are too good. these women are too hard.they just don't understand. good luck girl friend. except for jill they are all square.
posted by Grace on Mar 11, 2009
Luann, while I understand you are proud of your husbands history and your family contribution, you have appeared to force your title upon people very unfortunate, To be humble is a large part of being classy, If you can take anything away from the show, let it be a lesson that one's actions not words define class....
posted by me2 on Mar 11, 2009
ramona is an idiot and should learn to think before she opens her mouth. Her comments are always inappropriate and she also has a really bsd tendency of trying to ingratiate herself, ex - see her with Kelly - ugh!; less of her is more. bravo jill and bethenny!
posted by christy on Mar 11, 2009
LuAnn needs to get over her "countess" thing. She is no one. She is a puffed up holier then thou brat who thinks more highly of herself then she ought to. She seems to think she has such "class" but Bethany possesses more class then she does. Her smokers voice is disgusting and her actions are not classy at all. Shes writing a book on class? Good luck on that one! Bethany was awesome for calling her out on the book and telling her that just because she married a count does not make her any more classy then anyone else. A foreign title does not make the person! If you want to live by title, go back to france! No one cares about your title here and your actions surely do not warrent respect. LuAnn, get over yourself!
posted by vcgirl on Mar 11, 2009
Does anyone read realfauxhousewives it has all the gossip on the housewives and the recaps . Apparently kelly was arrested for hitting her boyfriend
posted by phoebe on Mar 10, 2009
this is the "must watch" show of the season! you could not write these characters--they are just too fabulous. Jill and Bethenny are a hoot-you would definitely want to be friends w/them and the rest of the "cast" is shockingly ridiculous! (The level of pretension exceeded only by the height of the collective insecurity.) NOT Jill and Bethenny--they own their insecurities which keeps you laughing WITH them and liking them more because of them!
posted by mia on Mar 08, 2009
Luann is so full of herself,very obnoxious. I wish the hubby would dump her and go for Bethany! Love Bethany and Jill,,even Ramona. Alex and Simon shouldn't even be on the show.
posted by Boots on Mar 07, 2009
Luann, The Founding Fathers strove to create a title -less society. Why do you insist on using your French title in the U.S. to everyone from the pizza delivery boy, chauffeurs,and your social associates? We don't recognize titles here, especially ones gained through marriage. It's a bit pompous of you; come off your lofty heights.

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