'Eclipse', the Third 'Twilight' Film, Gets Release Date

February 21, 2009 04:01:50 GMT

The second sequel of 'Twilight', 'Eclipse', will be heading into theaters in June 2010, allegedly without the direction of 'The Twilight Saga's New Moon' director Chris Weitz.

'Eclipse', the Third 'Twilight' Film, Gets Release Date
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Summit Entertainment have announced the release date for the third installment of the "Twilight" saga, "Eclipse". Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood Daily reported that the third adaptation movie from Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series, will be available to view in the big screen on June 30, 2010, around seven months after "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" hits the U.S. theaters.

Finke further stated that this third film won't be shot back-to-back with "New Moon" and no director has been attached to the project. Supporting Finke's report, Entertainment Weekly came out with a scoop that "New Moon" director Chris Weitz will not helm "Eclipse" because he will be in post-production on the first "Twilight" sequel when "Eclipse" starts the lensing.

"Eclipse" will be based on the third book in Stephenie Meyer's vampire drama saga. "As Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger," so read the plot description by Summit Entertainment.

"In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob - knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf," the plot further read. "With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella has one more decision to make: life or death. But which is which?"


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posted by Chelly on Dec 30, 2009
No disney characters please!! people really like this franchise and casting a disney character will make it lose its credibility. I will be gutted!!
posted by tashaaaa on Dec 07, 2009
exactly holl not being funny dont ruin twilight with DISNEY CHARACTERS!!!!!
posted by holl on Dec 07, 2009
ahaha! awh i think if their in it i'll just skip either of their parts. i'm not being funny but it's rediculous, turning a world wide success into something pathetic aha. they suck like!cant act for or sing for that matter. get a grippppppppppp
posted by tashaaaa on Dec 07, 2009
stick to mickey mouse ahahah!!! yeah dont put disney characters in it they are more for childrens entertainment not for twilight:)
posted by holl on Dec 07, 2009
awwh, everyone's going to be well peed off if either of them are in the film tbh. it's pathetic! needs to stick to mickey mouse and tha INEH. (;
posted by tashaaaa on Dec 07, 2009
tell me about it holl, twilight is like awsome and to put disney characters in it noo please dont it, it will spoil the film! :)
posted by holl on Dec 07, 2009
i know/: not being nasty, it's just i dont like them, they cant act like no offence. it'l rewin the film if either of them are in it tbh.
posted by tashaaaa on Dec 07, 2009
disney characters nooooo dont do it!!!!
posted by holl on Dec 07, 2009
posted by Lautner Fan... on Nov 15, 2009
I'm excited that i get to watch more twilight sooner, but... why rush, and they're going to ruin twilight week! lol... :)
posted by Bethany on Nov 14, 2009
Hey Guys, im a huge twilight fan and i need to find out were when and how to get tickets for eclipse premier, i tried for new mon but they all sold out, ive looked everywere and i carnt seem to find them, so PLEASE any hlp at all will be a miracle.
posted by Ashley on Mar 24, 2009
The twilight show is so interthing.I can't wait for New Moon,Eclipse,and Breaking Dawn to be a movie.I hope I can watch all the movie right now...^_^
posted by Christian on Mar 07, 2009
Corry, i meant "Chantal" in my earlier post
posted by Christian on Mar 07, 2009
Please recast Rosalie! I like Nikki Reed, but not as Rosalie! When I was reading the book I always thought of Rosalie more as "Cjantal" from Americas Next Top Model cycle 9... if only she could act...
posted by Mrs Black on Mar 06, 2009
I love taylor and can't wait to see him half naked... Nd he's done such a great job gettn buffed. I am a lil worried bowt the rushed dates as well but only because the movie won't portray everything or close to the books. I dunno btw Selena and Vannessa, but if it had to come between em then i'd hav to go with Selena. I don't like vanessa,sorri.
posted by Jake Black\'s Lover on Mar 03, 2009
I tink Selena should get d part & let her put on dark make-up. I no d movies wuld b gd evn doh it kinda bein rushed.
posted by iLoveEdward on Mar 02, 2009
I loved twilight. i was upset that they put a hold on Midnight Sun (the 5th book). I did read the leaked version tho on stephanie Meyers website. It was great. I cant wait for Breaking Dawn to be a movie and see kristen as a vampire finally !!!
posted by Charlotte on Mar 02, 2009
please summit! keep disnel charectors out of this! they cant possibly play the parts cause a. there not native american (for leah) and b. it would totalyy suck!
posted by twilight lover on Mar 02, 2009
Vanessa hudgens and selena gomez to play Leah? thts a little crazy, isn't leah native american, i wonder how thats gonna work, i also would like to see who they get to play renesme
posted by MrsCullen. on Mar 01, 2009
I loved the twighlight saga so much, i couldn't put the books down, it took me less than 2 days to read breaking dawn. The film was pretty close to the book, and i really cant wait for the others to come out on film, i would love it if the films could come out asap but i agree with the others tha say if the films are rushed they wont be a good as they could be! And it would be also the best thing ever if they managed to keep all the same actors/actresses, anyone else playing bella, edward or any of the other Cullens would be bad, they need to keep the same characters!
posted by katielynn24 on Feb 27, 2009
oops i meant throughout all the movies
posted by katielynn24 on Feb 27, 2009
the characters in the book can't age that much!! That is the reason they have to whip out the movies FAST!! Vampires need to look 17 or however old throughout all books
posted by Jaya on Feb 22, 2009
well... they can't really take too long. i want the movie to do justice to the books too but since the books are over, they can't put it off to far
posted by Twi-fan on Feb 21, 2009
I can't wait for eclipse to become a MOVIE!
posted by yooooo on Feb 21, 2009
ok its not like they are going to loose fans if they push the date back..they need to slow it down. its getting me worried! i want it to b perfect not rushed
posted by Twilight sucks on Feb 21, 2009
Uh... why? Give it time guys...
posted by Ew on Feb 21, 2009
All well. Its their fault if the movie is stupid. They will probably redo them all in this century so all well.
posted by mrs.Cullen on Feb 21, 2009
ooops!!! guys sorry i thought that we were talking about New Moon!! but i dont want eclipse to be really good!!! but the movie that i am really exciting about is Breaking Dawn if it ever gets to a movie!!!and i heard that they r choosing between Vanessa hudgens and selena gomez to play Leah
posted by mrs.cullen on Feb 21, 2009
i agree with JudithElizabeth!!! but i do want the movie to be good i heard that is was Robert Pattinson's favorite book
posted by Vi on Feb 21, 2009
Why is it that when a movie does really well on screen, the studio often ruins the sequel movies by not understanding what made the first movie so good, or rushing it, or compromising. Forget time and make them all great.
posted by JudithElizabeth. on Feb 21, 2009
Well, they can't really slow it down a whole lot because vampires are never changing. Most of the actors playin vampires are in their twenties, so they probably want to get it done before you can tell a difference in the way they all look.
posted by Aly on Feb 20, 2009
Too soon...I'm afraid because of the rushed dates, the movie wont be made properly. I have a feeling they wont do justice to the book. Whoever is going to produce this movie have to first of all read it, and once they do, they'll realize that many especial effects takes place...with that in mind, they'll need to do it carefully and I don't think that's going to be possible if they stick to that release date. I hope I get proved wrong.

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