'To Love and Die' Gets Premiere Date

December 24, 2008 08:00:23 GMT

TV series 'To Love and Die', starring Shiri Appleby and Tim Matheson, is scheduled to be premiered on December 30.

'To Love and Die' Gets Premiere Date
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"To Love & Die" has gotten its premiere date. The USA TV series will start its first season, consisting of 12 episodes, to the small screen one day before the new year's eve, on December 30 at 8/7c.

Coming from NBC Universal Television Studios and Broadway Video, "To Love & Die" teams up Shiri Appleby and Tim Matheson. It will follow Shiri's Hildy Young when she was convinced that her dating problems would be resolved if only she were able to track down the father she never knew, Tim's James White.

When Hildy finally finds him, she discovers that James is a contract killer. It's right then and there that it all comes together, and she realizes that not only do her relationship issues make sense but also that she may have found a new career path.

This new TV series will have Lorne Michaels of "Saturday Night Live", Andrew Singer of "Sons & Daughters", and David Kanter of "Crime & Punishment" serving as executive producers. Apart from seeing Shiri Appleby and Tim Matheson, it will also star Frances Fisher and Ivan Sergei.


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posted by wishing 4 more on Jun 17, 2010
i love love loved this movie and i want want want more of it. the first time i saw the movie i was so in to it but then my power went out and i didn't get to finish it. ever since i counld't get it out of my mind. please please please give me more of this show USA.
posted by guss on Oct 15, 2009
What's taking so long for the series to start? I hope it's not because of bad critics' reviews - this is a show the viewers want and who cares what critics say! They're a bunch of pompos asses. Besides being stunningly beautiful Shiri has put up a performance which will surely win her more important roles she richly deserves.
posted by To Love and Die on Apr 25, 2009
Along with everyone else, I loved this movie and was looking forward to watching the series. Why would they not bring out this series but keep a piece of crap such as Life on Mars? Jake
posted by D Lee on Mar 19, 2009
I justloved it!!! When can we expect more???
posted by NoirFemme on Mar 08, 2009
I LOVE this show. I initially wanted to watch it solely because of Shiri, but the entire cast is great and I want to learn more about them. PLEASE PICK THIS UP USA!
posted by loisa on Mar 04, 2009
I just caught this... and was so intrigued by the few scenes I saw. I hope they continue the show. It's about time we have a lighter tone "Alias"
posted by Lathan on Feb 27, 2009
ringtone=>canned heat - on the road again
posted by guitarguy on Feb 02, 2009
as everyone has said this is a very interesting series/movie whatever. but really, why give us a taste and then just pull away the candy jar.
posted by twilight on Jan 22, 2009
okay i liked hte show and i can't wait for the season to come. and sense every1 here liked it why would htey show a movie and hten neve ever show any more episodes? i been waiting for it to come back. is it going to be a show? if so when are hte new episodes coming out?
posted by katycirrus on Jan 21, 2009
I believe USA has finally crossed the line. If they weren't going to make it a series, they should never have aired the movie. They get you pumped about a new show, and stomp on you by taking it away!
posted by cindy on Jan 20, 2009
We have been waiting since it aired for the series to start. It was one show that my husband and I both loved.
posted by blue2065 on Jan 20, 2009
I love it to!!!! BRING IT BACK!!!
posted by theresa maria on Jan 18, 2009
this is SUUUUUUUUCH a GREAT show!!!!!!!!!! I want/NEED more! please please please please please. it is SOOOOO good.
posted by bijou on Jan 13, 2009
The series was crisp and widely funny. Loved the very end with the lipstick case while looking at her mom!!! I think most daughters can relate to that!! We want to see more...
posted by midnyte on Jan 12, 2009
Ring tone: Living in the USA Steve Miller
posted by Gyzmologist on Jan 11, 2009
I love it, too. I thought this was a new series and spent the past week looking for the next episode. USA, are you listening? We want MORE!
posted by GaelicCameron on Jan 09, 2009
I'm freaking cause I've been looking online for awhile and some places says it was a movie and it will not be a show and some say it was a movie that will be a show and others say it was a show but isn't goingto be on anymore. I WANT THIS TO BE A SHOW AND I DON"T WANT TO MISS IT! It better be or become a show and it better have the same people in it. I never watch tv cause its all crap. This is finally something good. It reminds me of allias alittle. But I think this show will do way better.
posted by djamesh on Jan 08, 2009
I loved the it I want to see more and Hildy is HOT!!!!
posted by cruiseguru on Jan 06, 2009
for the ringtone answer, see above post: posted by avionjediswife on Dec 31, 2008
posted by Cara on Jan 05, 2009
I thought this was a movie, I'm so excited it's a series! I love Shiri Appleby and Ivan Sergei. I missed the beginning and I'm hoping I can catch up somewhere :)
posted by trueviewer on Jan 05, 2009
if someone doesn't pick up this series they are stupid.I loved it i just spent 1 hour and 1/2 trying to find out when it will be on next. this past season has sucked i don't know what the tv exects are on but more than half of the shows on are eather boring, just plain stupid, or are the current economy people have enough drama in there lives they don't want to come home and turn on the tv and see more. If someone doesn't pick up this movie for a series they'er make a huge mistake and from the other responses that i have read i am not the only one that thinks so. this show already has a fan base and we want to see more want to see more!!!!!
posted by anasol12 on Jan 05, 2009
I loved it but it's not a series it's a movie
posted by anasol12 on Jan 05, 2009
I loved it but it's not a series it's a movie
posted by Mannagod on Jan 05, 2009
can not wait for the series to start! was hoping it would be picked up!
posted by wolverines on Jan 03, 2009
I just watched the premier on my dvr i had to know if they are canning the series of not i dont think that they should it was AWESOME, this is the new kinda comedy that people are looking for
posted by shadow angel on Jan 03, 2009
I LOVED the show, it was really good and at first watching it I thought it was a movie intil it I can't wait until the next episode to show and this is one show they definitely need to not stop showing... It was a bomb!!!
posted by Pianoman54 on Jan 02, 2009
This was an enjoyable and quirky "dark comedy" that would probably do very well as a series. Look at "Dexter" and other unusual shows, and you'll see that people these days are open to some unusual creative stories, and ready for a little change from the "same old" tired story lines dealing with cops, doctors, lawyers, unrealistic "tinseltown" family dramas, and much more schmaltz.
posted by 2scu on Jan 02, 2009
when i started watching it I thought that Shiri(hildy) was like 16-22 years old and was shocked that she's like around 31
posted by alice on Jan 01, 2009
I really hope it is put on the regular schedule. Is there any news about this?
posted by bustahh on Jan 01, 2009
I love the characters and the theme. Great show
posted by Uncle on Jan 01, 2009
Very enjoyable popcorn series. Shiri looks cute and sexy, and she really carries her role well. Strangely eager to kill...
posted by my rick on Jan 01, 2009
i loved to love an die...and i usually despise corny stuff. i hope usa resurrects it. who can we email to let them know the public wants this series?
posted by thor on Dec 31, 2008
I love this show. Hope it replaces law and order !!
posted by special on Dec 31, 2008
Great show. Really, really liked it. Hopefully it is being turned into a weekly series.
posted by Matt on Dec 31, 2008
loved the series... anyone know hildys ringtone??
posted by aTiQa on Dec 31, 2008
great movie!!!! but i didnt see it all from the can someone tell meii the website that has the full movie..nd plus does the series start!!!! cant wait 2 see itt!
posted by Lambsilencer on Dec 31, 2008
Sorry folks, but this is not a series anymore. USA only aired the pilot as an original movie. January 20 won't have a new episode, as it has no more episodes. At that day, USA airs a "House" marathon, and one episode happens to be titled "Love Hurts". Don't let that confuse you.
posted by ur_mom on Dec 31, 2008
i really hope that they make another episode because people keep telling me to shut up about how gr8 it was soooooo loved it if i didnt mention that already
posted by kat on Dec 31, 2008
haha loved it! it's SERIOUSly funny. I wish they would tell when the next episode comes out.
posted by kat on Dec 31, 2008
haha loved it! it's SERIOUSly funny. I wish they would tell when the next episode comes out.
posted by LornaV on Dec 31, 2008
100% enjoyable. Loved Hildy so much. So, when is the next episode, then and why haven`t they promoted better? It was an absolute wonderful show
posted by EARLBNY on Dec 31, 2008
I just got done watching To Love or Die and I have to say that I am hooked. It was so good that I am actually watching it again. Shiri Appleby was simply top notch and so funny in the role of Hildy. She was also so HOT. She nailed it. I can’t understand why To Love or Die is not already a hit series or why Shiri is not a household name? could be wrong but believe that ringtone was “On The Road Again” by Canned Heat which reminds me that I have to pick up Canned Heats new live album which from there 69 Woodstock gig.
posted by Sixx on Dec 31, 2008
If they are not going to make this a series they obviously tested it on the wrong group of people. Ever since I saw it I have been trying to figure out how find the next episodes... What is wrong with USA? Perfect cast and great delivery of a funny story line... I hope they change their minds.
posted by avionjediswife on Dec 31, 2008
The ringtone is ZZ Top - La Grange
posted by barb on Dec 31, 2008
"Bad to the Bone"
posted by blah on Dec 31, 2008
does anyone know the name of her ringtone?
posted by Biff on Dec 31, 2008
Let's focus People! WHAT IS HILDIE"S RINGTONE??? I MUST know!
posted by Biff on Dec 31, 2008
RINGTONE PEOPLE! What is Hildie's ringtone??? I can't get it out of my head, it sounds so familiar! WHAT IS IT????? I MUST KNOW!
posted by annie on Dec 31, 2008
Loved the show, can anywone let me know what her ringtone was???
posted by inderwatervan on Dec 31, 2008
next episode is on January 20th cant wait.
posted by kew on Dec 31, 2008
it is about time some one made a good different kind of show I really loved the premiere.
posted by miranda on Dec 31, 2008
I loved this. Shiri Appleby is amazing as well as the rest of the cast. I heard something about the next episode airing on the 20th of January but I dunno if that is true. I don't know what USA is doing but this show is a gem! I want to know Hildy's ringtone as well!
posted by anon on Dec 31, 2008
holy crap, she is wearing the cutest outfits ever...but I also love the pilot.
posted by elvis presley on Dec 31, 2008
sadly, like me, this series is dead. our girl shiri will not be seen in this role again.
posted by taylor on Dec 31, 2008
really really want to see what happens next, does anyone know the air dates?
posted by madison on Dec 31, 2008
this was so good! caught it on USA randomly and loved it. can't wait!
posted by skizzels on Dec 30, 2008
the movie was great i'm sad i have to wait to c the series... can't wait...
posted by reb91283 on Dec 30, 2008
Love it too, but want to know when the series starts! When is the next episode?????
posted by Gene on Dec 30, 2008
Great Movie. When does the series start???
posted by Lovely Drama on Dec 30, 2008
Just caught the movie. I LOVED IT! Can't wait to watch it again. I look forward to the series
posted by bhaywood on Dec 30, 2008
I've gotta admit I really liked the premiere of this show and I'm frankly surprised that USA would have waited so long to air it. It really does seem up their alley, it's quirky and fun and altogether funny which is usuall what USA looks for.
posted by madeline on Dec 30, 2008
Loved it. And by the way..what's his name is so hot. Can't wait to see the next episode.
posted by yvaine on Dec 30, 2008
OMG! This show is amazing! I just got finished watching it and I am in love with it! I can't wait for the next episode!!!
posted by crystal dawn on Dec 30, 2008
A little predictable, but I really enjoyed it. But what is the name of Hildy's ring tone? I know it, and it's driving me nuts that I can't recall it!!
posted by aben on Dec 30, 2008
This is a wonderful series. Funny, fresh, and entirely enjoyable. Can't wait for the next showing. I LOVED IT!!

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