Jonas Brothers Talk Shoes, Monogamy, and Marriage

December 01, 2008 09:43:51 GMT

Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas talk everything from shoes to marriage to monogamy during an interview with Times Online's Chrissy Iley.

Jonas Brothers
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Jonas Brothers are all interviewed by Times Online's Chrissy Iley who asks the threesome everything from shoes to monogamy and marriage. Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas also open up about their celibacy vows and also the ideal girls in their mind.

Joe is a shoe lover and claims Burberry as one of his favorites brands. "Well, I love shoes. I was wearing these really great pink shoes when we played at the White House the first time," he recalls. "We met the president. We were ready to shake his hand. Instead he gives us a high-five and said he liked my shoes, the pink shoes, so I sent him a pair. I haven't seen him out with them yet, you know. But they're really cool shoes."

Oldest brother Kevin then answers a more personal question which is about the purity rings that they wear, saying "I prefer not to talk about the purity rings if that's all right." But he then explains, "It was a personal decision each of us made a long time ago. It means to try and live a life of values, whether that means yourself or others."

Relating that matter to the issue of monogamy, Kevin tells Chrissy his opinion, saying "I think you need to be faithful to who you are with, absolutely. But if that relationship is no longer intact, I'd say you can go and date somebody else. Cheating is not good, you know." He furthermore also states that he, Joe and Nick are all single, reasoning "We travel a lot. We try to date as much as we can but you know it's a little difficult when we're traveling." However, they never feel lonely as they "have great friends" and "just try to be as good guys as we can be."

Younger brother Nick answers the marriage question, telling Chrissy, "We talk about this a lot, even though I'm only 16. Marriage is something that's going to happen, but not in the near future. Music is important, but family has to be the most important. I think we would take a little while off if we would start a family. When Joe and I lie in our bed and we can't fall asleep because of all the time changes, that's exactly the kind of thing we talk about."

For the full interview of Jonas Brothers, people can read it on Times Online.


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posted by Maine on Dec 06, 2009
Hey joe u k wuu2?
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i want to mary joe
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i love you joe
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i love the jonas brothers they are sooooo hooooooooooooooooooooot from your biggest fan from india please come to india i am waiting for you i love you guys
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i love you joe sooo much
posted by samantha\\ on Dec 22, 2008
Dear Nick, I think you are so cute, hot and sexy!
posted by samantha on Dec 22, 2008
can i have sex with you nick?
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Dear Nick, I am Joanna And I'm here with my cousin Alexys.We are your biggest fans.We just want to say we love you Nick Jonas.Do you love us back?Even though you don't know us
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I love you jonas brothers because you are my favorite celebrity and i am your only fan of yours
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Omg! I love you guys... Your songs are really good and Joe is so cute!!
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OMG I really love them!!!! They're my idols!!!!Love u Joe!!!!
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i love the jonas brothers especialy nick he is so cute
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i love the jonas brothers

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