Jennifer Hudson 'Still in Shock' Over Family's Slaying, Protected by Bodyguards

October 31, 2008 06:32:50 GMT

Sources say Jennifer Hudson is "still in shock" over the murders of her mother, brother and nephew that she prefers not to leave her hotel in downtown Chicago.

Jennifer Hudson
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Ahead of the private memorial service for her late mother, brother and nephew, which is slated to be held next week, Jennifer Hudson reportedly is "still in shock" over their slayings. Devastated by the tragedy, she is said to be fearing of her own safety too that she has many security guards around her.

E! Online cites some insiders as they inform Hudson was in Florida when she received the news that her mother and brother were shot to death. She then immediately boarded a flight north. Afterwards, she checked into the Trump International Hotel & Tower, yet rarely left her room. Her fiance David Otunga has been by her side "around the clock." "David's been by her side through this whole tragedy," a family source claims. "He has totally been there for her."

Nevertheless, Hudson "hasn't gone out much at all and has a lot of security around her." She, moreover, also has her cousins "run errands, including picking up personal items from her downtown condo and bringing in food."

Meanwhile, U.S. blogger Liz Crokin alleges, "I can't disclose where Jennifer is staying - I can just tell you it's a hotel. She has bodyguards and the hotel she's staying at has a great security team. She only left to go to the medical examiner's office on Sunday night."

A private memorial service for Hudson's mother Darnell Hudson Donerson, 57, older brother Jason Hudson, 29, and 7-year-old nephew Julian King has been slated to be held on Monday morning, November 3 at Apostolic Church of God at Chicago's South Side. An announcement regarding a potential open memorial is expected to be made by Hudson Funeral Home, which is owned by the Oscar winner's aunt and is handling the funeral and memorial arrangements.


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posted by 1De\'j on Feb 17, 2009
My condolences goes out to you and your family.
posted by CQ on Nov 04, 2008
Trinidad WI gives you our support through this though time
posted by bhamjb on Nov 04, 2008
sorry for your lost, my thoughts and prays are with u and the family
posted by DEE on Nov 04, 2008
God is the light to all that a person need in there life and I know that you and your family have a very brite light in his path keep your faith in God and he will keep shining the light all over you and you family stay strong keep your head held high to see the light that God holds in front of you and your family God Love You Baby Girl Keep Your Faith In God Love Dee For Chicago
posted by kitten on Nov 03, 2008
God bless you Jennifer and Julia, and the rest of your family. Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.We will continually pray for you and keep you lifted up.
posted by Parfumbuzz on Nov 03, 2008
May God bless you and your sister I know today, mabe hard but please known that in times things will be come easyer. Now dry your eyes and get back to work that whats going to help you heal...
posted by Vanessa on Nov 03, 2008
THE BEST IS YET TO COME! If you find a little time to yourself read the book of JOB in the bible... GOD BLESS YOU AND WE LOVE YOU...
posted by jesusismy1stluv on Nov 02, 2008
Jennifer & Family I know that "There are no words of comfort at this time in your life" but one who you can cry out to is thee Creator" the one who died that we can have that chance to see one anohter again in Paradise! I pray healing to all of your family in this broken hearted time of your lives! Be healed be well be strong precious... In Jesus Name Amen!
posted by jada on Nov 02, 2008
Jennifer just trust in god and he will hear your prayers. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Julia I am so sorry that you lost your mom, brother and nephew.
posted by daoneuneed on Nov 02, 2008
Jennifer and her family are in my prayers.. I just wished she had a better man beside her, instead of PUNK!
posted by daoneuneed on Nov 02, 2008
Jennifer and her family are in my prayers.. I just wished she had a better man beside her, beside PUNK!
posted by Latayna/chicago on Nov 01, 2008
posted by Javel on Nov 01, 2008
My condolences to jennifer and the hudson family, my prayers and thoughts is with the entire family. I know it's a time for mourning but God is with you on this all the way. RIP to the victims, they are in a better place with God watching down onto you all. May God have mercy on the ones that acted these terrible crimes and i know that they will be bring to justice and be punish for they're crimes. To jennifer and the remaining family members keep ya head up and stay strong. One love One heart!!!
posted by Talker246 on Nov 01, 2008
Jennifer and Julia, Trust God and lean not on your own understanding. Earth has not sorrow that heaven can not heal. Both of you are in my prayers.
posted by youngblood & the new on Nov 01, 2008
there is a song that i recorded call secret closet and these words are for you you been having problems in your life you been going through pure hell misery and strife you cant call your family sure cant call freinds youre in a situation to deep no one wants to listen but i know someone you can run to i know som eone you can talk to you you dont have to cry hold your head up high and run to your secret closet saying all that to say this god will take you through this may god bless you and your family in the time of your loss
posted by Heather on Nov 01, 2008
God Bless you and your sister. I can not imagine the pain and confusion you are both going through right now and I pray for you both to get through this terrible time. Be there for each other and God Bless.
posted by Mrs. L.Thomas on Oct 31, 2008
Jennifer,although I have never met you,I feel like I know you.I cannot even imagine the pain you and your sister must have. The only words I can say are the wordw to the Lord's prayer.Say them over and over again.Cry,scream,moan. Do whatever it takes.God will take care of you.
posted by elegantspeaker on Oct 31, 2008
Jennifer, Please continue to trust God. He will help you through this diffcult time in your life. God is able. He can and he will. Pray daily and ask God for his guidance. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. God's angels will keep and protect you always. Be encouraged....a brighter day will come.
posted by pookie on Oct 31, 2008
I know it may seem difficult to think that brighter days are yet to come, but God has a purpose and a plan. WE LOVE YOU HERE IN CHARLESTON, SC
posted by divaskullstar on Oct 31, 2008
girl keep the faith and hold on the gods unchanging hands. I didnt kow you personally but here in houston your voice and talent has amazed us all . I am so sorry for your loss and i pray that you get through this, but i know you will cause you are a strong black sister and i want you to know that we support you all the way from houston , you are in our prayers . Dont forget that, you were loved and favored , I will constantly keep you and Julia in my prayers. GOd Bless you , "City OF Houston"
posted by Antony on Oct 31, 2008
Take care, look for the light!
posted by sexy k,oakgrove ky, on Oct 31, 2008
hey girl i think you are good person.i want you to trust in god he will get you threw this bad time in your life god bless you and the rest of the family .we love you all.
posted by sherri on Oct 31, 2008
jennfer you will always in my prayers always your one of gods child keep god first in everything you do your always a shinning star. your fan from the chi-town
posted by puddin on Oct 31, 2008
jennifer trust an believe in god an he will lead you the way i pray for you all the time asking god to send his angles down an protect you day an nigth an help you go on to do more bigger an better things i'am your NUMBER 1# FAN true-that chi-town
posted by sherri on Oct 31, 2008
jennifer keep the faith an keep going on doing what you do best.home-girl from the chi-town
posted by Terri/MS on Oct 31, 2008
Jennifer and Julia, Trust God and lean NOT unto your own understanding. May the Lord watch over you and protect you. I love you. Your BIGGEST fan in MISSISSIPPI.
posted by Luecreasey / S.C. on Oct 31, 2008
Jennifer & Julia, we can do all things through christ who strengthens us. Philippians 4:13

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