Kevin Jonas Snapped Sharing Passionate Kiss with Girlfriend Danielle Deleasa

October 21, 2008 03:35:02 GMT

Kevin Jonas was photographed capturing his and Danielle Deleasa's tender moment at Point Mugu, Calif., on Sunday, October 19 with his digital camera.

Kevin Jonas, Jonas Brothers
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Photo credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

Kevin Jonas, the eldest of the Jonas Brothers, has been snapped locking lips with girlfriend Danielle Deleasa during an afternoon excursion across the shoreline at Point Mugu, Calif., on Sunday, October 19. In the photos, which have been all over the net, the singer was even was seen taking a photo of him and Danielle while they were hugging and kissing passionately.

Kevin and Danielle reportedly are childhood friends. They are claimed to be growing up together in Wyckoff, New Jersey. It is not known on how long they've been dating.

Just Jared, which has the pictures of Kevin and Danielle making out, claims the pair headed for a grocery shopping together in Brentwood before sharing the tender moment and heading back to her apartment. Neither of them has spoken publicly about their romance though.

Back in late August 2008, Kevin and his brothers, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas, were snapped leaving Tao in N.Y.C. with Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift after having what was claimed to be a triple dinner date. At that time, it wasn't known that Kevin was dating Danielle.

Notwithstanding their love lives, the Jonas boys have just premiered the music video for their single "Lovebug", taken from their third major studio effort "A Little Bit Longer".


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posted by SuperNickSel on Aug 02, 2010
selena is sooo cool i'm soo happy i'M super fan i,Love you selena i,love YOU my name is melissa i,love i,love i,love you you you you ich liebe dich selena gomez ich hasse nick jonas and kevin joe jonas
posted by kissGirl on Aug 02, 2010
hi nick hi selena ihr seit beide echt cool am meisten selena kevin kann ich dich küssen und ficken ???
posted by a jonas lover on Feb 27, 2010
i love the the jonas brothers
posted by nicks girl on Feb 25, 2010
posted by i love nick jonas on Feb 25, 2010
my first fav jo bro is nick. my second fav jo bro is kevin. my third fav jo bro is joe. ALLS IT IS IS LOVE
posted by Rose on Dec 28, 2009
can't wait till he is a DAD!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by rose on Dec 28, 2009
I'm so happy for both of them .I don't think getting married early is something illegal so i'm fine with that.DANIELLE BELONGS TO KEVIN NO ONE IS TO CALL HER BAD NAMES THIS IS COMING FROM AN INSPIERED FAN.I LoVe Kanielle.
posted by yo on Dec 20, 2009
i loke joe better
posted by what on Dec 04, 2009
why guys
posted by emalee on Nov 05, 2009
help danielle deleasa make dress for he.r
posted by Erin Bloodworth on Sep 15, 2009
I loveyou Joe Jonas is my boyfriend getting married to Erin B. I love you Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa married congrulations
posted by wife of Nick on Sep 14, 2009
i love u sooo much
posted by milly on Sep 04, 2009
i love joe
posted by milly on Sep 04, 2009
i love joe
posted by milly on Sep 04, 2009
i love joe
posted by milly on Sep 04, 2009
i think his girl is stupid i hate her (but i like u kevin and the other jonas brothers)
posted by joes girl on Aug 27, 2009
my BOYFRIEND is going to BE JOE
posted by awesome girl on Aug 27, 2009
joe is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by ashlee kristin brown on Jul 30, 2009
God, he's like ugly!
posted by Whatever on Jul 19, 2009
I think he is ugly and joe is somthing else ☺☺☺1
posted by nicklover101 on Jul 14, 2009
I think kevin is ugly
posted by taylorlautner<3 on Jul 08, 2009
posted by BoW on Jul 02, 2009
NOOOOOOOO!! y HIMMMMM?!?!?! y not Joe or Nick?? :(( this sux. argh. but i hope he's happy :( pooh!
posted by cianah on Jun 17, 2009
posted by sese on Jun 02, 2009
kevin is ugly!
posted by sese on May 31, 2009
i love you nick!ma
posted by ihatekevin on May 29, 2009
that is disgusting just look at his man boobs and his gay fro. mermaids bloooblooo!!! Id rather have sex with a messed up mermaid before i would ever touch his body anywhere blehhhh. GFDASGHADSGFSDKAFKM!!!
posted by Maya on Apr 04, 2009
Frist of all i would like 2 say that, even i did'nt know u better,we have no right to dictate what is best for u i mean to choose the right girl , u should trust your self and follow your heart...also 2 joe i wish i could come 2 see you and to meet u jb....and goodluck to your career! Can you make me a song dedicated for me titled ''sorry for the wrong i did' i will wait that song....
posted by ILOVEJB on Mar 12, 2009
posted by frankki418 on Mar 07, 2009
he is so ulgy i hate him and his big fat tush
posted by emma moore on Mar 06, 2009
she is so lucky to have you
posted by sally elsheikh on Mar 06, 2009
hav a good releshinship kevin
posted by sarah elsheikh on Mar 05, 2009
marry her and have sex with her. for once in a while u can really take of that pubity ring i m not making fun of it or anything i just had to txt that i hope ur parents arent reading wat i m txting ye with the bad langguage
posted by sarah elsheikh on Mar 05, 2009
hey guys kevin remeber wat i txted u do anything u wanna do xxxxx ;]
posted by sarah elsheikh on Mar 04, 2009
hey guys its me agin oh and kevin u r hot just sayin oh and can ye pleeeeeeeeeeeas come to ireland in dublin u and ur girlfrind look like a good couple and so what if she is not famous o and nick good choice for breaking up with miley cyrus she is a bitch
posted by sarah elsheikh on Mar 04, 2009
kevin dont care what ur fans think u can do anything about ur life not ur fans they dont want u to have a girlfreind becuz they want u to date them becuz u actually date ur fans so u can do anything u like with her and u are old enough to have a girlfriend for god sake u r 21 so do anything u wanna do and if u have somtime u can even write a song for her and ur oter bros can altogether write a song about yeer girlfriends luv ya have a good relashinship from ur true fan sarah.
posted by Captain Cattalini on Feb 11, 2009
Aww... that is soo cute! Kevin is awesome!! :P
posted by katerinuuuuuu on Jan 24, 2009
kevin is for meee.....<3
posted by wat da on Dec 15, 2008
y in the world shuld a hot guy play tonsul hockey wid a long nose freak
posted by wat da on Dec 15, 2008
y in the world shuld a hot guy play tonsul hockey wid a long nose freak
posted by wat da on Dec 15, 2008
y in the world shuld a hot guy play tonsul hockey wid a long nose fteack
posted by ninalovejoe on Dec 07, 2008
i am mounialovejoe i love you my love so mutchhh you are my........................
posted by nick girl on Nov 21, 2008
kevin,I am sooo happy for you, dont listen to what anybody says thats bad just enjoy your relationship love ya xoxoxoxo
posted by mrs jonas(kevin edit on Nov 20, 2008
I love kevin and he is mine and that girl is a big fat butt.
posted by Broken on Nov 04, 2008
True love is something that last forever, i hope you found it with her
posted by marinehsb on Nov 04, 2008
f.y.i he did kiss her so boo yah
posted by marinehsb on Nov 04, 2008
Cool good for u kevin how cute that it is you and not ur brother
posted by marinehsb on Nov 04, 2008
posted by kevin\'s fans on Nov 02, 2008
kevin has said that he and danielle were only do you understand that he didn't kiss her///////
posted by kevin\'s girl on Oct 31, 2008
i think she looks a little older for him. he so cute for her
posted by ambielovesjonas on Oct 30, 2008
yay! im so happy for him! kevin deserves the best! awww!! i cant get over how cute this is!
posted by hotgirl on Oct 29, 2008
go kevin proud of you)just don't go far with her just now wait a little bit longer first BYE
posted by Nick Jonas gurl on Oct 27, 2008
GO KEVIN!!! I'm happy for u hope u have a great relationship! sincearly, Karen (p.s. Love u & ur bros) :-)
posted by NickJonas\'s girl fr on Oct 27, 2008
I'm really happy for Kevin and I hope he has a good relationship. :-) GO KEVIN!!!! (p.s. love u and your bros.)
posted by fuck danielle deleas on Oct 26, 2008
man stealer
posted by Mrs.Kevin Jonas on Oct 26, 2008
aw man Kevin has a girl friend i want to be his girl friend waaa
posted by Peace.Love.JONASBABY on Oct 26, 2008
I am so happy for Kevin. He deserves all the best. This Danielle person is one lucky girl. &#9829;
posted by hot stuff on Oct 25, 2008
i love you!
posted by happy me on Oct 23, 2008
I think its cute, and everyones sayin their just now together they've been together for years when I first met them in 05 they was together and I've met them four times since then and two of them times she was there. Its just he can hide it because she isn't famous, but they've been together since they was young and he told a friend that really wasn't a friend at all because they told a reporter that she was is true first love and as for him not having sex I don't think it was a big deal they went to her place
posted by Peace.Love.Jonas! on Oct 23, 2008
go Kevin !
posted by xoxtyaraaxox on Oct 23, 2008
I really like Kevin; so much beteer than the other 2 jobroz, probably cuz no one else really prefers him... hes cool ;) Im glad he has a girlfriend... im happy 4 him!
posted by nvn vn on Oct 23, 2008
kevin if you hadn't kissed her we would have been together. sincerely, stephanie
posted by nick jonas luver on Oct 22, 2008
i think that kevin and joe and nick have great girlfriends and im happy that their happy
posted by NickJ4ever16 on Oct 22, 2008
I think that cool he has a girlfriend but people should stay out of is love life!!!! this is coming from a true fan!!!!
posted by i kissed a gurl on Oct 21, 2008
ok i did it was hot

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