Final Debate of Barack Obama and John McCain: Who Won?

October 16, 2008 03:16:26 GMT

Barack Obama had to face some tough questions from John McCain who seemed to be in the attack mood for the third presidential debate.

Final Debate of Barack Obama and John McCain: Who Won?
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The third and final presidential debate has just been wrapped up with Barack Obama ending his part with a promise to work very hard every single day for the people of America if he were to be voted. Earlier in the debate, the Democrat candidate had to face some tough questions proposed by his opposition, John McCain.

At one point, McCain brought up Obama's link to the controversial William Ayers, a Chicago professor and Vietnam-era domestic terrorist. Obama defended himself, saying that he was a child when Ayers made his moves and that he has denounced some of Ayers' views. Obama made it clear that he and Ayers only worked at the same charity foundations in Chicago but he is not a supporter of Ayers.

The negative attacks from McCain continued with him asking Obama to name one occasion where he ever stood up for his own party on one single major issue. After Obama's answer, which can be seen in the video below, McCain said that "it's not very convincing".

The polls are rushing in, with CNN citing that the debate watchers are 40% Democrats and 30% Republicans and that Obama is in the lead with 58%, sending him a strike three.

The debate was held at Hofstra University, in Hempstead, New York and focused on domestic policies.

  • The Issue on Williams Ayers
  • Obama Answering McCain on Standing Up for Democrat


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posted by incognito on Oct 16, 2008
reply to NoMo BushCain: For a long time, people have regarded the rich as evil people who only want to take more money from everyone else. This simply is not true, most of those who are rich today have worked very hard for their money and deserve it. Exceptions are obviously present, such as celebrities. But to take money from people who worked for it is basically stealing. If i work 1 hour at the same job as you and you work 3 hours (and we both work at the same pace), WHY would i deserve the same amount of money as you? Redistribution of wealth is wrong.
posted by McCan\'t on Oct 16, 2008
Job may be easy to spell, but how can you get a job when there aren't any? isn't that a big issue? creating more jobs? mccain has said he isn't well rounded when it comes to dealing with the economy. we need smarts right now, not radical judgment.
posted by democrat on Oct 16, 2008
Does McCain even know and understand what middle class is? This country needs change. McCain already stated that economics is not his area of expertise. So Proud American, you go ahead and vote for McCain and if he is elected you can watch America be faced with the consequences of the same thing we've had for the past 8 years.
posted by Hope for a Better Fu on Oct 16, 2008
I'm surprised there are still people out there wanting McCain to be the next president. McCain and his pet Palin will take the country backwards instead of moving forward, which bugs me. and how dare people blame Obama for being associated with terrorists and stuff. he was raised in a Muslim world, so what? those who vote for McCain actually vote for Sarah Palin, because old McCain will die very soon before he's done with his only term (assuming people realize their mistakes). my dear fellow Americans, don't make the same mistake you made electing Bush. you've still got 19 more days to go
posted by insert name here on Oct 16, 2008
McCain continued his LIES as usual. Obama made clear so the rest of the intelligent people could understand, his positions. McCain is nothing but a King George Jr. !!!!! I'm an independent but after what the republicans have done with our country in the past eight years is enough. It'll take decades to straighten it out!
posted by NoMo BushCain on Oct 15, 2008
For 8 years we have been victimized by the policies of the rich and wealthy and we are in a world of financial and moralistic trouble. It's time for a change. Suck it up proud American because ity's going to be your turn to be on the other side of the coin.
posted by Joe Worker on Oct 15, 2008
These debates don't change informed people's minds. Debates are purely for the undecided voter, who decides for the rest of us who will be president. It is like picking a cake by the color of it's frosting. It isn't until you have a piece do really see what your getting. Go out and vote your own mind.
posted by Proud American on Oct 15, 2008
McCain won the final debate and changed this mind of who to vote for! Ovomit is a socialist and will raise our taxes. He can spread his wealth but he's not touching mine. I work hard for my money and the freeloaders can just go get a's easy to spell J O B!

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