Ali Lohan Dropped Help From Jonas Brothers' Management

September 29, 2008 05:10:14 GMT

Ali Lohan rejected a potential boost for her singing career from Jonas Brothers' co-manager due to her mother's disapproval.

Ali Lohan
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Ali Lohan reportedly received a potential offer from music manager Johnny Wright to help boosting her singing career. "Johnny Wright, who has managed the Jonas Brothers and Justin Timberlake, has offered to help out Ali and guide her career," a source says.

However, Ali's mother named Dina Lohan was apparently unhappy with the possible arrangement and as a result, Ali refused to join Johnny's team. "We'll see if Ali's mom Dina will be into it. She wants full control and the full manager's fee for herself," the source explains in a further statement.

When asked about rumor, a publicist from Lindsay Lohan's younger sister gives no answer. Instead of providing a statement referring to the issue, they only said that they indeed met with Johnny's firm.

Previously, Ali debuted her first single called "All the Way Around". Produced by Emanuel "Eman" Kiriakou, and recorded at the Maloof Music recording studio which is located at The Palms Hotel, Las Vegas, the recording process of the single itself was featured on a recent episode of the Lohan's family reality TV show "Living Lohan".


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posted by -A-n-o-n-o-y-m-o-u-s on Oct 08, 2008
but if her mum wants whats best for her then why did she trun down a big a offer like that dina is selfish and wants all the money to herself she dont care about the her daughters dreams at all i watched living lohan well all i can say is that Ali is a spoilt brat she gets everything she wants just because she is lindsays sister ali is just another talentless wannabe she will get know where in life and all she dose is wanna be like lindsay and dress like her and everything like lindsay she makes me sick i love lindsay but it just the skank ali i hate she cant een sing my 5 year old sister can sing better than that wanna be slut.
posted by mik on Oct 01, 2008
Lets all hope she is not a drunk slut like her sister and can maintain a credible career:)
posted by pat on Oct 01, 2008
thats super funny
posted by pat on Oct 01, 2008
thats super funny
posted by ashleybebs on Sep 30, 2008
good that ali turned it down, because she has no talent anyways. her mom is selfish and wants all the money to herself. she doesn't care for her daughters dream, because if she did, why turn down such a huge offer, and great opportunity.
posted by njangel on Sep 30, 2008
posted by njangel on Sep 30, 2008
i hate her so much her mom is stupid
posted by mary on Sep 30, 2008
poor kid. ):

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