Jonas Brothers Playing Nerds in 'Lovebug' Music Video

September 20, 2008 04:21:42 GMT

Donning bright shirts, dark sweater, and bookworm glasses, Jonas Brothers join beautiful Camella Belle on the set of 'Lovebug' music video.

Jonas Brothers
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Jonas Brothers are seen making nerd appearances in "Lovebug" music video. While his other two brothers don bright yellow and blue shirts, Joe Jonas on the other hand wears a dark brown sleeveless sweater and bookworm glasses.

Also joining them on the video set in San Pedro, California is beautiful actress Camilla Belle. Her appearance has made some strong speculation that she will play a cameo in the video.

In related news, the teen band confirm that they will hold a Los Angeles' special concert in addition to all the shows that they've been doing. The show will be held on November 14 to celebrate the launch of American Eagle Outfitter's new kids line, 77Kids. "We got together with 77kids by American Eagle to put on a show for fans around the world," says Nick Jonas. "We like to think of it as an all-access video pass. We'll see you in L.A. and online at 77kids.com!"

For abroad Jonas lovers, the band provide a full view of the concert, a sneak peek to the band's backstage, and quick interviews with them through the official website of American Eagle's new kids line, where seven female and seven male fans can also win tickets of the show. The event will be streamed online through the website on November 16.

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posted by jojo on Nov 14, 2009
iam from egypt ilove jones brothers so much ....i love you guys ....byeeeeeeeeeee!
posted by ashley jones1995 on Oct 09, 2009
i just love you guys i think nick is the cutiest
posted by nataleigh on May 11, 2009
i love you joe i love you
posted by Natalie on Mar 27, 2009
I love the Jonas Brothers songs including Joe o my gosh he so cute and hot
posted by hottie 15 on Oct 27, 2008
NICK, you are so cute and omg you are the best, KEEP ON ROCKING JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Joe\'s Girl on Oct 27, 2008
Joe is so freakin' sexy its scary, every guy should be jealous of his incredibly gooooooooood looks! (: btw he is MINE so back off
posted by powpryrgrl on Oct 25, 2008
wow hi hottie joe and jonas brothers good job on the video
posted by JB\'s girl on Oct 23, 2008
Ilove you guys sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!
posted by nickluver on Oct 20, 2008
you guys should come to saskatoon! it is in canada if you don't know that. we loooove you guys! nick your such a cutie!
posted by nickluver on Oct 20, 2008
you guys should come to saskatoon! it is in canada if you don't know that. we loooove you guys! nick your such a cutie!
posted by laurenefronjonas on Oct 19, 2008
Hey you guys I can't wait for your music video to come out!!!!!!!!!! I love the song and I hope the music video is amazing and I'm happy that you got Camilla Belle!!!!!!! Love you
posted by bananabear123 on Oct 18, 2008
you are the best i just love you could you come to canada? please!!!!
posted by jonasbrothersluv12 on Oct 03, 2008
hey jobros i am a BIG fan, uhhh im a christian, Joe your funny in the end of lovebug when you say"GET OFF THAT CAKE!" anyway, god bless you guys!! BYE!..eeep!
posted by Lydia on Oct 02, 2008
I LOVE YOUR MUSIC and Im so happy that you are Christains.
posted by Aunica Neck on Oct 02, 2008
I Love your music and Hope you will come and play in Idaho somtime
posted by Chelsea on Sep 30, 2008
hey i just got to say you 3 are so cute and i LOVE u and your music
posted by Ingried* on Sep 30, 2008
Can't wait to see it! Love the song.... a personal fav! Love ya guys... and Frankie too! Nothing but love!
posted by Katie Brians on Sep 29, 2008
I think Joe jonas is so hot he makes my heart melt every time i see his picture! Joe please go out with me!!!!!! :p
posted by nicks girlfriend 24 on Sep 28, 2008
hey joeandme 2008 you spelled would wrong!!!
posted by nicks girlfriend 24 on Sep 28, 2008
nick you are sooooooooooo hot
posted by bry on Sep 27, 2008
yes, alex, they already are nerds... very very very hot nerds...
posted by big fan on Sep 25, 2008
I love the Jones Brothers
posted by Joeandme2008 on Sep 24, 2008
I love you so much Joe! You seem so sweet! I would LOVE to met you and i bet so wuold almost the whole world! (that is how BIG you guys are!) But I am not kidding when i say this I am yalls biggest Fan! Iam going to be a big star on disney one day! I am going to an audition tomorrow!! So see you guys soon!
posted by Pomelo on Sep 23, 2008
Excuse me, I have a question !!!! Is this a website of the United States ? I don't understand , I am Taiwanese .
posted by joes hot on Sep 23, 2008
joe i love you you are so hot and your play as shane was awsome and you are cute and i love tyou songs burnin up,love bug i love them ohh by the way nick your cute to
posted by Manal Sohail on Sep 21, 2008
I think They are good boys & i Also love Their Music
posted by Alex on Sep 20, 2008
"Jonas Brothers Playing Nerds in 'Lovebug' Music Video" ....well.. arent they already? xD
posted by candifizzle on Sep 20, 2008
hey i just want to say hi and tell you how much i love you music
posted by jonasluver on Sep 20, 2008
u guyz r00000ck
posted by yud on Sep 20, 2008
posted by senspenscaps on Sep 20, 2008
Jonas Brothers ROCK!!
posted by jonas fan 45 on Sep 20, 2008
i love love love you guys
posted by alexah on Sep 20, 2008
hey! what's up. Love you guys. Bye!

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