Britney Spears' New Single 'Candy From Strangers' Leaked, the Audio

September 17, 2008 02:57:05 GMT

'Candy From Strangers' is presumed to be the singer's lead single in her upcoming 'Circus' LP, which is due for release on her birthday.

Britney Spears' New Single 'Candy From Strangers' Leaked, the Audio
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In contrast of a statement issued by Jive/Zomba Records saying that "Womanizer" is the lead single for Britney Spears' forthcoming album, a just-leaked song called "Candy From Strangers" is recently assumed to be the singer's first single in her highly-anticipated album. Entitled "Circus", her upcoming sixth major studio effort is announced to come out on her birthday, December 2.

Speaking of Britney's project, her manager named Larry Rudolph says that her new materials are handled in the professional hands of powerhouse producers. "She's working with a team of top-notch producers and songwriters and we're very excited about what she's accomplished so far," Larry explains as saying.

Handed triple victories at MTV Video Music Awards for her "Piece of Me" music video, Britney becomes the most wanted collaborator in the music industry. Chris Brown recently confirmed that he is now in the middle of writing a new song for her. Meanwhile, Paris Hilton and Jonas Brothers are dying to be given a chance to team up with her in their new songs.

Another artist who wants to join her team is Ne-Yo. He says that the collaboration was actually scheduled her 2007 "Blackout" album but the big plan had to be dropped due to her marriage problem with ex-husband Kevin Federline. Now that the singer has ended her custody battle with Kevin, Ne-Yo is reportedly waiting for her camp's call to follow-up their canceled plan.

Britney Spears' "Candy From Strangers" audio:


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posted by -_-\' on Oct 05, 2010
This song is NOT by Britney Spears. It's by one of her background singers, Myah Marie (ft. Laze & Royal). If you buy the new album then don't expect the song to be there, 'cause it's not Britney's song.
posted by SamJJE101 on Jul 11, 2009
Hi Everyone. Both 'Candy From Strangers' And 'Stiletto Sex' Are Myah Marie Songs. Being Myah's Second Cousin I Would Know. She May Sound Like Britney, But She Isn't Trying To Be Like Her At All. =] [SamJJE101]
posted by xxsm on May 16, 2009
It's not Britney Spears, search Myah Marie on music Myspace.. she has her songs listed on there. Apparenetly she was featured as a back up song in Circus for Britney, though
posted by Jessyy on Jan 31, 2009
This is Britney Spears... all you have to do is actually listen to the voice. You can clearly hear it in the licks it sounds just like her minus the special effects. Also as for that stillehto sex song or w.e it's actually called "She Slips On".
posted by jillian on Nov 14, 2008
no its not, i just found out that it is myah marie, go check it out, crazy that there making it seem like its her. there isnt even a song called 'candy from strangers' on her new cd
posted by shark00man on Sep 26, 2008
THIS IS NOT BRITNEY! I'm in the music's actually LAZE AND ROYAL feat. a new artist named Mya...not the OLD Britney is actually called WOMANIZER and started to get airplay should start hearing that Laze and Royal song in the next few weeks...hope this helps to clear it up!
posted by stoicc on Sep 23, 2008
Her In the Zone album was the best, imo. Everything from there has gone too commercial &will be unsatisfactory to me.. In the Zone had such a mix of music &great melodies; I listen to it all the time.
posted by fury on Sep 21, 2008
this isn't britney spears...its a song from this singer named mia mariah or something...she has a myspace....its a rip-off from break the ice!...just a wannabe britney trying to gain sum fame!......the girl that sings it is a super whore...listen to her song....its called "stiletto sex"
posted by Meg on Sep 20, 2008
This is definitely Britney, you gotta remember that they use special effects to make her voice sound different. I absolutely love this new song, its so different from what we are all used to from her. Keep up the great work Brit. :)
posted by PiNky on Sep 20, 2008
Definitely Britney's...just hear her laughs...too obvious...seriously, this is a HOT track...can imagine her up on the stage performing this one...would be GREAT!
posted by me on Sep 20, 2008
you people who say she is always great, yeah whatever!!!! The album will be a flop just like she is.
posted by me on Sep 20, 2008
i just think she is really stupid. Wake up people!!!
posted by shannon on Sep 19, 2008
this isnt britney. im a huge britney fan.. i can tell this isnt her.
posted by all about brit brit on Sep 18, 2008
im pretty sure this is britney and this song is hot but im sure its britney its just not the fully mastered version of the song just like when the songs from blackout leaked when the album came out the songs sounded a lot better thats just a rough draft of the song but its sounds great britney rules ! i cant wait for her new album
posted by Pop princess Britney on Sep 18, 2008
This is fake !!! I am big fan of Britney and i know that this is not her song... Britney didn't make mistake like last year when her songs was on internet... Song is good, but not good enough for Britney... :)
posted by J on Sep 18, 2008
It's Britney Bitch!
posted by lex on Sep 17, 2008
I love britney but this song sucks
posted by AM on Sep 17, 2008
Hmmm, hard to tell ... if it is her I hope other songs are more intimate, as in more of her voice coming through the studio effects. Can't wait for the new album!
posted by J on Sep 17, 2008
This is most likely fake.
posted by brit on Sep 17, 2008
every body please buy britney cd named circus and dont hear this crap
posted by cool on Sep 17, 2008
this to guys supposly featuring only want to make promo telling that britney sings but that is a big lie
posted by lie on Sep 17, 2008
this is a lie some loosers want to make promo of this song telling that is britney who sings
posted by dale on Sep 17, 2008
not sure but she is always great
posted by j on Sep 17, 2008
britney rocks.. can't wait for the new album.
posted by Colton on Sep 17, 2008
Real or not, this is a pretty up beat and vivacious song, If it's Britney, even better. :)

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