Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo Shacking Up in Irving, Texas

September 05, 2008 04:28:18 GMT

Setting their eyes on a six-bedroom, four-bath mansion in Irving, Texas for them to live in together, the couple currently are busy discussing about redecorating.

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo Shacking Up in Irving, Texas
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Having been together for months, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo spark rumors that they will soon walk down the aisle as they reportedly are moving in together. Wedding talks are mounting hot on the heels of reports that claim the pair have set their eyes on a six-bedroom, four-bath mansion in Irving, Texas that costs nearly $700,000 for them to live in together.

"Jess and Tony have been together since last Thanksgiving and they're ready to take their relationship to the next level ... Both of them agreed it was practical to move in together before a wedding so they can work out the kinks," the National Enquirer cited its insider as saying. "Jessica still has her home in Beverly Hills, but she plans to oversee the redecorating of Tony's house, and then settle into the role of homemaker when her concert tour ends in October."

Greater than the new house and interior design, Jessica and Romo are said to have also planned to have nursery. Besides talking about repainting wall, the couple have agreed to turn "one of the spare bedrooms into a nursery." The insider told the National Enquirer that "Jess plans spending the rest of her life with Tony. They're laying the foundation for a life together as husband and wife ... and parents."

There have yet comments from Jessica, Romo, or their people. Though so, the actress-singer has made no secret of her wedding wish, telling Fox News in a new interview "I would love to be making records and making babies, and hopefully I'm married in 10 years." She added, "I have the dreams of every normal person."

Love life aside, Jessica is having her debut country music album "Do You Know" to be released this weekend.


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posted by codysun on Nov 09, 2008
Lucky Tony!!!!!!
posted by Raleigh on Oct 10, 2008
Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo, it's going to be as bad as Jessica Simpson's ex husband. Tony Romo you have better taste than that. Carrie Underwood and you were a pair.
posted by scott on Sep 12, 2008
I think Jessica is headed in the right direction. I wish her well!
posted by Erlinda1 on Sep 05, 2008
Ken-E Get a life. I and so many others are Jessica Fans. I root for her to succeed in the face of such negativity and haters. I am glad Jessica has stopped even responding to those haters about CU calling Tony. CU is a man basher and needs to get on with her life now. Enough already with the hater and CU.
posted by Ken-E on Sep 04, 2008
Who the hell cares about Jessica Simpson!?!??!Any woman who says that there is no way their man is still calling their ex because they check their call logs are just retarded...Hello he can easily delete it be4 you can check it! Get a life Jessica...Nobody likes you!

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