Jessica Simpson Showed Her Vulnerable Side at California Concert

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson almost broke down with tears when performing 'Come on Over' at her headlining gig in California.

Jessica Simpson, who has just moved to country music, shared her experience about leaving an abusive relationship at her headlining concert in California State Fair on August 25. During the 80-minutes gig, she sang almost all tracks from her debut country music called "Do You Know", which will be dropped to the market on September 9. In "Come On Over" which she co-wrote, the singer nearly broke down in the performance with tears welling up in her eyes. When the tune came to an end, she merely said, "That's a hard song to sing up here."

The Tony Romo's girlfriend started the concert, which was partly set for free, with a sassy version of single "These Boots are Made for Walkin'". She then continued singing "Still Beautiful" and "You Are My Sunday" which told about her, finding peace in a romantic relationship. In her fourth song "Sippin on History", Jessica talked about her broken heart. "I'll be singing a lot about a heart that's been ... (long pause) broken to pieces," she declared before singing the fourth tune. "And putting those pieces back together so I can be a good girlfriend to someone else."

Meanwhile, in another single, Jessica admitted that she played hard to get. "If you want to date me, you have to be OK with camera flashes," she said. "You have to be OK with people telling you that you're dating a dumb butt. You have to allow me to pass gas under the sheets." After that, she performed "Man Enough", which was dedicated to someone that she cared about.

At the end of the concert, she turned spiritual by singing "Pray Out Loud," which was inspired by her dad's advice that made her like a little girl. She then followed the song with "Son of a Preacher Man" and shot a question to the audience, asking, "How many of you out there have ever dated a butt head? Well, so have I! They always come back. Just don't pick up the phone."




    Sep 10, 2008

    Come on Texas, your just envious that she has the heart and determination to move forward. Carrie is so NOT down to earth and so stuck up it's not even funny so please...Keep walking!

    Aug 28, 2008

    She's worse than a dumb butt. She is a lying media celebrity. Country music has no place for her and her pot shots. Fans dont take kindly to the bashing of the Sweetheart of Country Music. Ms. Underwood is genuine and talent something JS will never be.

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