Katy Perry's Dad: 'We Have Nothing Against Her'

August 20, 2008 07:07:16 GMT

Katy Perry's father Keith clarifies that he and his wife have nothing against their daughter and also the homosexuals over the lyrical content of 'I Kissed a Girl'.

Katy Perry
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Katy Perry being lashed out by her parents over the lyrics of "I Kissed a Girl" has created quite a buzz this week, touching sensitive issues like the rift inside a family as well as homosexuality. A member of the family has decided to clear things up by doing a live interview via San Diego's 101.5 KGB, saying that much of the report were "twisted".

Keith Hudson, father of Katy who is also an evangelist, agreed on an interview with radio hosts Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw (DSC) in their show to give his side of story after he heard them discussing the issue during the show. "They twisted it really bad. They said a bunch of things that was not correct," he said adding that Caroline Graham, the columnist at "turned everything" and made them look like "religious biggots".

Keith went on saying, "We love our daughter and we have nothing against her. We may not like what she does at the moment as far as the lyrics, but 'I Kissed a Girl' is not something about homosexuality. We have nothing against homosexuals. We love people." Keith explained that Katy actually wrote the song when she was mad at her boyfriend and that's why the song took the subject of kissing a girl, a fact that Keith denied Katy ever does.

The story by DailyMail that was published Sunday, August 17 reports that Katy's mom Mary Hudson gave a shocking statement saying that the song "clearly promotes homosexuality and its message is shameful and disgusting." She further was quoted as saying "Katy is not a homosexual but I fear she has been led astray by the Hollywood crowd. I pray all the time that God will work through her and help her find salvation."

Adding a defense for Katy's parents is Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes who is dating their singer daughter. In a statement, Travis said, "Her parents are actually really cool. They are ministers. They never shunned her for her music or her lyrics."


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posted by David on Dec 13, 2010
ojala vuelva a GOD !!! esa oveja descarriada
posted by daaiz on Dec 07, 2010
yuu are an insperation to many ppl- yuu should be very proud of yuurself:P :'D
posted by kelsy grillll on Apr 13, 2010
omg whats up wit that lov u katy your numb 1 fan kelsy
posted by ... on Apr 03, 2010
Just bc you don't agree with the lifestyle of a homosexual, doesn't mean you can't be friends... Ex: I have gay friends and love them, but I don't hav to agree with everything they do and take part in all they do, meaning wether the pastor would do homosexual marriages doesn't mean anything... He may not have anything against them, just doesn't want to take part in what they do
posted by hi on May 07, 2009
posted by nicole blackhurst on May 06, 2009
hi love all your songs i am i fan lol my best is waking up in vegas lol i love it love it
posted by Melinda on Dec 11, 2008
i wonder if katy's parents think homosexual relationships are ok since her dad, keith says they have nothing against homosexuals. ask keith if he or his wife mary would ever perform "same sex marriage." this will be the real test to see if he is being hypocritical or not. someone should ask him and then post his reply
posted by Leah-dion on Nov 24, 2008
wow love all ur songs aspeshally hot cold and i kisse girl:):D:):D:):D
posted by Leah-dion on Nov 24, 2008
wow love all ur songs aspeshally hot cold and i kisse girl:):D:):D:):D

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