Pregnant Lisa Marie Presley Bares Her Baby Bump in Marie Claire's September Issue

August 09, 2008 05:05:19 GMT

Firing back against the negative reports addressed to her during her early stage of pregnancy, she's posing semi-naked for a series of photographs for the September issue of Marie Claire magazine.

Lisa Marie Presley
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Photo credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

Coming to the term of expressing madness, Lisa Marie Presley is the best. The pregnant singer takes aim at the press, baring her baby bump for a series of stunning photographs for Marie Claire magazine, which are meant to fire back against early media reports, most of which were negative, surrounding her pregnancy.

The expectant celebrity mother poses for celebrity photographer Davis Factor for the upcoming September issue of Marie Claire. The photos feature black and white shots of her in bed, posing in her lingerie. The other photo, meanwhile, sees her on a desert wearing an unbuttoned leopard-skin print coat, baring her growing belly.

Speaking about early reports on her pregnancy, which were accompanied with some unflattering photographs of her and allegation that she had an unhealthy appetite, Lisa tells the magazine "They want me to be him" referring to her late musician father Elvis Presley. "It's like they can't wait."

Expressing her disappointment even further, she claims "the tabloids were going so far as to alter photos. I could never figure out why they went to all that trouble to make me look fat. There are at least six other famous women pregnant right now who aren't getting picked on. But they're all over me. It's like there is a campaign to demean me."

In late February British The Daily Mail published unflattering photographs of Lisa and alleged that she had an unhealthy appetite, forcing her to issue what she called as "confirmation under the gun" on her MySpace Celebrity blog in early March that she and current husband Michael Lockwood are expecting their first child together.

Her actress mother Priscilla Presley recently confirmed during an interview with Entertainment Tonight that her daughter is pregnant with twins and due to give birth in the fall. The twins will be Lisa's first children with Lockwood. She also mothers two teenage children, daughter Riley and son Benjamin with ex-husband Danny Keough.

Lisa isn't the first pregnant celebrity to show off her pregnant belly for a magazine photo shoot. She's the next after the likes of Demi Moore, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. The September issue of Marie Claire that features her semi-naked pics will hit the newsstands next Tuesday, August 12.


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posted by on Sep 12, 2008
i like the names jesse and gladys or alisa marie gladys love lockwood for the girl
posted by coltranepep. on Aug 24, 2008
Oh, poor Mrs. Lockwood. Hey, I came up with names for her baby girls: 1. Astleigh Tallulah and 2. Serena (she can just be called Rini for short) Melrose. Does everyone agree with the names I picked out?
posted by jirachi234 on Aug 24, 2008
I agree with what you picked out.
posted by shaymin765 on Aug 24, 2008
Yeah, me too.
posted by shadowedfreak on Aug 24, 2008
I totally agree with what you picked out.
posted by pikapichu on Aug 24, 2008
Oh, yeah. What you picked for Astleigh is so unique! Serena (Rini for short) on the other hand sounds like a classic name.
posted by DoctorWario on Aug 24, 2008
I vote for Astleigh and Serena, too! Thoses names are awesome! ^_^
posted by Parakarry on Aug 24, 2008
Astleigh and Serena sound unique/classic. Got any more names for future unborn celebrities? :)

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