Mary J. Blige Sued for Stealing Song

Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige is asked to pay more than 2 million dollars for copyright infringement of single 'Work That' taken from her 'Growing Pains' LP.

American R&B/soul singer Mary J. Blige will be heading to court room. A New York production company called Dream Family Entertainment has filed a legal action against her for stealing song "Work That" used in her 2007 album "Growing Pains" from the company.

To make matter worse, the fact that Mary's name is listed as a songwriter on the track opens an indirect claim for the song. Besides that, the alleged stolen song is also used as a commercial ads of iPod from Apple Inc. However, the diva becomes the only one who is named in the lawsuit because Apple's name isn't in the paper.

Furthermore, the lawsuit sent by the company says that they want more than $2 million from the Grammy-winning singer. In the lawsuit, they also claim that the song was created by a producer Theron Feemster (Neef-U) who worked for the company at the time and after Theron's resignation, they never gave Theron or Mary's label Geffen Records rights to work on the song.

"Mr. Feemster created the music while he was under contract with Dream Family. Dream Family then owned the music, yet the music was used without permission in a Mary J. Blige release recording," said Dream lawyer Brian Caplan during an interview. In all fairness, at the end of the interview, Brian says that it hasn't been clear yet whether the singer knew that Theron actually had no rights for the song.

Mary hasn't given any statement relating to this issue. Meanwhile, her publicist couldn't be reached for clarification.



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    Jul 21, 2009

    Mary, just pay up for stealing songs. It's not right and I thought you is the most right in the biz. I'm ashamed of you. I'm not goin to believe in you anymo.

    Nov 02, 2008

    No matter what she always sings from her heart. She is an inspiration to me and my stepmom and me.we love you Mary J.!!!

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