Nas' Untitled LP to Top Billboard Hot 200


The rapper's untitled album is on the way to take the top position of the U.S. Albums chart next week edition after until Friday, its sale tops other artists' albums' sale.

Despite all of the controversy surrounding it prior to its release date, Nas' new untitled album seems set to be a successful one and top the Billboard 200 chart next week. That happened after according to Nielsen Soundscan, the rapper's record sale until Friday (July 18) is topping the list with 113, 000 copies sold.

If Nas' new record does top the Billboard albums chart next week, it will be the fifth time for him. The latest record from the controversial rapper's LP that managed to top the chart was "Hip Hop Is Dead", released in 2006.

Previously, Nas' new record received lots of controversy and protests after he was planning to name the album "Nigger". The rapper finally chose to let his new LP untitled because the title he proposed was rejected by his label Def Jam Records, retailers and also the media.

In promoting the untitled LP, the rapper has already outed two official singles, "Hero" and "Sly Fox". Before those two singles, Nas has actually dropped another single "Be a Nigger Too", but due to some sample clearance issues that track was not included on the album.



    big tisk
    Apr 27, 2009

    1 love for the brotha....he the best not one of the best.....

    Aug 07, 2008

    Nas one of the best rappers alive. f gunit

    Jul 21, 2008

    yeaaaaaaaNASSSS best rapper ... having to sell out gunit in one day its fuckin great.,.. gunit sold 109 k in a week nas did 113k in a day lmao yeaa nas.. he has the album of the year and the single of the year HERO... nas all that way

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