Blue Are Close to Reunite

June 13, 2008 09:12:17 GMT

The English pop group are preparing to follow on the latest trend in the music world by planning to re-unite after 3 years of splitting.

Blue Are Close to Reunite
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After New Kids On The Block and Boyzone have reunited, now English boy band Blue are set to follow their footsteps. Latest report from England stated that the pop group's reunion negotiation has already entered the final stage with three members, Antony Costa, Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe have agreed to reunite.

The three are now still trying to persuade their fourth member, Duncan James, who is still concentrating on his acting career. Duncan reportedly plans to wait for the public reception over his acting quality in Channel 4's sitcom "Plus One" before agreeing the reunion plan.

Confirming that news, a source told, "The lads have been in negotiations about reforming. They're all ready to sign on the dotted line. Duncan is holding out as he is keen to pursue his acting ambitions. But he will soon see sense."

The boy band started their music career in 2001 by releasing their debut LP "All Rise". In 2005, the group decided to split up because the members are keen to pursue on their solo career.


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posted by charlotte louise on May 14, 2011
blue boyband I love you charlotte xx
posted by vikram on Oct 28, 2010
pleaseeeeeeee remove new album u guyz r rock
posted by ANKEETA on Apr 28, 2010
posted by SHWETA on Apr 28, 2010
Lee I Crave For You Hell Of A Lot.I Am Your Biggest Fan And I Wanna Friendship With You.
posted by duncanjustjoin! on Dec 09, 2009
lee ryan forever! BLUE COME BACK TO THE PHILIPPINES! i watched both your concerts here! you guys are amazing. i'm your biggest fan here. REUNITE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE:)
posted by shaghine on Nov 30, 2009
boys thank you for your reunite you couldnt make a beter decision.... i cant wait for your new album...please do this ... i love u DUNCAN
posted by NasiRrr on Oct 25, 2009
plzz plzz reunite.. we all will be happy.. u gave us such a beautiful songs.. waiting fr u awl to reunite.. :(
posted by zina on Aug 21, 2009
i need to see the blue togather egain please reunite and come back with those beautiful songs because you will make us happy xoxoxox
posted by adam on Mar 20, 2009
come on blue reunite please, you guys were class at singingand still are.
posted by Thu on Mar 15, 2009
Please will make millions of your fans happy
posted by Lucia on Feb 04, 2009
please reunite again blue you are amazing together please and you make me nice memories
posted by Lauren x on Jan 15, 2009
Please come back!!!! com'on Duncan you're better at singing :]. jokes i don't actually know but still.. you've got a great voice. dont waste it xoooooxxx
posted by Laura on Dec 18, 2008
Pleaseee Reunite Blue (: You's Are Amazing :] Love You x
posted by nitu on Nov 01, 2008
please reunite again blue & give us again those beautiful songs please..

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