Jonas Brothers Pick 'Burnin' Up' as First Single

Jonas Brothers Pick 'Burnin' Up' as First Single

Closing in on the release date for their new LP "A Little Bit Longer", the pop rock band have finally set the first single from the record.

Preparing the release of their new album "A Little Bit Longer", the Jonas Brothers have confirmed the lead single to be spawned from the band's upcoming set. The trio have picked the track "Burnin' Up" to lead the album's promotion and planned to officially drop it via radio outlets on June 20.

Beside "Burnin' Up", the band actually already have three other songs that they have debuted recently. Those singles are "Little Bit Longer", "Pushing Me Away" and "We Rock". The first two songs have been sung along with "Burnin' Up" at their recent tour, while the last song was released as the first single for the soundtrack of Disney-channel movie "Camp Rock".

The Brothers' new studio album itself planned to hit the stores on Augustus 12 and it is being produced by John Fields. It seems that the work for the new set is almost done since the recording for it has actually started last fall during the band's tour. In support of the new LP, the pop rock act planned to hit the road starting on June 4.

Meanwhile, just before the teen pop rock band release their new studio set, fans can first purchase the "Camp Rock" soundtrack on June 17 and check out the band's "We Rock" track. The song is currently become a hit as it debuted at #1 on the Billboard 100 chart this week.



    Jun 30, 2009

    i just like there new song"paranoid becuase it so nice

    Nov 02, 2008

    ono una ragazza italiana e amo i jonas. sono fantastici le loro canzoni mi fanno impazzire soprattutto perchè riguardano cose che sono accadute a me . a io ho 17 anni e anche se amo questo gruppo non gli ho mai sentiti dal vivo . per me soo irraggiungibil ;ma li seguo molto. tutti i loro album sno magnifici a ee naturalmente il mo preferito dei jonas è FRANKIE!! VABBENE mi rimane da dire solo I LOVE YOU JONAS.voi per me siete un sogno amooooo!!!

    jonas girl
    Oct 02, 2008

    Burnin up is like the BEST song ever!!

    Aug 01, 2008

    OMG i luv thehs ong burning up! its so hott! btw im going to ur concert august 9th!!

    Jul 01, 2008

    i am totally in love with the jonas brothers. they are my favorite band and i hope they never stop making music!!! im going tp the milwaulkee concert, and i am so excited cause we have pretty good seats.... like, 37th row.... and if you ask me, thats pretty darn good. joe is hilariuos nick is adorable and kevin brings it all together thanks for being the best guys!!!

    Jun 23, 2008

    okay, so when exactly does the single come out?

    Jun 19, 2008

    I Love the new song Burnin up! I love the part where Nick sings " I'm burnin up, I'm burnin up of you babe! that you look totally different and you sound different

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