'High School Musical 3' Plot and Release Date Outed

January 15, 2008 03:03:52 GMT

Confiming that it will have the original cast as the movie ensemble, Disney revealed the plot of 'High School Musical 3' and the fact that it will be released on October 24, 2008.

'High School Musical 3'  Plot and Release Date Outed
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"High School Musical 3: Senior Year", the third installment of the successful Disney's Original Picture "High School Musical" is definitely heading to the big screen. According to Variety, the TV film franchise has been scheduled to hit theaters on October 24, 2008.

At the same time, it has been revealed that the original cast members of the drama musical movie will be back for the third series of the Disney's project. The young ensemble includes Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman.

The "High School Musical" latest film directed by Kenny Ortega will still follow Troy and Gabriella as they become seniors. This time, the high school lover will have to face the prospect of being separated from one another as they head off in different directions to college. In the movie, the pair joined by the rest of the Wildcats will bring about music to reflect their experiences, hopes and fears about their future.

The project that is written by Peter Barsocchini and produced by Bill Borden, Barry Rosenbush and Don Schain is put up for a theatrical release following the huge success the second movie garnered. "High School Musical 2" had gathered 18.2 million viewers, while its soundtrack album landed the No. 2 album of 2007 in the U.S. selling 6.5 million units.


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posted by GRACE on Nov 12, 2010
posted by gab to u on Aug 20, 2010
i love you gab you aer sexsy from zac evrons
posted by hmila on Jan 29, 2010
I lovezac& vannesa alot some times my mother think thatIm creza
posted by hamila on Jan 29, 2010
I love zac efron & anna vannesa hudgeses a lot & a lot &alot I cant wait to watch h.s.m 4
posted by april s AMO on Jan 14, 2010
posted by april on Jan 14, 2010
hi my name is april rose by my angel by
posted by pinoy pride on Dec 03, 2009
maganda nmn xa..nkaka relate ako seems like my high skul life cause im senior high skul now..:)
posted by maecela negrete on Nov 10, 2009
hola hello amo la peli de hsm3 soy la fan 1 vueno adios
posted by mimi on Oct 17, 2009
fuck is good
posted by on Oct 14, 2009
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posted by kayla on Oct 08, 2009
zac ur jst 2 handsum i luv u mwahz
posted by kayla on Oct 08, 2009
zac ur jst 2 handsum i luv u mwahz
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posted by AMI123HOT on Apr 11, 2009
posted by mehhhhhh on Mar 26, 2009
lol, some movie eh
posted by katherine on Mar 02, 2009
i love you vanessA you are sososososo pretty.You have a great voice!!!!
posted by RAMONA on Feb 09, 2009
posted by ramona on Feb 09, 2009
i love you H.M.S.:">
posted by ramona on Feb 09, 2009
nu am inteles nik
posted by cool dude on Jan 28, 2009
posted by marocaine on Jan 24, 2009
je kifff high school musical
posted by PlayfulPup on Jan 11, 2009
OMG! I luvv thiz movaay leek totally bbz! (:
posted by HSM4Life on Jan 04, 2009
Love hsm. good movies coin 2 see hsm3 today.
posted by sara on Dec 31, 2008
i hate high school musical ew,ew,ew,ew
posted by hannah on Dec 31, 2008
i love you vinssa,zac
posted by tips on Dec 31, 2008
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posted by gio on Dec 27, 2008
i like high school musical 1 2 3 . i love david alexander zac efron.beautiful anne vanessa hudgens.
posted by michele on Dec 27, 2008
Ilove anne vanessa hudgens e hashley
posted by giorgia on Dec 27, 2008
i love zac and vanessa anne hudgens.favorite high school musical 3 sinior year
posted by hsm fan on Dec 24, 2008
wen will it cum to india(hyderabad)
posted by hugs on Dec 22, 2008
shutup stop sending this mess it is not like they are acually going to read it you guys are pathetic
posted by fyfufuy on Dec 22, 2008
fuck you bitches
posted by Amft on Dec 20, 2008
I hope ders another series of hsm!
posted by rui on Dec 15, 2008
posted by Kiara on Dec 07, 2008
Ummm Holly GET UR FACTS RIGHT there is a high school musical 4 u weirdo. their not gonna have the normal characters Tiara will be following the lead of sharpay and donnie will be playing the lead of Ryan and Jimme aka the rocket will be following the lead of Troy i nko it prob wont be as good but there going to see whats its like!I am still kind of Excited # 3 is da best so far tho!i will miss the original characters!
posted by ritika on Dec 04, 2008
I love hsm very much.can't wait to see their senior year at college.
posted by ain on Dec 04, 2008
i love HSM, so much, HSM TOP BGT, main dong ke indonesia........ pleaseeee.........
posted by 04katieb on Dec 02, 2008
i love hsm 3 and zac efron
posted by holly on Nov 24, 2008
I tought the movie was really good. I really like all the movies but i am not at a point where i am completely obsessed with it. Its just a movie. Im not going to make my entire life resemble around a movie. Also, those people out there who think there will be a hsm4 are just dumb. It called hsm3: SENIOR YEAR. If they did another one it wouldn't be high school musical because they aren't in highschool it would be college musical and that just doesn't fit.
posted by sharpay is da best on Nov 18, 2008
i loveee sharpay sh is the best star in da film she is my fave star.
posted by wwe_fenka on Nov 09, 2008
ili vsi4ki sa angli4ani :D
posted by wwe_fenka on Nov 09, 2008
awe tuka nqkoi govorili balgarskiiii
posted by on Nov 07, 2008
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posted by Vidya on Oct 25, 2008
i very very very love high school musical and i can wait HSM3 now or never,right here right now,can i this dance it's so cool movie and song
posted by PoW! on Oct 24, 2008
i watched hsm 3 n its da best movie ive seen in a long time, keep it up hsm gang, n make hsm 4 wiv all original cast member
posted by daniela on Oct 24, 2008
zack you are soooooo cool you are the best gay in the show and vanassa is the best girl in the show.
posted by yeshyesh on Oct 22, 2008
posted by number 1 zac fan on Oct 15, 2008
I totally love Zac Efron....He is very hot, has a fantastic character and style and a lovely voice....HSM RoCkS!!!!
posted by on Oct 15, 2008
Zac Efron is very hot....We are fanatic fans of HIgh School Musical and we don't want to listen to anything bad about it.....Vanessa is sweet and together they are perfect in the film....
posted by ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrr on Oct 11, 2008
posted by LOVE on Oct 06, 2008
posted by \'pretty on Oct 01, 2008
i dont know,i like it.but zac is ok,gabriella is pretty.i watch it for the songs the storyline is interesting
posted by gunisha on Sep 30, 2008
i love vannesa.she is the best.i watch this movie just for her.specially her character "gabriella" makes the movie awesome.others are also fine,but she is so gorgeous.please visit india too,we'd love to have you here.
posted by Wahmbam on Sep 23, 2008
U all have serious issues
posted by PooP on Sep 16, 2008
posted by feza on Sep 09, 2008
ilove you troy en gabrila
posted by becky on Sep 07, 2008
what date would high school musical be released in america?
posted by Superstar on Aug 22, 2008
I wanna see Zacs PENUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by GBD96 on Aug 22, 2008
Well I'm about to see this cool movie!! I already have 1 and 2 of it so I'm excited about seeing it in Theaters!!!!!
posted by hunter on Aug 19, 2008
I might go see it, but what is the purpose!? sure Zach Efrons cute but youll never get a chance to date him!!!!
posted by hunt on Aug 19, 2008
posted by amy on Aug 12, 2008
i luv hsm
posted by amy on Aug 12, 2008
i luv hsm
posted by Hallo Milica hier on Aug 08, 2008
ich liebe dich zac efron du bist so süß ?
posted by zahira khadija on Aug 07, 2008
I LOVE HSM.... and my fovarits celeb is vannesa anne hudgens
posted by zahira khadija on Aug 07, 2008
my b'day on 23 october but the party is on 24 october because i want to watch hsm 3 together with my friends
posted by taly on Aug 04, 2008
i thnk zac is hot
posted by aaron on Aug 02, 2008
when is hsm3 coming out
posted by mckenna on Aug 02, 2008
i love high school musical 1,2,&3!!!!!!!
posted by emoxx on Aug 01, 2008
i have to go see it with some friends who are obsessed I personally think it looks oober gay.
posted by Emma Zoey C. on Jul 30, 2008
HEYY! WHen is the CD coming out! THAT DOESN'T HELP ME! :((
posted by shannon on Jul 23, 2008
i love high school musical 2 it is good and high school musical 1 is well.
posted by zac on Jul 23, 2008
i love Gabrlella she is good.
posted by vanessa bolton on Jul 18, 2008
hig scool miusical super musica draguza baiezi frumosi totul are]
posted by WOW on Jul 17, 2008
DUde look at you guys u r pathetic drooling over a guy the you will never get a chance with and some dumb a** girl who took nude pics of herself! I mean seriously you would pay money to go watch a movie like that! i can already tell you the storyline boy and girl are happy girl leaves boys boy is upset girl comes back for boy (and somewhere in there evil girl tries to interfere) ah and btw don't bother respond because i won't look back at this page!!
posted by loli on Jul 14, 2008
zac is the best I LOVE him so much i cant wait 4 hsm 2come
posted by Mariah on Jul 13, 2008
i cnt wait 4 hsm3 2 come out!!!!
posted by mrs efron to be xo on Jul 13, 2008
omg zac efron is like the hottest man alive, also i plan to meet him, and although high school musical is a good film ,99% of people only watch it for zac efron, omg he is so gorgeous. yes you could say im obsessed xo
posted by J\'adore Zac. on Jul 13, 2008
Oh my gawd. Zachary David Alexander Efron is so yum. High school musical is awesome, but zac just makes it so much better. He's just so hot. I want to meet him so much. And when i do, i think i'd faint with excitement. Anyways, back to the point, zac efron is amaizingly hot. and highschoolmusical3 will be amaizing. can't wait =D
posted by zac efron\'s biggest on Jul 13, 2008
seriously people, you will never be able to understand that two teenagers, aka us, are sooo obsessively in love with zachary david alexander efron ;] but oh my gosh, people who say he is gay, and just jealous and pathetic to think that someone soooo bloody gorgeous is gay when he has been dating vanessa ann hudgesns for almost three years now so that has proved their point wrong. and also people who say he is ugly are just ugly tramps themself and are just jealous that billions of girls are seriously obsessed with him and would die to be vanessa hudgens. so there, we have proved he is the sexiest man alive and he will be ours some day, xo ps the film is only amazing because that little hotty is in it ;)
posted by Dorottya on Jul 12, 2008
I dont udertstad where is the premier in usa or United kingdom (London ) ?????????
posted by lgb15007 on Jul 11, 2008
i love zac he seams like a nice guy
posted by 110% FAN on Jul 08, 2008
cant wait for it to come out i am addicted to it lol
posted by Kaleigh on Jul 06, 2008
i cnt wait 4 hsm3 2 come out!!!!!:]
posted by Jaydee...XxX on Jun 22, 2008
I Loveee Hsm...Cnt Wait Forr Thee Neww 1 Hehe... xxxx
posted by Katherine on Jun 17, 2008
I think this looks great!!! i am totally watching it!

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