Red by Marc Ecko Starring Vanessa Hudgens, the Video

October 20, 2007 02:37:33 GMT

Vanessa Hudgens is the new spokemodel for Marc Ecko's Red Collection and here's the commercial video.

Red by Marc Ecko Starring Vanessa Hudgens, the Video
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That Vanessa Hudgens has been recruited as the new spokesmodel for "Red by Marc Ecko," a contemporary young women's apparel and footwear collection, there's nothing new about that. We already presented you with some of her photos and now we bring you the commercial video.

The 21-seconds video shows the actress wearing a pair of "Red" golden sneakers that look matching with her make up and clothes. Watch the video below.

Meanwhile, Vanessa's representative has put the brake on the much-talked rumors that the actress has been dropped by Disney concerning her nude photo scandal, insisted the production company is still stick by her. And contrary to rumors on the street, it is confirmed already that Vanessa has not been signed by shoe giant Skechers.


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posted by zanessa on Jan 30, 2009
i love u vanessa
posted by LemonyKiss on Sep 05, 2008
Wheres the other new one?
posted by VAGM on Jun 27, 2008
It's me again! I forgot to add in my last post, does anyone know where to get them in Canada?!!!!!! I'm so desperate!!!!!!!!
posted by VAGM on Jun 27, 2008
Does anyone know where to buy these shoes?! I'v been begging my parent's to get them for me but no luck! I so totally think that these shoes will be awsome for back to school for me! Ir anyone knows where to buy them, please post something on ACESHOWBIZ.com1 It will be appreiciated by everyone. Thanks!
posted by loladee2006 on Jan 17, 2008
Does anyone know where to buy these shoes? I've looked all over with no luck...thanks
posted by Sonny389 on Dec 30, 2007
Sorr butshe need to be dump,and learn that any toung lady that other girls may look up todont do that,send naked photos to a boy your interested in,what does that say,hey if you get with me youl get this,it was a disgrace,she neede to be set straight,that is not how a young gils acts,averyone in my family thinks the same disney did'nt Dump her YET,and the should I am far from a prude,and I know whore crap thats what hat was,spoiled whore crap,she dos not desrve any fame from that ,paris hilton learnedthe hard way and if walt Disney was alive she would be history ,showing her tit in b and softcore porn moves the free ones you never here off,your shoes and add on cartoon network at 6:30 am that is the only time they can be played,same for Nick,I hope to never see her again,that was the#2 scandal of this year as voted for on aol,your own market,wearing them shoes is saying I'm a whore too,after her lawyers make her shit deal she will be gone,butmaybe a role as teen whore,or lolita,and she will age very fast,she got a pug face,they dont get cuter,they get tuff,and hard,cant wait till she is out of the eyes of the kids,so they don't think its ok Vanessa Anne did it,SAVE YOUR MONEY ,DUMP HER B4 Disney

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