Brad Pitt Details on Aging, Family, and Paris Hilton to Details Magazine

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt graces the cover of Details magazine's October issue and talks everything from aging, family to Paris Hilton.

Brad Pitt is clearly a fine wine, literally, for obvious reason that everyone of us knows, yes, he's getting better with age. About to turn 44 on December 18th later this year, the hunk still looks great as he graces the cover of Details magazine's October issue, to which he shares everything from aging, family to Hollywood hottest female Paris Hilton.

Addressed on his getting older, Pitt admits that turning forty took a heavy toll on him, telling the magazine "One thing sucks, your face kind of goes. Your body's not quite working the same. But you earned it. You earned that, things falling apart."

Anyway, he's still a super dad for the whole family: partner Angelina Jolie, children Maddox, Pax, Zahara, and Shiloh. Telling Details that living a big life is just fine with him, Pitt claimed "it doesn't feel odd to me" to have an expanded multi-ethnic brood over just the past two and a half years. He and Jolie, in fact, "not done" yet.

On his multi ethnic-family, Pitt tend to see it as a wonderful example of future possibilities, about which he went on adding "You just look at them and go, my daughter's from Ethiopia, two sons from Asia, a daughter who's born in Namibia and they are brother and sister. And that right there, sitting in our kitchen, is how I want to see the world. It's how I want the world to be."

And when it comes to his and Jolie's constant humanitarian efforts, Pitt uttered his opinion on Paris Hilton, whom he claimed "quest for fame and blissfully oblivious." "We hadn't seen television for, like a month. I'm probably exaggerating. And we just got back to the States. And we turned on CNN. And on comes Paris Hilton, going to jail. And so we just turned it off again."

Read Details for the full interview.

Elsewhere, Pitt and son Maddox were seen watched the New York Yankees beat the Seattle Mariners 12-3 during MLB baseball at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx on Tuesday night September 4th.



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