"Indy 4" New Haven Scene Leaked

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull picture

The New Haven Independent has revealed detailed information about the scenes that are to be taken in New Haven for the movie.

The tight wraps covering "Fourth Installment of the Indiana Jones Adventures" apparently are starting to come loose now in the preparation for the flick to get shot in New Haven, Connecticut.

Local newspaper the New Haven Independent has surprisingly given report on what is going to be filmed for the movie, set in 1957, during its production in the town that will be carried out from June 28 to July 6 this year.

Providing ample information about the scenes taken, the paper revealed that the shoot would find our hero get "pursued by bad guys in black sedans through the Yale campus, up to athletic fields, where he may just catch a football for a moment of lighthearted shtick."

The titular character, played by Harrison Ford, will then "bursts through Commons, which is set up to look like a study hall" where "books will be flying, students will be running."

It is further added that the scenes are set to take place in a number of locations such as the Chapel between College and High, Yale's Branford College courtyard, the downtown's Wall Street, and Yale's Sterling Memorial Library. Complete news about the shooting plan can be seen at the paper's official site.

In related news, Chud.com has claimed to obtain reliable info from its source about the basic plot of the picture. Storyline is said to lay its foundation on a 1968 book called "Chariots of the Gods", which related ancient civilizations with alien race, while also involving the so-called 'crystal skulls' as well as Area 51.

More to say, the site also stated that Shia LaBeouf's character will be a 'greaser' who later comes into contact with Indy yet does not discover his relation to the older man until a "pivotal action scene." Other scoop about the casting are that Karen Allen will return to reprise her role of Marion Ravenwood, who is suspected to be the mother of LaBeouf's character, and that Cate Blanchett is billed to play some sort of Russian villain in the movie instead of Jones' love interest as speculated.

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