Daniel Radcliffe to Bare All in A West End Play

July 29, 2006 05:02:38 GMT

Daniel Radcliffe will make his stage debut in Peter Shaffer's "Equus".

Daniel Radcliffe, the magician in the hit movie "Harry Potter", is about to make his stage debut with Peter Shaffer's "Equus" in London's West End Theater in March next year.

There in the drama, about a stable boy's erotic fixation with horses, Daniel will play a mentally disturbed boy, Alan Strang, who pokes horses in the eye with a metal wire and strides them naked for sexual thrills.

"It is an extraordinary play, and he's very much looking forward to the role," Radcliffe's spokeswoman, Vanessa Davies, said Friday July 28th. "He is maturing as an actor and beginning to take on new and challenging roles."

Also set to star in is Richard Griffiths, who plays Harry's Uncle Vernon in Harry Potter. The actor has been tapped to play the psychiatrist who interviews Daniel's role.


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posted by Silentkyote on Aug 06, 2010
i think daniel is a disgrace i mean look at his facebook pictures ~ he smokes, he drinks and he isnt wat i expected i like harry potter not Daniel Radcliffe
posted by Critical Winkle on Jul 16, 2009
Im a big time producer and I would have to say that the last 5 comments have been bag on the money. I think its appauling all this Horse arsing around. Stop this Tomfooley Daniel, It isnt normal and you bloody well know it! what example is this to our children!!?? Hey kids when you get that horse that youve begged for so many years to get, the first thing you should do is wack it off!? your a DISGRACE Daniel!!! Your trying to say that you have matured and want to act in different roles? This is the very height of Incompetence and blasphemy
posted by Space Nuts on Jul 16, 2009
yeah me too. what next? Harry Potter and the half bonked Foal!?
posted by Kinder Suprise on Jul 16, 2009
Ive heard he's an Hermaphrodite!
posted by Egg Balls on Jul 16, 2009
What the hell is all this!!? Daniel sort yourself out. I wont stand idly by while you rodger a horse and call it art! ill stop you Daniel so help me!
posted by Yankee Doodle on Jul 16, 2009
Damn right Disgruntled man, It seems that all Daniel wants to achieve is a reputation as a Animal Intruding Scoundrel. First Wizardrey and now THIS!? Put your pants back on Daniel, its not big and its certainly not clever
posted by Disgruntled Man on Jul 16, 2009
What by bonking horses!? This is not art! its a disgrace!
posted by princess7285 on Apr 09, 2007
That is a little gross when it says "poking them" and it can be disturbing.
posted by harshajv on Jan 17, 2007
i want to know wheather daniel radcliffe likes india and indian beauties
posted by tabbiface on Aug 01, 2006
um, that's a little gross. Although I am very excited to see Daniel in something other than Harry Potter. I was a little afraid that he'd be typecasted as Harry forever. I wish him good luck, and I hope this new project does well.

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