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Pacific Rim Unleashes More Stunning Fight Scenes in New CES Trailer

2013-01-08 11:01:24

More high-octane battle scenes between the Jagers and the Kaijus are exposed in the new promo material for the Guillermo del Toro sci-fi flick.

Guillermo del Toro Confirms GLaDOS' Voice in Pacific Rim Trailer

2013-01-07 11:01:12

Saying that he's a big fan of 'Portal' game series, del Toro reveals that GLaDOS' voice will be used in the entire movie as well, but her voice will be 'slightly' altered.

First Pacific Rim Trailer Packed With Epic Battle and Stunning Visuals

2012-12-13 08:12:55

Guillermo del Toro presents detailed and very realistic visualizations of an intense war between giant robots called Jaegers and fearsome monsters from the sea called Kaiju.

Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim Already Setting Up a Sequel

2012-12-05 09:12:49

Legendary Pictures already hires Travis Beacham to pen the script for the follow-up project, though the first movie is still nearly a year away from being released.

Pacific Rim Viral Footage Shows Kaiju's Massive Attack in San Francisco

2012-11-29 09:11:42

The video shows a live report of a gigantic monster wreaking havoc, spreading terror and causing panic among the citizen of the Californian city.

Alleged First Footage of Jaeger's Action in Pacific Rim Revealed

2012-11-22 11:11:07

A possible first glimpse at the giant robot in the upcoming sci-fier is allegedly shown in a promo video for Guillermo del Toro's visual effect company Miranda.

First Pacific Rim Poster Highlights Super Massive Jaeger

2012-07-09 03:07:26

Two armor-clad men look very tiny as they stand on the shoulder of the obsolete robot in the Guillermo del Toro-directed sci-fi movie.

New Pacific Rim Picture Unveils First Look at Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi

2012-07-04 10:07:41

Donning all-black metal costumes, Hunnam and Kikuchi play a washed up former pilot and an untested trainee who drive an obsolete robot to battle destructive creatures called Kaiju.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Schedule of Selected TV and Movie Panels on Saturday

2012-07-02 02:07:41

The event's arguably most-crowded day owes it to 'Iron Man 3', 'The Hobbit', 'True Blood' and 'Glee' among others this year.

First Official Look: Idris Elba in Pacific Rim, Dakota Fanning in 'Effie'

2012-06-09 10:06:04

Elba rocks a futuristic costume in his portrayal of Stacker Pentecost in Guillermo del Toro's sci-fi film, while Fanning dons a period gown as the titular character in Richard Laxton's drama.

Erika Van Pelt Leaves 'American Idol' After Failing to Wow Judges With 'I Believe in You and Me'

2012-03-23 09:03:30

Erika's rendition of The Four Tops' song is not enough to convince Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson to use the 'save' card on her.

'Hangover III', Pacific Rim and '300: Battle of Artemisia' Secure 2013 Release Date

2012-03-23 09:03:44

Warner Bros. Pictures has scheduled to unleash the third 'Hangover' film on May next year, while 'Pacific Rim' and the '300' Sequel will open on July and August respectively in the same year.

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