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Jessica Biel Never Saw Mr. T on Original 'A-Team'

2010-06-09 11:06:46

The actress who portrays Charisa Sosa in the movie version admitted that her parents did not allow her to watch TV while she's a kid.

Quinton Jackson Blames Cage Smackdown on The A-Team

2010-06-08 04:06:53

The fighter has lost to Rashad Evans in just three rounds, blaming his lackluster performance on film work since he was too focused on the movie.

Mr. T Blasts The A-Team for Featuring Too Much Sex and Violence

2010-06-07 01:06:21

'It will do big business at the box office but it's nothing like the show we turned out every week,' the depicter of BA Baracus in the original TV series says after watching preview of the film.

The A-Team Sizzle Reel Gives Away More Scenes

2010-06-05 11:06:41

Not only the new preview video introduces each of the major characters, but also it shares many action sequences.

Star-Studded Cast Gather at The A-Team Los Angeles Premiere

2010-06-04 04:06:27

Bradley Cooper and Sharlto Copley arrived at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre on June 3 in a tank to join their co-stars Jessica Biel, Liam Neeson and Quinton Jackson.

The A-Team Unleashes Four New Clips

2010-06-03 01:06:15

Three of the clips contain fresh footage, while the other one gives a look at the scenes which are still related to the ones shared in a previously released clip.

Bradley Cooper Self-Admires His Body in 'A-Team'

2010-06-02 04:06:14

The actor could not believe the buff body in a clip of the film, thinking it was his head superimposed onto someone else's body.

Tom Jones Honored With Music Industry Trust Award

2010-06-02 11:06:02

As the latest recipient of the special honor, Tom Jones follows the footsteps of Elton John, Kylie Minogue and Peter Gabriel.

Bradley Cooper: 'A-Team' Crew Offended by Stolen Underwear Rumor

2010-06-02 11:06:34

The actor denies rumor that his underwear was stolen on the set of his new movie 'The A-Team', adding that crew members were offended by the report.

2010 Summer Movie Guide

2010-04-16 05:04:53

Varied kinds of films are listed based on their priorities, which are those that you must see, the ones which worth your money and movies to watch to kill your time.

Jessica Biel Is The A-Team's Chief Nemesis

2010-02-06 02:02:59

Believing renegades need to be shut down, Biel's character will chase the group of Iraq veterans whose members include her former lover.

The A-Team Releases Several Brand New Photos

2010-01-15 11:01:41

Beside presenting the group in action, some of the fresh images capture three lead stars individually.

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