Episode 1.12 : Red Sky

  • V
    • Episode Premiere : May 18, 2010
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2011
    • Production Company: HDFilms, Warner Bros. Television
    • Official Site : http://abc.go.com/shows/v

Cast and Crew

The Story

A V soldier tracks Valerie to her secret location as she is in the final stages of labor. The soldier kidnaps her and takes her aboard the New York mothership. When Ryan discovers where Val is, he storms his way onto the ship where Anna promises to help deliver their baby safely. In reality, her plan is to turn Ryan back to her.

Valerie's labor is intense, but successful. Anna says, "I'm pleased the baby survived. The mother, however, did not." She gives a frightened Valerie an injection which turns out to be lethal. Anna denies Ryan's accusations of murder and pulls him close, luring him to her bliss. She then introduces Ryan to his child, whose face is unseen. The baby's scaly tail, however, manages to wrap itself around daddy's thumb. How cute...and freaky.

Marcus wants Hobbes to come to work for him, claiming that he has already been doing jobs for him for years. He wants the mercenary to infiltrate the Fifth Column. To convince Hobbes to play ball, Marcus produces a picture. By the look on Hobbes' face, we're guessing the mystery photo is of someone he cares for very much.

Erica has been invited to dinner aboard the mothership to discuss Tyler's desire to join the Live Aboard program. With Anna's V soldier eggs about to hatch, Erica sees this as a prime opportunity to destroy them. It won't be easy. There are only two ways into the egg chamber, one of them being through Anna's private quarters. Joshua will create a diversion to give Erica time to complete the mission.

Due to tight security, Joshua must ditch his communication device and ask Lisa for help. Father Jack uses Chad Decker to deliver a message to the medical bay aboard the mothership. Joshua refuses the message knowing that Chad can't be trusted. But when his partner Samuel sends a message to other Fifth Column members, they are both exposed as traitors in a trap set by Anna.

As Joshua is held captive in a blue energy chamber, he tries to convince Chad that the Fifth Column is trying to save humanity. He says, "Anna didn't cure your aneurysm. She gave you one." He directs Chad to the area where the Visitors take the Live Aboards. Chad may finally become a believer, as he witnesses firsthand the horrific testing being done on humans. It's either that or needles make him squeamish.

With Joshua being held captive, Lisa gives Erica a blue energy grenade to destroy Anna's eggs. She then frees Joshua, who calls Lisa his queen. As Joshua causes a diversion, Erica sneaks into the egg chamber. She activates the grenade and immediately bolts from the scene. BOOM! A massive explosion rocks the chamber.

With his cover blown, Joshua is pinned down in a gun battle. When Erica catches up with him, Joshua says that she has to kill him. It's the only way to direct suspicion away from her. Erica doesn't want to do, but knows she doesn't have a choice. BANG! Joshua is shot and killed by the head of the task force assigned to track down the Fifth Column—FBI Special Agent Erica Evans.

Anna lies to Erica saying that the traitor she killed was a human who stole a V uniform. She then tells Chad that without the V's he'd lose everything. As it turns out, Anna is the one who lost today. When she discovers that all but 12 of her soldiers have been destroyed, Anna screams in agony, confused by what's happening to her. Marcus says, "I believe you're experiencing your first human emotion."

An armada of ships from the Visitors' home planet is hidden within striking distance of Earth. Anna, still plenty peeved about the death of her eggs, initiates an act of vengeance. Clouds of red begin rolling in to fill the skies above all major cities on Earth. We have no idea what this red sky is, but we're pretty sure it's not good news. Anna watches the red sky with a pleased look while, in another part of the ship, Joshua is brought back to life by V med techs. Surprisingly, Marcus stands before him and says, "Welcome back."

The constantly-conflicted Father Jack Landry finally speaks from his heart to his congregation by denouncing the Visitors as false prophets. Many parishioners walk out during his heartfelt homily, but some stay. Jack asks others to stand with him in this war for their souls. Erica is the first to rise. Hobbes stands, too. Also on his feet in the back of the church is Chad Decker. Jack says, "Let V no longer stand for Visitor. Let V stand for victory."






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