Episode 1.11 : Fruition

  • V
    • Episode Premiere : May 11, 2010
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2011
    • Production Company: HDFilms, Warner Bros. Television
    • Official Site : http://abc.go.com/shows/v

Cast and Crew

The Story

A badly beaten Lisa is found unconscious in an alley. Both of her legs are broken and the letter V has been carved onto her face. A stunned and sympathetic Erica promises to find her attacker. We know it was Anna, but Lisa provides a detailed description of two men she says hurt her. One of them is a missing scientist named Lawrence Parker. The other is Kyle Hobbes.

Erica had no idea her son was dating a V, let alone Anna's daughter. Anna says she never wanted to make Lisa's identity public because she was afraid she'd become a target. It's a mom thing. Erica says, "As a mother I know that if someone tried to hurt my son, there's nothing I wouldn't do to stop them." The subtext of her message is clear to us, though Anna doesn't suspect Erica isn't buying the concerned mom act.

Four weeks ago, Kyle Hobbes was hired to kill the other suspect in Lisa's attack. Knowing Hobbes is innocent, Erica convinces the FBI to focus their attention on finding Lawrence Parker. She brings a grateful Tyler in to see Lisa. After Joshua heals Lisa's broken legs, he quietly introduces himself to Erica. He tells her the men accused in the attack have something Anna wants. She needs to find Parker to determine what it is.

Anna holds a press conference display her beaten daughter to the world. She wanted Lisa's face to remain unhealed for sympathy's sake. Anna says the Visitors no longer feel safe from the terrorists known as the Fifth Column. She's come to a decision. The V's are leaving.

Anna's slick PR move was done without Chad Decker. He's been intentionally kept out of the loop. It's all part of Anna's plan to make him desperate. The ploy works, as Chad uses his news show to ask the people to do whatever it takes to keep the V's around. When Anna finally does meet with Chad, she wants to know the name of his Fifth Column source. Will Chad give up Father Jack?

Hobbes uses his contacts to track down Lawrence Parker. He breaks into the scientist's apartment and steals his computer hard drive. Hobbes tells Erica where Parker is hiding, but doesn't mention the stolen data. Parker tells Erica that he was part of a private think tank that worked to slow down global warming. The side effects of an organic compound they were developing caused a virus that was harmful to marine life. Reptiles, too.

The FBI is tipped off as to Parker's whereabouts. Erica gets the names of the others in his research group just before her FBI cohorts storm the apartment. Erica has no move other than to swipe a sample of the potentially V-deadly compound and arrest a thoroughly confused Parker just as the feds arrive.

Parker won't be in FBI custody for long, as a new government mandate will allow the V's to interrogate him first. It's all part of the worldwide effort to convince the V's to stay. That's not really an issue. The V's were never going anywhere and more Visitor ships are on the way. Anna plans to disable all radar on Earth so that they will avoid detection.

The only way to save Parker is if Lisa doesn't identify him as her attacker. Erica's influence on Lisa is powerful, but Anna's is stronger. Parker is fingered for the crime. A conflicted Lisa approaches Joshua and asks, "If my mother's eggs are allowed to hatch, those soldiers will destroy the Fifth Column, won't they?" We already know the answer to that one. We also know that the cracking eggs will be fully hatched very, very soon.

A car comes to a stop in an isolated alley. Out of the shadows steps Kyle Hobbes. The tinted window of the car rolls down to reveal Marcus on the other side. A deal is being made. Hobbes will give Marcus the research he swiped from Parker. He only wants his name cleared by the Visitors, along with a boatload of money.

Ryan has been different since Valerie left. He used to love human emotions, but the ones he's been experiencing lately have been very painful. Ryan is so distraught about missing Valerie that he doesn't notice his vibrating cell phone. It's a text message from Dr. Pearlman. Valerie's water just broke. Looks like the world's first human/V baby is on its way.






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