Episode 1.08 : We Can't Win

  • V
    • Episode Premiere : April 20, 2010
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2011
    • Production Company: HDFilms, Warner Bros. Television
    • Official Site : http://abc.go.com/shows/v

Cast and Crew

The Story

The World Progress Forum in Geneva is a high-level meeting to explore solutions for international problems. Anna decides to crash the conference and she brings Chad Decker along for the ride. Both Anna and Chad meet with the Secretary-General before the forum. Anna wants to speak about an advanced technology known as Blue Energy. But the Secretary-General informs her that presentations are made only by invited guests.

When a devastating monsoon strikes the island nation of Timbal, Anna sends rescue shuttles to help those in need with Blue Energy. Power is immediately restored to the island nation as V shuttles provide emergency supplies. This incredible turn of events persuades the World Progress leaders to allow Anna to speak.

The members of the room are held spellbound as Anna joins two small balls together to create Blue Energy. It floats through the air like living organism, encompassing the entire room. Anna explains what they are witnessing. She says. "Clean, sustainable energy. No pollution, no infrastructure needed. Just power. The same power that runs our ships. Blue Energy is the answer to your world's most pressing concerns." Cool.

Chad realizes that Anna has spun a tragedy in her favor to gain public and political clout. If the V's are indeed just visitors, why does she need that clout? Chad tells Anna that he believes the V's are here to stay. If Anna has truly come to this planet to help people, he wants to be part of it. The only question is: Do they trust each other?

Joshua continues to employ empathy tests to weed out any V who feels human emotion. Lisa is shocked to discover that she's failed the test. She blames it on the fact that her assignment was to get Tyler to fall in love with her. Joshua says, "Your mother's directive was clear. Immolate anyone who fails. No exceptions."

To get away from Erica, Tyler heads up to the mothership to see a now-worried Lisa. When it's obvious that these two are going to make love, Tyler stops to ask Lisa if she's okay with this. Her answer is no, as she pulls Tyler in kissing him passionately. Lisa said her assignment was to get Tyler to fall in love with her. Now we're wondering if perhaps she's fallen for him.

When Anna returns to the ship, Lisa is shocked to learn that Joshua said she passed the test. He did so because he believes Lisa may be becoming human and could be a powerful ally. When Lisa questions Joshua as to why he lied, he tells her that one day he'll ask her for a favor, and she will comply.

Ryan desperately searches for Valerie, who wants nothing to do with him. Ryan fears that if she visits a human doctor the secret of what's truly growing inside her body will be revealed. He asks Erica to run a trace on Valerie's cell phone. The good news is she hasn't gone to see an obstetrician. The bad news is she's instead being examined at a V Healing Center.

Valerie gets an uneasy feeling when the V med tech refuses to let her see the image of her baby. She tries to leave, but the V is not about to let that happen. As he moves to inject Valerie with a syringe, Ryan grabs him from behind, choking the life out of him. He pops a suicide pill in the V's mouth causing him to incinerate. Ryan pleads with a stunned Valerie to leave with him. Fortunately, she does.

The FBI is investigating the murder of three men who are suspected of planning an attack against the Visitors. Agent Makik believes they are part of a terrorist cell known as the Fifth Column. Erica knows they are human victims who were part of the Resistance. A fourth man managed to escape the attack. He's a computer science teacher named Alex Caruso. Malik orders Erica to track him down.

Father Jack discovers Alex Caruso's hiding place after a discussion with his dying father. The frightened teacher begins shooting at Erica and the others until they finally convince him that they are on his side. The V that attacked Alex stole a computer with contact info for other Fifth Column members. In order to stop the V from killing more Resistance members, the team will lure him into a trap by using Alex as bait.

The trap is set at a closed amusement park. Ryan says the V will make his move at close range. Hobbes takes position in a tower with rifle to cover Alex from above. The plan is to take the V alive for questioning. Unfortunately, Ryan was wrong about the method of attack. The V takes a sniper position and shoots Alex dead. Erica races after the shooter, who knocks her to the ground. He takes aim at Erica when...BANG! Father Jack shoots him from behind. Fortunately, the sniper is alive. Questions can still be answered.

Back at their hideout, the team realizes the reason the assassin didn't attack in traditional V fashion is because he isn't a V. He's human. The guy refuses to reveal any pertinent info. But when Erica asks why he did what he did, the man's answer is quite chilling. With a defeated look in his eye, he says, "Because we can't win."






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