Episode 1.04 : It's Only the Beginning

  • V
    • Episode Premiere : November 24, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2011
    • Production Company: HDFilms, Warner Bros. Television
    • Official Site : http://abc.go.com/shows/v

Cast and Crew

The Story

Gunshots ring out as Ryan races through a parking structure. Erica hovers over Georgie. He's been shot. Ryan rushes forward, gun drawn and pointed directly at Erica. BANG!

We jump back 14 hours earlier. Georgie and Ryan brief Erica and Father Jack about the V's. Georgie wants to capture a V and cut him open to expose the truth. Ryan says that if they do that, the V's will have no choice but to retaliate. Georgie wonders why Ryan doesn't tell them he's a V, as Erica is obviously suspicious of him.

Tyler tries unsuccessfully to chat with his work-obsessed mom about Lisa. Instead, he talks to his therapist, Valerie. Small world, right? Valerie has been feeling run down lately and Tyler offers to use his connections to get her an appointment at a V Healing Center. They'll likely be booked solid now that Anna is offering vitamin injections that will super-charge human immune systems. But Anna still recommends everyone get a flu shot, as even the V's haven't figured out a cure for the common cold.

Ryan tells the others that Anna is lying about the vitamin injections. He speaks of a cell of V scientists that were working on a harmful injection for humans a few years back. Ryan thinks the project has been reactivated. They track down a Visitor named Peter Combs, who is a professor of chemistry.

Georgie confronts Combs in that parking garage we saw earlier. Georgie shoots at Combs, who fires back with his own gun. Georgie is hit and Erica rushes up to help as Ryan arrives, gun drawn. He fires past Erica and hits Combs as he emerges from hiding. Father Jack whisks Georgie away to tend to his wound. A wounded Combs swallows a pill before Ryan can stop him. Moments later, he vanishes. Erica realizes that Ryan is a Visitor.

Ryan explains that Combs took a suicide pill. All V's carry one. It leaves no real evidence behind. He also tells her about the Fifth Column. While rifling through Combs's briefcase, they discover he was connected to a local shipping business. The team breaks into the company's warehouse where they discover testing has been taking place on humans. They also realize that a drug called R6 is not being put into the V vitamin shots, but is instead being filtered into standard human medicine. No wonder Anna wants everyone to get their flu shot.

A team of V's storm the warehouse as Ryan initiates a failsafe program that will destroy the building. When Ryan is attacked from behind, Erica shoots his assailant dead. Another security guard feels the wrath of Father Jack, who lays out his attacker after a nifty right hook. Holy self-defense! Then…BOOM! The entire warehouse is destroyed in a fiery explosion. Chalk one up for the Resistance.

In order to preserve Joshua's cover, a medical technician says he was the traitor who killed Dale. Joshua has no choice but to kill a fellow member of the Fifth Column. Meanwhile, Marcus informs Anna about a transmission that was received moments before the sabotage at the warehouse. The message: John May Lives.

To quell any fears about John May and the Fifth Column, Anna takes action. While engulfed in an angelic white light, she is somehow able to transmit a soothing energy and calming message to Visitors everywhere. Anna's followers soak in this serenity. When it is over, Tyler asks Lisa what just happened. She says it was a gift from her mother. They call it bliss.

Chad Decker gets a behind the scenes tour of a V Healing Center. He even takes part an on-air medical exam. Later, Marcus informs Chad that he has a condition that will kill him in six months. They can heal him, but there's a long waiting list. Marcus believes they can work something out. Meanwhile, Valerie also gets checked out at the Healing Center. She later tells Ryan that the reason she's felt so rundown lately is because she's pregnant. Ryan's stunned look quickly turns to one of deep concern.

Back at his church, Father Jack appears to be questioning his faith once again. Words Georgie spoke earlier haunt his thoughts. He said, "Pretty soon you need to decide what you are. A priest or soldier." When a distraught man stops in, Jack steps up to comfort him. But the stranger is the V Jack knocked out at the warehouse. The Visitor stabs Jack in the stomach, leaving him fighting for his life on the church floor.

While chatting with her mother, Lisa says, "I thought it might take longer, but I think Tyler's ready." With that, Anna brings Tyler aboard the mothership. Time to meet the parents! Anna gives Tyler a behind the scenes look at the engine room used to propel their spaceship. Tyler is blown away. This pleases Anna. She knows her daughter is right. Tyler is the one. The one for what, you ask? We have no idea.

Anna says, "What you've seen today, Tyler, is only the beginning." With that, we are whisked out of the New York mothership and hurtled into outer space where a truly awesome, frightening spectacle awaits. Hiding behind the moon are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Visitor spaceships lying in wait. Remember earlier when we said it's a small world? Well, our small world looks like it's about to get a lot more crowded.






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