Episode 1.02 : There is No Normal Anymore

  • V
    • Episode Premiere : November 10, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2011
    • Production Company: HDFilms, Warner Bros. Television
    • Official Site : http://abc.go.com/shows/v

Cast and Crew

The Story

Erica and Father Jack see a Visitor transport ship land outside the warehouse where they were attacked. They've come to clean up the bodies, one of which belongs to Erica's partner, Dale. She places an anonymous 911 call that is intercepted by an operator aboard a Visitor ship. Moments later, Erica and Father Jack are hunted by a deadly floating seeker sphere. They manage to escape, barely. They also realize they can trust no one.

Back home, Erica makes Tyler promise to stay away from the V's. But her baby boy is already hooked. He's totally gaga for his recruiter, Lisa. But she's not so hot for him once Tyler sucker punches a protestor who is harassing Brandon. There's now a chance that Tyler will be kicked out of the Peace Ambassador program.

Anna's right-hand man, Marcus, supervises the questioning of a resistor captured at the warehouse. The interrogation techniques of the Visitors are enough to make anyone squirm. Let's just say snakes are involved and move on. Marcus wants the prisoner to name names. He says, "A new resistance would be unacceptable."

Chad Decker hatches a plan to show Anna she's not the only one who can get what she wants. He sets up a debate between two pundits. One is pro-V, the other not so much. Anna watches with much trepidation. Chad's been a bad boy and Anna looks like she wants to give him an extraterrestrial timeout. Hope he likes snakes.

Chad says that his show actually helped the Visitors' cause. He can't control the government, but he can influence the people it serves. He appears to be correct, as the U.S. finally passes a diplomatic agreement to let the V's go where they please. Anna calls Chad to say thanks, and then CLICK. She's a woman of few words.

Erica gets a call from her boss, Paul Kendrick, with the news that Dale is missing. They find his car outside the warehouse. Erica quickly retrieves her badge and gun from inside before anyone notices. She says the address of the warehouse matches one associated with a terrorist cell. Paul wonders why she never mentioned this before. When he plays a recording of Erica's 911 call, she knows he knows she's been lying.

Erica tells her boss that she believes Dale is a traitor. Her emergency call never got through because every phone in the area was being tapped by the DEA. Erica believes that if 911 calls are being tampered with, the conspiracy must go much deeper than she thought. Dale's wife supplies her with his private cell phone records indicating that tipoff calls were placed to the same number whenever they were about to make a bust.

Ryan visits a mechanic named Angelo who also happens to be a fellow traitor. Angelo helps heal Ryan's wounded arm so that it no longer shows his reptilian skin. Then things start to get fuzzy, as Angelo has drugged Ryan. He says he doesn't know who to trust. When Ryan regains consciousness, Angelo is gone.

The MIA mechanic later calls Ryan and says if he truly loves Valerie, he should get as far away from her as possible. Think he'll be able to leave the woman he loves? Later, Valerie finds a business card with the name Cyrus on it and a handwritten address. Ryan says Cyrus is just some guy he used to know. Hmm.

Father Jack gets a visit from FBI agent Sarita Malik who is part of the Visitor Threat Assessment Joint Task Force. We know. It's a mouthful. She wants info on the man who died in his church and he turns over the photos the guy gave to him. Father Jack is shocked to learn that Erica is an FBI agent and she's just as surprised to discover he's a priest. You have to admit, the guy's been a little lax about wearing the collar lately.

After being reprimanded by Erica for turning over the pictures to the V Task Force, Father Jack pledges his support to the resistance. They still need to recruit others. Fortunately, Erica swipes the file of anyone who has ever contacted the FBI about aliens or Visitors. They can use the list to find others to join them.

Back on the Visitor mothership, we see an unconscious Dale lying on a table. The gash on his head has been stitched up and there's not a green scale in sight. Dale awakens suddenly. Apparently it takes more than a vicious whack to the skull to kill a Visitor.






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