Episode 2.10 : Two of a Kind

  • Touch
    • Episode Premiere : April 05, 2013
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television, Chernin Entertainment
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Trevor tells a guilt-stricken Martin that only Lucy's body was found - which means Amelia is still out there. Outside, a man watches the house from the shadows.

Meanwhile, in Jake's room, Amelia thanks him for guiding her there, but says she can't stay yet. First they have to stop Guillermo Ortiz. Jake uses the cipher and comes up with the number 10262000 - his birthdate, which he showed Guillermo on the BreakWire rooftop.

Amelia leaves, and Jake shows Martin the numbers, then speaks to his father for the first time: "Find him." He writes in his notebook, linking the numbers 2013 and 1026 with a hyphen, another first.

Martin has Avram watch Jake while he and Trevor hunt for Guillermo, who's holed up in a seedy hotel, still scarred and limping from his battle with Martin. The shadow man gives him Martin's address, and Guillermo slashes his throat. Later, Martin and Trevor find the man's body at the morgue with the toe-tag number 2013-1026.

Again we see Simon Plimpton, the British salesman whose globe-skipping cellphone connected so many strangers in fortuitous ways, and whose wife, Nell, struggled to move on after their young daughter's death. They now have a new baby, Lulu. It turns out Nell is a brilliant archaeology professor . . . and one of the 36. She's having trouble sleeping, like all of the 36 do, and heading to a Los Angeles sleep clinic. She's also taking an important artifact, a stone tablet with runes, to Saint Matthew University, and Guillermo is on her trail.

Aster Corps CEO Nicole Farington publicly denounces the wrongdoing at her company and vows to clean house. Privately, she entices Calvin Norburg back into the fold by pointedly blaming the missing Tony Rigby for all the crimes - and showing Calvin the amazing sleep clinic that's really a front for studying members of the 36. She has seven of them, and the clinic's high-tech equipment has allowed her team to scan their brainwaves and put together an almost 90-digit sequence, the God Sequence that Calvin's been pursuing.

When Avram follows Jake onto the No. 1026 bus, headed to the airport, he's amazed to see Amelia there. He phones Martin with the news.

At the airport, Jake zeroes in on the crate containing Nell's artifact. While Avram is distracted, the kids stow away in the university van that picks up the crate. Nell gets a cab. Guillermo stabs a man, steals his car and follows her.At the university, Jake and Amelia open the crate, and Jake writes numbers - the Amelia Sequence - on the lid, translating the ancient number system. Trevor helps Martin track down Nell, whom Guillermo's already attacking. Jake senses his presence and clairvoyantly says, "She's not the one." Nell takes advantage of the distraction and flees. Martin runs into her and calls 911.

Guillermo and Martin have a vicious battle in the university chapel. Defeated, the priest tearfully says he never found the "nest of seven." He says that today he will rid the world of one more of the 36 . . . and slashes his own throat.

Jake appears and abruptly removes the sheath of Guillermo's knife from the dead priest's neck. Later, he shows Nell his translation.

At home, Martin asks if Avram knows about the nest of seven. Avram wonders aloud who can explain the ravings of a madman, and departs. Martin thanks his son for leading them to Amelia. She's part of their family now.

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