Episode 2.05 : Eye to Eye

  • Touch
    • Episode Premiere : March 01, 2013
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television, Chernin Entertainment
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Both Jake and Amelia dream of running toward each other on a pier and finally meeting face to face.

In the morning, Jake's ready for his first-ever playdate, with Soleil. He deliberately jams the microwave, making the number 8877 appear on the display. Jake, Martin, and Lucy go to a coffee shop, which, coincidentally, is a hangout of Amelia's handler, Kase. After spotting Jake, he follows them.

Realizing they're being tailed, Martin does some evasive driving and violently confronts Kase in a parking garage. A security guard arrives, and Martin flees.

Elsewhere, Guillermo Ortiz, the killer Jesuit priest, seeks absolution for his crimes. His mission to remove 36 false idols from the world is causing him doubt and pain. Confused, his confessor asks why this is up to Guillermo? Because he's one of the 36. The priest later decides to report Guillermo, but Guillermo finds him in the police station bathroom and cuts his throat.

At BreakWire, Martin reveals to Trevor and Lucy that he did meet with Calvin, and Calvin threatened Jake. Lucy blows up. She wants her daughter back! Martin calms her down. Their research turns up Frances, Calvin's mother, who has another son named William. She's on the board of the Greyber Institute, an exclusive private brain-injury facility funded by Calvin.

At Amelia's house, the girl takes Frances's cell phone and some money from her purse.

Soleil's grandpa, Carl, leaves his cell phone unattended, and Jake swipes it and calls Frances's number. Amelia answers, saying she knew he'd find her. Jake transmits 8877, and Amelia says she'll be there.

At Greyber, Martin chats up Frances, who's with William, who's a patient there. He's in a persistent vegetative state following a car accident four years ago - in which Calvin was driving. Frances says Calvin's research now focuses on helping people like William.

Jake sneaks away from Soleil's house, and Carl informs Martin, who heads out to search for Jake, leaving Lucy at the institute. At a Marina del Rey arcade (address 8877), Jake plays Donkey Kong and enters his name on the "Today's Scores" screen.

Meanwhile, Amelia fakes a bad stomachache, forcing Kase to take her to the hospital. A doctor separates them, and Amelia slips away. She spots Jake's name on the Donkey Kong screen and plays the game, adding her name to Today's Scores.

Lucy overhears Frances berating Kase via cell phone about Amelia going missing. In William's room, she finds Calvin's number and calls, pretending William has had a breakthrough. When Calvin arrives, Lucy identifies herself and threatens William, demanding Calvin tell her where Amelia is. Calvin calls security, and Lucy splits. Later, Calvin tells William he's making progress. To his amazement, William squeezes his hand.

Near Soleil's house, Martin spots city bus number 8877 and rides it to the arcade. He sees Jake and Amelia's scores, both 29. Lucy meets him, and they search frantically, realizing 29 is a pier number.

Jake and Amelia run toward each other, as in their dreams. Lucy and Amelia see each other. But before they can reunite, Kase and Frances grab the girl.

At home, Martin tells Jake he's proud of how he's handled all this. Jake takes his father's hand but turns his head away.

Trevor tells Lucy that Calvin's behind a foundation called Mandelbrot, which just purchased a downtown loft. He might be living there. Lucy drives to the address and spots Calvin outside. She slams into him and gets out, staring down at the injured genius.

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