Episode 1.11 : Gyre, Parts 1

  • Touch
    • Episode Premiere : May 31, 2012
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television, Chernin Entertainment
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Jake holds his Aunt Abigail's crystal dodecahedron. In voiceover, he tells of 2,000 rubber ducks that in 1992 got caught in the North Pacific Gyre, a vortex of currents moving among Japan, Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and the Aleutian Islands. Items caught in a gyre are usually stuck there. But their paths can be altered by weather changes, storms, or chance encounters with whales. Twenty years later, the number of ducks in the gyre has decreased. Which means that, even after years of circling the same waters, it's possible to find a way to shore.

While Jake takes a cell phone picture of the dodecahedron, Abigail tells Martin that a Möbius representative approached Sarah after Jake was born. Abigail learned Möbius was a front for Aster Corp., which had recruited her months before that. She stayed in her job to ensure Jake's safety.

Jake writes "2217" in his notebook. Abigail says Aster Corp. is into everything: climate change, global warming, population patterns. They're not just driven by power; it's something else. The review board is rigged so Martin will lose. If Abigail takes custody, they'll preempt that. Martin's still suspicious. From the balcony, Jake drops the dodecahedron onto a police car - no. 2217.

The Bohms' trip to the police station leads to the records archive of the Chief Medical Examiner. Jake uses orange soda to orchestrate an accident that puts file no. 2217 in front of Martin. It's Amelia's.

On a Pacific Northwest beach, a woman named Lucy clashes with Wade, who's watching Japanese news on his computer and has a tent full of salvaged stuff, including a samurai sword. It's all ocean debris from the tsunami. Lucy sees him posting pictures online and confronts him about selling people's things.

In temporary Japanese government housing, young Seiji Osugi tries to break the world record for longest time dribbling a soccer ball. His father, Tatsoro, awaits word from his company about his job. An empty samurai sword stand hangs on the wall. A reporter asks about their tsunami experiences. Seiji's mother, Kazuko, deflects the painful memories by discussing Tatsoro's family's samurai history.

Martin and Clea puzzle over the file, which indicates that Amelia died three years ago in a car accident. A petition shows the family wanted to reopen the case. Clea reassures Martin that what Abigail said about the board couldn't happen without support from all Jake's caseworkers, including her. Martin later learns that Amelia Robbins' body was identified through dental records, but the autopsy photos are mysteriously gone. He phones Amelia's father, Frank, who coldly says her mother, his ex-wife, filed that petition. Frank hangs up.

Clea finds Sheri with some people at the facility. They're there about Jake. Due to the Bohms' tangle with the police, they're not required to inform Martin. Sheri tells Clea to think carefully about her next move or risk her own career.

At Teller's office, Martin finds Abraham arguing with some colleagues, who leave. Abraham says the Kabbalah warns that the 36 righteous ones must not become self-aware, but Jake is. He's made Martin his instrument, which has never happened before. Also, many believe connecting two of the Lamed-Vav (Jake and Amelia) could be dangerous, but Abraham disagrees.

Lucy hounds Wade until he breaks down, revealing that he was caught in the tsunami flood, and clung to a railing for six hours. Nearby, a woman also held on. He tried to help her stay focused by talking. But finally she slipped away. After being rescued, he heard about the debris fields. He's not selling these things; he's hoping to reconnect survivors with their belongings. But so far, nothing. Lucy, touched, offers her help.

Abraham shows Martin a video of Amelia at age 10, when the previously nonverbal girl suddenly began speaking. She mentions a scar from appendicitis, and Martin realizes "Amelia's" body had an appendix. Now he has proof it wasn't her! Outside, he calls Clea and leaves a message. Then a man assaults him and takes the evidence.

Miyoko and her pal celebrate Seiji on their Happy Pop Twins vlog. But when Tatsoro stalks inside after learning he no longer has a job, Seiji gets distracted and falters. His frustrated drop-kick breaks the sword stand.

Lucy, who's been obsessively checking a timer on her phone, tells Wade she's meeting someone. On the Japanese news, they see Kazuko with the stand. The symbol on it matches Wade's sword. Kazuko is the woman who held on with Wade. She's alive!

Martin comes to on subway tunnel tracks and barely escapes being flattened. Shortly later, he tells Abigail what happened, then says he's leaving with Jake.

After Seiji apologizes to his father, saying he just wanted to fight for their family like their ancestors, Kazuko shows them video of the man who tried to help her. He found the sword!

Frank phones Lucy - who's Amelia's mother - and says that this nonsense has to stop. Crying, she explains everything to Wade. Amelia was obsessed with tides. She created an equation based on global tidal patterns and was fixated on a sequence of numbers. When Lucy fed the sequence into the equation, she came up with this moment, on this beach. But Amelia's not here!

Wade shows Lucy how the tsunami debris fields changed the currents. The one she's following is flowing farther south now. He helps her plot a new course.

Martin rushes into the facility and demands to see Jake. Sheri informs him he no longer has custody. All necessary parties were in agreement. Even Clea. Martin freaks out when he sees Jake, but security holds him back. "Jake," he screams, "I'm sorry!"

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