Episode 1.10 : Tessellations

  • Touch
    • Episode Premiere : May 17, 2012
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television, Chernin Entertainment
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

In voiceover, Jake says symmetry is the language of the universe, and some of us can speak it. We see the precise patterns, the tessellations. When you follow the logic, you can predict the next step. You just have to trust in where the path leads.

Martin trails after Jake on the pier, catching a woman photographer's eye. Jake looks through some coin-operated binoculars, focusing on a ship transporting containers from Möbius, a company with an infinity-symbol logo. Martin notices the number on the binoculars' dial: 2545.

Martin and Jake's aunt Abigail make up, for Jake's sake. Since her company, Aster Corp., is funding a program at the board-and-care facility, could she get Jake's social worker reinstated? Clea's testimony will be vital when Martin goes before the review board. Abigail gets Clea back on.

At Teller's office, Abraham video-chats with Moishe in Israel, arranging something for his cousin. The Bohms arrive, and Martin tells Clea the good news. Jake adds "2545" to the Amelia Sequence on the blackboard. Martin recognizes the number. Jake knocks over some boxes, revealing an invoice from Möbius. Why would a shipping company give Teller $10,000? Abraham explains that Möbius funded Teller's research.

Martin goes to the office on the invoice, but it's empty. Nearby is an unlocked cargo truck with "2545" on the fender. Inside are keys, a phone, and a jacket with a patch reading "Mike." Three guys arrive, mistaking Martin for Mike, the driver who's helping them steal electronics from a shipping container. Joey, Larry, and Ed explain that Nelson, the terminal supervisor, looks the other way and takes a cut. The ship they want has an IMO number ending in 2545.

In Tel Aviv, Israel, Abraham's cousin Tomer acts lovey-dovey with Mila in his father's shop. But how far can this go? He's Israeli, and she's Palestinian. Tomer meets with Moishe, whom Abraham said would give him a good deal on a promise ring. Insinuating that Mila's brother is a terrorist, Moishe refuses.

At the facility, Clea finds Sheri testing Jake with numbered dodecahedron blocks, like the ones from Teller's office. He completes a pattern, becoming increasingly agitated. Clea notices that someone's watching this via Sheri's laptop camera. Sheri quickly closes the laptop. Jake shows Clea two blocks: 25 and 45.

Martin and the guys arrive at the dock, but there's no ship, just Customs investigators. What now?

Abraham persuades Moishe to sell Tomer the ring. Tomer finds Mila, who's upset because her brother got arrested last night. He has a message, only for her, but she can't go into the jail, because she's Palestinian. Tomer balks, fearful that he is indeed a terrorist. Now she's even more upset.

The ship's been rerouted, and Martin has to ask Nelson where it went. The guys become suspicious upon realizing Martin didn't know Nelson fired Joey. Before rejoining them, Martin calls Clea, fretting that the numbers have led to something illegal. Still, he has to stop Jake's pain.

The guys confront Martin: Big Mike got arrested last night, so who the hell is he? Then Joey's wife, the photographer from the pier, arrives with his lunch. She doesn't know he's been fired.

Tomer meets with Mila's brother, who explains he arranged safe passage out of Israel for a friend whose family was in danger. But they'll all die if Mila doesn't communicate this message to Mikhail tonight: 9808 has changed; it's now 2545.

Tomer asks Abraham about numbers, which the Kabbalah teaches have certain meanings. Abraham says 9 and 8 represent unpleasant things, while 2, 4, and 5 stand for positive things. So Abraham would say that 9808 becoming 2545 is very good news.

Holding a dodecahedron block, Abraham tells Clea the 12-sided shape is said to represent the universe, which is why Teller used it to help measure an individual's sensitivity to the noospherical connections. Abraham believes Teller was searching for the Lamed-Vav, the 36 righteous ones. Clea resolves to find out who was watching Jake.

Joey's wife has MS. His insurance was covering her treatment, but Nelson fired him because the insurance company complained it cost too much. Police and emergency vehicles speed past to the container they wanted, number 9808. But it holds only oranges.

Meanwhile, Joey's wife develops her photos, including one of Martin and Jake. Jake creates an opportunity for Clea to look at Sheri's laptop.

Tomer tells Mila they must deliver a message from her brother to Mikhail, her uncle in America. She calls him.

Martin's phone rings, but the phone belongs to Mike, aka Mikhail. Tomer delivers the message. Martin and Joey find container 2545 and break in, finding the people Mila's brother helped. In the ensuing swarm of law enforcement and media, Joey's wife arrives. He privately confesses he got fired.

But Martin persuades Nelson to rehire Joey. He learns that Möbius is a dummy corporation for a bigger company: Aster Corp. Joey's wife gives Martin her photo.

Clea confronts Abigail. She saw Jake taking Teller's test . . . while a man from Aster Corp. watched. Abigail, who really does want to protect Jake, says they're picking up where Teller left off.

In voiceover, Jake says we're all part of this infinite tessellation, the same grand mosaic. Like bricks in a wall. The integrity of this wall is tested daily, but it holds because of everyone's collective support. Tomer gives Mila the ring. Joey and his wife stroll on the pier.

Martin puts the framed photo on Jake's nightstand and leaves his sleeping son's room. Clea arrives, looking spooked. Martin asks what's wrong. Jake's eyes pop open.

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